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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

“Bones” – Brennan’s got some competition! Even though she doesn’t think so, she obviously feels threatened…. and it’s funny to watch. Booth’s new girlfriend is a bit too hot though, and overly confident. She’s a little too much for me. I’m sure it won’t last. B&B are meant to be together. It’s in the stars or whatever.

“The Office” – Dwight is pretty woman? Love it. Michael in counseling? Love it. Pam playing the player, not the cards? Love it.

“Grey’s Anatomy” – Christina’s collapse in the O.R. was beautifully painful and greatly played by Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo. However, her reaction to Owen was far too predictable. Will she ever change when it comes to men? It would have been interesting to see how she made it work for a change.  I still haven’t decided how long I’ll stick with the show. It’s so hard to quit McDreamy.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Random...

More brilliance on “Sons of Anarchy”, as usual. Katey Sagal needs a fricken’ Emmy already. And I can’t get enough of the Irish accents. What’ll I do if SAMCRO ever cuts ties with the club in Dublin?

Finally caught up with “The Event” on Demand. Mondays are just too stacked this season. As for the pod people, I did not see that coming. My guess was that the prisoners were either supernatural (like demons or something) or aliens from another planet. I did not expect another species. Nicely done, Mr. Wauters. I tip my hat to you. Happy to see D.B. Sweeney guest starring, but not sure I like him playing a villain. He’s such a sweetheart (refer to The Cutting Edge, well the end anyway). Clifton Collins Jr. too! No offense Cliffy, but you’re a natural bad guy and I love you for it. Anyone have any theories on what caused the death of the passengers? This is gonna be goooo…ooood…………..

“Raising Hope” just keeps getting funnier. Dead Tooth? That is sick and hilarious, all at the same time. What’s even grosser is Cloris Leachman breast feeding. I did gag a bit at that part. Haven’t seen the ukulele playing Kate Micucci since “Scrubs”. She’s cute as a button and a hoot to boot. Love. This. Show.

I think I’m forming a crush on Britt. Is that weird? Now Hank’s got a crazy, super smart sister that hides in his attic. Hmmmm…..what trouble and fantastic interactions could this bring? It just keeps getting better. Not surprising, Shawn Ryan. You’ve still got it. Don’t forget, “breakfast is one of the top five meals of the day”.

R.I.P. "Lone Star"....What Else Has FOX Taken Far Too Soon?

Well, it’s happened already. FOX was the first network to kill a new show, pulling the plug on “Lone Star” after only two episodes aired. Not that surprising since FOX is notorious for killing shows early on when they don’t perform outstandingly in the ratings. The pilot grabbed 4.1 million viewers, but only 3.23 million returned. I couldn’t tell by only two episodes how this show would be over time, but I enjoyed what I saw. It had potential. Although the father was a bit irritating, I really liked the lead character and actor James Wolk. He’s got a great look and quite a bit of charm. I’m sure he’ll find another gig, but it would have been nice to see him shine in this vehicle.

It got me thinking. What other shows has FOX tantalized us with and then pulled out from under us? Here are my top 3. Please feel free to add your own favorites.

“Firefly” (2002)

Until “Firefly”, I hadn’t watched anything remotely resembling science fiction. Not that this show is purely sci-fi, in case you’re not one of the enlightened. In a nutshell, it’s a comedy, western, sci-fi, action show. Or in other words, absolute genius from Joss Whedon. Nathan Fillion is finally hitting it big on network television with ABC’s “Castle”, but he gained cult following as Captain Malcolm Reynolds. Or as we Brown Coats like to call him, Captain Tight-Pants. Mal leads a team of renegades, skirting the law…and evil men trying to capture a savant that they’ve performed experiments on, who happens to be hitching a ride with the crew. This band of misfits flies around the verse (that’s Firefly speak) hauling mostly illegal cargo and unintentionally doing good deeds. “Firefly” was cancelled after only 11 episodes aired. Three episodes were never shown on television, but can be seen on DVD/Blu-Ray or on Netflix Watch Instantly. 

“Drive” (2007)

“Drive” was a show about a cross-country road race, illegal of course. It had a large cast, a couple cool cars and a great sense of urgency. It also starred Nathan Fillion….keep up people. I just told you all about Captain Tight-Pants. This time they are jeans, but just as tight. MMMmmmmm. Sorry…back to this. FOX was extra speedy in canceling this gem after only 2 nights of double episodes. Give a show a shot people! This is where I first saw Emma Stone (the hot red head from Superbad) who is sure to have a long comedic career of her. You can download all 6 episodes on Amazon Video on Demand for $0.99 each. It’s worth the six bucks. Trust me. 

“Undeclared” (2001)

Judd Apatow anyone? Between NBC’s untimely cancellation of “Freaks and Geeks” and the commercial success of 40 Year Old Virgin, Apatow created this show….a comedic masterpiece about trying to figure out your sh** in college. Maybe you’ve heard of Seth Rogan. Yup, Seth went from playing f-up Ken Miller on FNG to studious looking Ron Garner. Oh and my future husband Charlie Hunnam plays British (he actually is) playboy. He’s terribly pretty. All the hi-jinks and shenanigans of freshman year in college ensue. Fun for all! You can check out all 17 episodes on DVD from Netflix.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Can "No Ordinary Family" Make Its Way Into Your Family?

There are no words to express my excitement about the return of Michael Chiklis to television. He may not be Vic Mackey anymore, but he’s back!!! In the pilot episode, the Powell family vacations in Brazil when their tour plane crashes into the water. Everyone survives. All the important people anyway. Who really cares about the plane pilot?

Patriarch, Jim Powell is a police sketch artist. Mama Stephanie, played by Julie Benz (aka dearly departed Rita) is a workaholic research scientist. They have two teenage kids, JJ and Daphne and reside in suburbia (or maybe the Valley? bleh). Everyone’s favorite pot grower is Jim’s best friend George. Yes, that’s right. Romany Malco has returned to television as well. Even though I love him, that may be one bald man too many. Don’t you think?

Jim realizes that he can catch bullets and leap buildings in a single bound, while Stephanie can run faster than a fat kid after the ice cream truck. Daphne can read minds, as if hearing what other 16 year old girls are saying about you isn’t bad enough. And JJ…well apparently this kid who’s about the be dropped down to remedial classes is a frickin’ genius.

Jim decides that he needs to use his powers for good and tracks down a robber. When he catches up with him, it turns out that the he’s got super powers too (insert cool visual effects). There’s a whole conspiracy involving people with powers and Stephanie’s boss is in on it. Uh Oh! Did I mention that her boss and probably evil bad guy is the minister dad from “7th Heaven”? He is super creepy when he wants to be.

Obviously, this is being marketed as a family show. And that it is. Creators Greg Berlanti (“Brothers & Sisters”) and Jon Harmon Feldman (“Dirty Sexy Money”) have put together a show that is fun, exciting and super family friendly. I’m sure there will moral lessons while the Powell’s use their powers to do the right thing. All in all, it’s a solid pilot. Even without Chiki’s starring role, I’d keep watching.

Favorite Quote: “I have a lair…with WiFi”

Tuesdays at 8pm on ABC

Stay Tuned….


There are few things funnier than Jason Schwartzman running around New York City in an S&M suit, complete with hood on the premiere of “Bored to Death”.

The I’m on a horse guy from the Old Spice Commercials is a spy on “Chuck”! LOVE IT!!!!!

New tagline: If “24” and “Lost” had a baby, it would be “The Event”. I’ll be the judge of that…….

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Did the Six Shows I Was Excited About Returning Deliver?


We pick up with Big Daddy Gibbs holding his own against Paloma, but his shop still gets shot all to hell. Skip four months down the line. Everyone has been under government protection while they track the cartel bitch. The team ends up tricking Rivera into shooting his own sister, killing two birds with a handful of automatic gunfire. In the last scene, Director Vance gets a text message from Ziva’s father who is also the head of the Israeli Mossad. It simply says, “I found him”. FOUND WHO?! Did I forget we were looking for someone?

Not quite as eventful as the finale, but a solid episode all in all. I am feeling like they need to shake things up a bit, maybe some new blood. Not sure what season eight will hold, but they’re gonna need something new to keep me interested.


How could season 5 not start out with incredible emotion after the death of Rita in last season’s finale? As always, Michael C. Hall gives a fantastic performance as a shocked widower in the aftermath of his wife’s murder. To everyone around him, there is a lack of feeling, but really, it’s the most emotion Dexter’s ever felt. It’s scary how good Hall is. And Jennifer Carpenter. I swear, her performance gets better every season.

The guys at work (meaning Quinn, big surprise) are slightly suspicious that Dexter might have killed Rita. You really shouldn’t say “it was me” after you report your wife’s murder. Deb’s doing all the funeral planning in between doodling Quinn on Dexter’s kitchen floor. The kill at the end is more brutal than usual. It’s done in rage to release what he’s been feeling since Rita’s death. It’s a stark change from the planned, precision killings of researched victims. The scenes for the coming season look terrific. Can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store. This premiere gets a big thumbs up from me.


Lily and Marshall start trying to make a bambino, but something is getting in the way…..Marshall’s dad. Is anyone else creeped out at Dauber from “Coach” being Marshall’s father. Just doesn’t sit right. Anyway, Lily doesn’t like papa-in-law bein’ all up in their baby makin’ biz and who can blame her? Robin is a hot mess after her break up with Don. If I ever get so broken up over a guy that I have week old Cheetos in my hair, you have permission to stab me with a fork. High Six…….


Good, not great. Didn’t live up to last year’s premiere, but not many episodes could. There are some very tender moments between Cuddy and House. We’ve been waiting a long time for this. It cuts straight through you when she tells him that he’s the most incredible man she’s ever known and that he will always be the most incredible man she’s ever known. When he finally breaks down and says I love you, uuugghhh. Cuddy’s got this look, this regretful look. House is the one in the end that says what we all know but are hoping the writers will ignore, that Cuddy could never be with a man like him. A mother could never have a real relationship with a man like him. A man like him is severely f-ed up, but we still hope that someone will love him and that he’ll love back. We also hope to figure out where the hell Thirteen went and if she’s coming back. We’ve lost way too many cast members in the last two seasons. I didn’t like her at first, but she did grow on me after a while.


The team is back together! Cam’s job is on the line, so Caroline calls in the cavalry. Booth comes home from Afghanistan where he met a hot journalist. Bones and Daisy return from Maluku where they failed to find the missing link. Hodgins and Angela jet in from gay Paris. Sweets quits playing piano for shoppers and Brennan entices Wendell to leave his school bus mechanic job to rejoin the crew.

The Bones Brigade solves not one, but two cases involving small children. They all decide to stay, which is a good thing because Hodgins and Angela’s baby is going to need all its aunts and uncles. Yes, that’s right….ANOTHER BABY is on the way. Looks like this television season is turning out to be the Year of the Baby.

Very happy to have the gang back. One thing you can say about “Bones” is that it hasn’t diminished after being on the air for five seasons. The cases are just as fascinating and the relationships are more complex and interesting than ever. Let’s see what trouble they get into this year.


Linda Hamilton is Chuck’s Mom…and she kicks ass???!!!!!! Turns out that Mama Bartowski didn’t abandon her kiddies. She was a spy captured by the Russians. What What?  Looks like this season will either be hunting down mommy dearest or maybe even working with her *excited*. Hopefully all of Chuck’s powers aren’t in his locks because he new cut is slightly boring and little too grown up. I don’t think I like Chuck and Sarah as a couple, the sexual tension was better, not that it could last this long. As much as I love them, they aren’t Bones and Booth. Something had to happen eventually, just wondering if it might be time to introduce a third party to shake things up. Got a nice little visit by Harry Dean Stanton as the repo man. Amazing! The Castle is rebuilt and so is the Buy More….as a full on CIA cover. Seriously? I totally want a ride in the Buy More/Castle chute. Oh, and……..A baby Awesome is on the way!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Random Thoughts From This Week in Television

 “Sons of Anarchy”- Hal Holbrook’s guest starring performance is stirring. That man is truly one of the best actors ever to grace the screen. On the flip side, what the hell was with author Stephen King making a cameo as the cleaner?

“Boardwalk Empire” gets picked up after only one episode airs. Not surprising given the caliber of HBO programming.

“Modern Family” – I think Cam would make a very inspiring disabled person. Mitchell lived my worst nightmare….being trapped in a small space with a bird.

“Supernatural” – Sooooooooo happy to see the man of 90% of my fantasies on TV again. I’m talking about Jensen F-ING Ackles. Yeah, Baby! Shakin’ it up this season with Sam back from Hell and working with the extended fam. They’re all so blond. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for the Brothers Winchester after preventing the Apocalypse. Where do you really go from there? Even if it’s back to episodical demon killing, that’s fine by me. 

J.J. Abrams has 2 more new series coming up. Fox has picked up a pilot based on Alcatraz. The script was penned by Elizabeth Sarnoff, who will also act as showrunner. I will definitely be watching this. The second is the much anticipated (since May) dramedy starring Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn aka Ben Linus and John Locke/BSM. BSM= Black Smoke Monster for those of you that aren’t Losties. And if you still don’t know what I’m talking about, we’ll have to end our relationship now. Both of these series have me veeeerrrrryy excited. So….when do you think J.J. sleeps?

"Blue Bloods" Bleeds Drama

Tom Selleck returns to television as police commissioner and patriarch of a law enforcement family. In the pilot episode, everyone is attending the graduation of youngest son Jamie from the police academy. Donnie Wahlberg is oldest son Det. Danny Reagan who’s working on the case of a kidnapped girl. I love me some Donnie Wahlberg. No, not just because he was bad boy of The New Kids on the Block, but because he’s actually a really good actor. If you don’t believe me, you better check out “Band of Brothers”. Anyway….Bridget Moynahan is Erin, assistant district attorney sis. Throw in a crotchety old veteran cop, some in-laws and a few kids and you’ve got the Reagans. Oh, and there’s a secret organization connected to the murder of cop/son/brother Joe Reagan.

“Sopranos” executive producers Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green are the creators and penned the first episode. Michael Cuesta directs. Whoop Whoop! Sounds like they’ve put together a great production team and cast.

This show surpassed my expectations. The whole secret society thing will draw a thread, so that it’s not just another episodical cop show. I think it’s going to be all about the relationships, at least I hope anyway.  I’m interested enough to give it a few weeks. Hopefully the timeslot of death won’t stand in its way.

Fridays at 10pm on CBS

Stay Tuned…

Friday, September 24, 2010

Can “The Defenders” Make a Case?

Jerry O’Connell and Jim Belushi are Las Vegas lawyers Pete Kaczmarek and Nick Morelli. Seriously? Jim Belushi is a martini drinking, pinky ring wearing successful lawyer? Somehow I have trouble believing this. It’s a little reminiscent of “Las Vegas” with Pete driving down Las Vegas Blvd in a classic car. Anyone remember Danny McCoy? Yes, I am a Josh Duhamel fan. It was a good show!

It’s surprising to me every time I see Stephen Root play a role that is not full on comedic. Because he’s still good! And Jurnee Smollett… She’s all grown up! Not that little punk kid from “Full House” anymore. Smollett plays Lisa Taylor, a fresh attorney with a past. She put herself through law school by “dancing”.

The team is working on a murder case involving a young man, Dan Shephard that kills a neighbor who with his friends was beating the bejesus out of Shephard’s brother. Some dirty tricks are played, but technically legal and they get the guy off.

Outside of the courtroom, Morelli is having marital problems and Kaczmarek is a playboy. In the pilot alone he sleeps with a flight attendant and prosecutor played by super bitch Natalie Zea from “Dirty Money”. I love to hate her.

The effect they use on the opening credits is distracting and overall it’s pretty standard for a legal show, but not bad. It was more serious than the promos led me to believe, which is a good thing. I found the ad campaign hoooorrrible and because of it, I didn’t plan on giving the show a shot. Not in the mood for something over the top. Glad that I did. I probably won’t keep this program on my roster because it just didn’t grab me….and let’s face it, I don’t have much room in my television schedule for shows that I don’t absolutely love. I would recommend this show to my mother. A legal drama with some laughs thrown in. I’m expecting more laughs in coming episodes. Let me know if you pick this one up.

Wednesdays at 10pm on CBS

Stay Tuned….(if you want)

Do You Want to Get "UnderCovers"?

My sole reason for checking out this show is J.J. Abrams. You know I’ll watch anything that man touches. So…….Major Dad (Gerald McRaney) begs two ex-CIA agents, husband and wife Steven and Samantha Bloom to return to duty. Samantha’s former partner is in a bit of trouble, so the couple takes a break from their catering business to go undercover again. BTW, the two of them are smokin’ hot. Boris Kodjoe plays Steven. I’ve got a couple of friends that would cut off an arm just to be near him (Yes….EB and MS, I’m talking about you) Gugu Mbatha-Raw is Samantha. Seriously, she didn’t think about changing her name when she got into show business? I guess when you’re that ridiculously gorgeous, you don’t have to.

Super spy couple head to Europe to rescue Leo Nash who’s been captured. Oh, and it’s suspected that he’s a double agent. There’s always a double agent.  We see a little torture, blah blah blah. Throw in some fancy cars, gadgets, half a dozen countries and a very funny/chatty jr. agent that holds Steven as his god. Some Russian dudes want a flash drive with government info on it that Nash hid. There’s a fight, a guy gets stabbed in the foot, good times. The Blooms rescue Nash and bring him on home.

Still not sure about Steven, but Samantha I like. Any woman that can fire a rocket launcher, one handed while driving a car is cool with me.

Abrams brings back familiar, well not so much faces, but names. Michael Bonvillain shot the pilot, Mary Jo Markey cuts and Josh Reims produces. J.J. wrote and directed the pilot himself. It’s got a very rich (not money rich) and grand feel to it.

This is NBC’s second spy show (the other being “Chuck” *sigh*). The difference is that “Chuck” is nerdy/sweet funny and “UnderCovers” is cool/sexy funny.

Favorite new word: Sexpionage

Wednesdays at 8pm on NBC

Stay Tuned….

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"The Whole Truth" Is That's It's Not Very Good

This legal show attempts to stand out by depicting both the prosecution and defense. In the pilot episode, a young Latina student is murdered and her history teacher is on trial. Prosecutor Kathryn Peale (Maura Tierney sporting a super short haircut) has her staff terrified of her. Criminal defense attorney Jimmy Brogan (Rob Morrow) has an up and coming practice and a smug demeanor to go with it. Peale and Brogan were law schoolmates and are awkward friends. I bet they play up the sexual tension and eventually have them get it on.

We’re looking at a pretty standard legal show. Nothing about it grabbed me. I don’t love any of the actors, so for me, there’s not a reason to come back, but I wouldn’t leave the room if someone else wanted to watch it. Don’t expect big surprises.

Oh yeah….he did it.

Wednesdays at 10pm on ABC

Stay Tuned….(to something else)

Does "Detroit 1-8-7" Kill the Competition?

 I really didn’t have much interest in this show, but I gave it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised (well moderately anyway). The show follows detectives of the Detroit homicide division. Michael Imperioli is Louis Fitch, a homicide detective, riding with rookie and father-to-be Det. DamonWashington. It’s Washington’s first day on the job and they catch a double homicide at a pharmacy. Thirty year vet Srg. Longford rides with Det. Mahajan are working on a railroad murder. Turns out the two cases are connected. An ex-con (ex for all of one day) has gone on a killing spree murdering everyone who according to him, f-ed up his life (wife, parole officer, attorney) before holding his mother and children hostage.

Never been a fan of his, but Imperioli gives a great performance showing a tender and sensitive side of Det. Fitch as well as an impatient mentor. The bit where Fitch is talking to Washington on the phone while they are across the room from each other reminded me of instant messaging my college roommate from across the dorm room. Don’t you love technology? It brings us all together :-)

The style is gritty, at least as gritty as a network show is gonna get. The single handheld shaky camera work is reminiscent of “The Shield” (yes, another Shield reference). When the murdering bastard has his mother and kids held hostage in a loft, Fitch goes in to negotiate. He’s wearing a wire, so we hear the dialogue, but the camera stays outside. I liked this choice a lot. It’s definitely a show from the point of view of the cops, not the criminals. Word is, this is going to be the next “NYPD Blue”. I never watched that so I can’t say, but for those of you that are fans, check this show out. Let me know what you think.

Favorite quote: “We don’t work for the dead. We work for the living” ~ Det. Fitch (very movingly)

Tuesdays at 10pm on ABC

Stay Tuned….

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do You Want To Be An "Outlaw"?

Jimmy Smits is smug, smart ass gambling man Cyrus Garza. A Supreme Court Justice that leaves it all to practice again. Garza carries the baggage of his father, a judge that took a stand and was ashamed of his son's neutrality. It's been a year since Garza Sr. was killed in a car crash in which Cyrus was the only survivor.

“Dexter” director Marcos Siega reunites with Smiths and David Ramsey who plays Al Druzinsky, a member of Garza’s legal team. Jesse Bradford is all grown up, with a tie and everything. I don’t like it. He plays fellow lawyer and former clerk to Garza. Carly Pope is a P.I. that helps solve a death row murder case that is story for the pilot episode.

Being that my mother recommended this show, I figured it would be horrible. It’s actually not that bad. I didn’t say good, but not bad. It’s another law show with a showboating, soapboxing lawyer, but if you like Jimmy Smits, it’s worth a watch.

Fridays at 10pm on NBC (apparently this is when they figure the old people will watch)

Stay Tuned....

I'm Better Without "Better With You"

This new show by Shana Goldberg-Meehan (“Friends and the unfortunate “Joey”) is your average, generic sitcom with a laugh track (I just threw up a little in my mouth. HIMYM is the only show that gets a pass on that one). I was happy to see Joanna Garcia again after my 2006 addiction to “Reba”, but I think this will be one more in her trail of failed shows.

We follow three couples at different stages in their relationships. Mia and Casey have been dating for 7 ½ weeks when Casey proposes - yeah, she’s knocked up. Mia’s sister Maddie has been with her boyfriend Ben for 9 years, and not being married is a valid life choice. Parents Vicky and Joel have been married for 35 years. It really freaks me out to see Kurt Fuller in a sitcom after seeing him as violent angel Zachariah on “Supernatural” and uber creepy coroner on “Psych”. Nice to see Debra Jo Rupp in a network comedy again. If you’re looking for a politically correct, cliché, overacted sitcom, go for it. Chances are, ABC will keep it on the air for at least seven seasons.

Wednesdays at 8:30pm on ABC

Stay Tuned….(just not to this)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Does “Running Wilde” Cause a “Holocaust of Envy?"

It just might. The uproarious Will Arnett is Stephen Wilde, a middle aged playboy. He is reunited with his childhood sweetheart Keri Russell’s Emmy, who is an environmental activist living in the Amazon with her young daughter Puddle. Not much happens in the pilot episode besides Wilde helping Puddle convince her mother to remain in civilization (if you can call Beverly Hills civilization).

The pilot was driven by Puddle’s narration. Hopefully this was just an introductory tool. There is definite potential with Arnett’s larger than life comical abilities balanced by Russell’s down-to-earthness (I just made that up, but you know what I mean).  Peter Serafinowicz (Shaun of the Dead and Couples Retreat-Stanley with a C) guest stars as the uber rich neighbor riding a teeny tiny pony. Very funny. Crossing my fingers for a little more substance in episode two, but ok for a pilot.

Tuesdays at 9:30pm on FOX

Stay Tuned….

Very Hopeful about “Raising Hope”

The newest show from Greg Garcia is a little bit of “My Name is Earl”, part “Malcolm in the Middle” and dash of “Arrested Development”. Lucas Neff’s Jimmy has a one night stand with a girl that turns out to be a murderer on the run. She gets knocked up, goes to prison, has the baby and then they flip the switch on her. Did I mention this is a sitcom? Jimmy is left to raise Princess Beyonce on his own, well kind of. He has the “help” of his crazy mother (Martha Plimpton) that tries to get him to safe drop the baby at the fire house, his pool cleaning, dim-witted dad, idiot cousin and great-grandmother Maw Maw, brilliantly played by Cloris Leachman (who by the way, walks around in her bra for half the show). Jimmy decides that he has to keep his baby daughter and goes to the grocery store for provisions where he meets a super cool girl. Shannon Woodward (Di Di from “The Riches”) is Sabrina, a wise ass girl who’s bored with her job and amused by Jimmy.

This show is FUNNY! The humor is somehow immature and witty at the same time. Performances by the entire cast are spot on. Direction by Michael Fresco is great. Hopefully, people actually watch so FOX doesn’t pull the plug before it gets a chance to shine.

Tuesdays at 9pm on FOX

Stay Tuned….

“Chase” Makes Me Run For the Remote

Annie Frost leads a team of U.S. Marshalls tasked with tracking down fugitives in Texas. She brings the baggage of being “raised” by a single father that is a career criminal. In the pilot episode, her team pursues a man that robs and shoots a family. On her team is Cole Hauser and the sultry… yes I said sultry Amaury Nolasco. You may remember him as the hottest con on “Prison Break” (I ONLY recommend season one). Jesse Metcalf plays newbie, Luke Watson. Apparently the ladies go crazy over this guy. Guess he was on a little show called “Desperate Housewives” back when it was actually popular. I wouldn’t know. I do know that I’m glad to see Rose Rollins from “The L Word” back on TV. We need more kick ass women like her.

Those split screen promos irritate me and other than that, I didn't see much advertising. The dialog is trite and obvious. The American audience has seen enough cop dramas that we don’t need to be talked down to. Kelli Giddish (Frost) tries extremely hard to come off as a tough-as-shit, no non-sense, risk taking, ass kicking super Marshall, that’s merely trying to serve justice. It’s all a bit forced and there is no chemistry between team members. NBC should start chasing some better writers. Unfortunately, it gives me no reason to come back for more.

Mondays at 10pm on NBC

Stay Tuned….(just not to this show)

Is “The Event” Worth Attending?

Jason Ritter stars as Sean Walker, a man uncovering a government conspiracy as he searches for his missing girlfriend. We spend time with several characters, yes…this will be a huge cast. One of which is Blair Underwood’s President Elias Martinez. I voted for Obama, but I think we’re a long way from a black, Cuban born President, am I right? Good for them though for putting it out there. We also meet a prisoner played by Laura Innes who is kept in a secret Alaskan facility. I thought she was more into directing these days, but looks like we get to see her play this creepy, withholding character. The episode ends with the plane being piloted by Walker’s father-in-law to be, about to crash into the seaside party being attended by the President and the prisoner. Oh yeah, and Walker was on the plane waving a gun around trying to stop him. Did he really think that would work? Just as it’s about to hit, a ball of light envelops the craft and it vanishes. Innes’ Sophie Maguire tells the President, “I haven’t told you everything”. Eeeeerrrryyyyyyyy. As the promos say, this is NOT The Event.

It could be setting itself up for failure, right? What happens once the event occurs? Who knows, since the timeline keeps jumping around. It’s not confusing, more like extremely irritating. I do like the very simple, yet dramatic opening title, which also appears at the close of the show. Jason Ritter is as yummy and talented as ever. I’ve been a fan of his for a while and I really hope this takes off for him. Blair Underwood is growing on me. I’ve been watching season one of “In Treatment” in which he has a reoccurring role and I have to admit, he’s pretty good. Playing the leader of the free world probably is right up his alley. There is definitely something authoritative in all of his performances. I can’t wait to see what Zeljko Ivanek has to bring to the table. I don’t think I’ve seen him since the first season of “Damages” but his work is never less than stirring. My concern is that the show is being so pumped up to be dramatic, cinematic and well….eventful that it won’t be able to help falling short. I do hope that I am proven wrong. Suspense and conspiracy can make for great content when mixed correctly.  

Mondays at 9pm on NBC

Stay Tuned....

Monday, September 20, 2010

Does “Hawaii Five-0” Sink or Swim?

What could be better than Norman Reedus sporting an Irish accent with the beautiful Hawaiian landscape in the first scene of the pilot?! I think I had a dream like that once, but we probably shouldn’t talk about that right now. I’ll tell you what’s better. Explosions and men repelling from helicopters. Ok, so that’s not better, but it’s pretty f-ing cool. Oh, and Buffy fans, you get to see James Marsters play a baddie, but just for a couple of scenes.

Like everyone else, I’m wondering if this is the Alex O’Laughlin show that will survive. O’Laughlin plays Det. McGarrett, trying to avenge the death of his father. Daniel Dae Kim (always Jin in my heart) is Det. Chin Ho Kelly. The super cool Scott Caan is Det. Daniel “Danno” Williams. The crew is rounded out by everyone’s favorite Cylon, Grace Park as Kona Kalakaua. Secret….She wasn’t actually my favorite Cylon, but she plays another kick ass woman. Props for that.  

The opening titles are quick, cool, modern and use the original theme song. Just the way I like them. Their promos were great. I couldn't drive anywhere in LA without seeing a beautifully drenched cast member on a billboard or bus shelter.The gorgeous Hawaiian backdrop makes my heart ache for “Lost”. I’m still in mourning and haven’t been able to erase the finale from my DVR….. but, back to the show in question. There’s a mix of shaky handheld camera work/odd angles that can be awkward at times and your standard procedural shots. We do get some witty dialog, but not an over abundance. If you’re looking for action, this may be the show for you as there is an explosion, chase or fight in every segment.

Does this show have what it takes to be better than every other procedural on television? I’m not sure yet, but I do think it will be on for a little while. It’s cool enough (with a sexy enough cast) to get a slightly younger audience, but standard enough for the old folks. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are riding the wave in Hollywood right now, so they could be just what this show and CBS needs. Are you ready to get wet?

Mondays at 10pm on CBS

Stay Tuned….

How Does "Lone Star" Stand on Monday Nights?

James Wolk plays Robert/Bob Allen, a con man leading two lives. He’s got an All-American Boy look and a winning smile. In Houston, he’s got a wife played by Adrianne Palicki (bitch turned good girl on Friday Night Lights) and a wealthy father-in-law played by veteran Jon Voight. Back in Midland, he’s got a girlfriend and a bunch of saps that just hand over their money. Allen’s only real family is his con man father John, depicted by David Keith. The character of Bob Allen comes off a bit spineless as he tells his dad “don’t make me do this anymore”. He’s a grown ass man for chrissake, two for that matter. I think he needs to grow a pair. His brother-in-law Trammell has his suspicions and will probably be the one to bring him down in the end.

The pilot was pretty well directed by Peter Horton with the exception of a cheesy shot that pulls in on a garbage can that Allen throws his “life” in. James Wolk, who is pretty much unknown, gives a great performance. Even though his character is lying to everyone around him, he makes you really like Bob Allen. They’ve got a great music supervisor and art team. The line up this season on Monday nights is nearly as heavy as Thursday. Will "Lone Star" make it through Fox's hasty decision sessions in the coming weeks? I think it will. If it can get the viewership, it seems to have the chops to make it through one season. But we'll see.....

Mondays at 9pm on Fox. 

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

“Boardwalk Empire” – Is Atlantic City Cool Again?

Created and Written by Terence Winter
Directed by Martin Scorsese (Pilot)
Produced by Martin Scorsese, Mark Wahlberg

Picture it. Atlantic City. 1920. The Eve of Prohibition. Men and Women crowd the streets, celebrating, stockpiling as much booze as they can get their hands on. Steve Buscemi plays real life City Treasurer Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, a corrupt politician who plans on profiting from this ridiculous law. His lacky, Jimmy Darmody (Michael Pitt, Dawson’s Creek anyone?) is semi Princeton educated, fresh from war and eager to make something of himself. Margaret is portrayed by Kelly MacDonald, who you might remember as Diane from Trainspotting. She is a good woman in dire circumstances that is inspired by the seemingly decent side of Mr. Thompson. We get a peak at the early days of some of history’s most notorious gangsters; Al Capone. Arnold Rothstein. Lucky Luciano. Michael Shannon of Revolutionary Road and The Runaways plays the IRS G-Man trying to take down these criminals.

The costumes and art direction are impeccable. Come on, what man doesn’t look dashing in a well cut suit and fedora? The cinematography is beautiful and rich. I love the promos and the title logo, but not so much a fan of the opening titles. It uses a rock song with images of Steve Buscemi on the beach, the ocean filled with bottles. Maybe if they used different music. It just feels too modern for a period show. Most of the time, mixing modern music with history doesn’t work. Although, the last time it did for me was a film also produced by HBO, Iron Jawed Angels. This show is definitely on my radar, but what show with midget boxing wouldn’t be?

Sundays at 9pm on HBO

Stay Tuned.........

Series I Picked Up Over the Summer

Over the summer, I picked up a number of shows. Some are still running, others have met their end. In any case, you can check out past episodes OnDemand and/or Netflix (and Watch Instantly).

“Robin Hood” (BBC….Cancelled)

When this show first premiered, I watched the pilot and turned it off after 10 minutes. I liked the promos and it seemed like a good spin on an old tale, but I remember the dialog being horrendous. While looking on Netflix Watch Instantly for a new series to get into, I decided to give it another shot. One thing that is true about me is that I have to be in the right mood at the right time to get into a show. It could take a few years, like with this one. Turns out, this show is f-ing FUN! It’s humorous and action packed, plus it’s stacked with very attractive people. Alan A Dale, I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Robin’s gang fights for the little guy against the Sheriff of Nottingham (a role that is intentionally overacted by Keith Allen, which sometimes makes you want to throw a shoe at the TV). Marian uses her influence with Guy of Gisborne (the Sheriff’s right hand man played by Richard Armitage) to help Robin played by Jonah Armstrong.

Yes, it can be corny at times, but for me, it was very addictive. I had marathons for the first two seasons and was in agony waiting for the third on DVD. Now, all three seasons are on Watch Instantly. “We are Robin Hood!”

“Pushing Daisies” (ABC…Cancelled)

I remember seeing the billboards for this show when I first moved to L.A. and thought it sounded like the dumbest show. And I like supernatural, sci-fi, weird stuff. After many people telling me how great this show was for a couple of years, I finally gave it a chance. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The mix of humor, fantasy, noir and pie is a winning recipe. There is a sweetness about each character that makes you fall in love with them.

Lee Pace and Anna Friel play Ned and Chuck. Ned the pie maker has the capability of touching the dead and bringing them back to life, but when he touches them for a second time, they croak again. As children, Ned was secretly in love with Chuck. So….when lonely tourist Charlotte Charles was killed on a cruise, Ned had to bring her back. Pace and Friel are accompanied by Chi McBride, a P.I. that Ned partners with to solve cases, Kristen Chenoweth, a pie waitress who is hopelessly in love with Ned and Chuck’s shut-in aunts played by Swoosie Kurtz and Ellen Greene. There is an endearing quality to this show that makes it a must see. It was cancelled after only 2 seasons, but you can see them both on Neflix Watch Instantly. 

“Primeval” (BBC…Season 4 coming in 2011)

In this show, scientists study “anomalies” which are like big gateways to other places in time….namely prehistoric. Dinosaurs and other creatures that may or may not have actually existed come through these anomalies terrorizing England. Douglas Henshall plays Nick Cutter, a professor of paleontology studying the anomalies. He is accompanied by his team: teaching assistant/partner in crime Stephen played by James Murray, student and uber cute dorky kid Connor, personified by Andrew Lee Potts and lizard lady Abby, incarnated by Hannah Spearritt. Adventures are had by all as they are chased by ginormous creatures leading them back through the anomalies to make England a Dino-Free Zone. Season 3 a had shake up in the cast. I won’t spoil anything, but Jason Flemying of Snatch and Layer Cake joins our dorky-in-a-sexy-way scientists. Seasons 1-3 are available on Netflix Watch Instantly. They haven’t released an airdate for season 4 on BBC America, but it will premiere in the U.K. in January 2011.

“Chuck” (NBC….Season 4 premieres Sept. 20th!)

I finally picked up this action/comedy after everyone I know told me I needed to be watching it. Soooo glad I did. Chuck is dork (in the very hottest way, played by Zachary Levi) that works for the Buy More Nerd Herb (think Best Buy Geek Squad). When his ex best friend from Standford, who is now a spy sends him a very special email, Chuck downloads a CIA super computer into his brain. The original super computer is destroyed, leaving the hot dork with all the government secrets. The CIA sends super sexy spy  Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) and the NSA sends dangerous and grumpy John Casey (Adam Baldwin) to protect Chuck/The Intersect.

Hilarity and action ensue as this gangly, sweet guy tries to fit in as one of the spies. The first season is best as Chuck is naïve when it comes to the spy game…..and is falling for super sexy spy Sarah. He also has to keep his spy life a secret from best friend Morgan, sister Ellie and her man Captain Awesome. The show definitely evolves the longer Chuck is a spy, as it should. I’m not sure where they are going to go for the upcoming 4th season, but I can’t wait to find out. If you are looking for a show that is light, fun, and action packed, check out “Chuck”. You can get it on DVD or Blu-Ray from Netflix. The new season starts tomorrow! Woo Hoo! 

“Friday Night Lights” (NBC….Season 5 premieres Oct. 27th!)

Anyone that knows me probably knows that I don’t like football which is why I was hesitant to watch this show. After all the critical acclaim, I decided to give it a shot. I was instantly addicted. It’s all about the relationships and what goes on around the football. Yes, the games are a big part, but it’s more about the players and their families. The competition keeps you on the edge of your seat, but so does the drama.

Coach Eric Taylor (brilliantly portrayed by Kyle Chandler) leads the Dillon Panthers, a high school football in Texas aka the Holy Land of football. His wife Tami (Connie Britton) is the school guidance counselor and his teenage daughter is dating the quarterback. I like this show because it’s down to earth. It’s dramatic at times, but mostly sweet, touching and earnest. Characters that you hate at first grow on you (I’m talkin’ about you Tim Riggins!) You quickly become invested in these kids’ futures. Eric and Tami have the marriage that I hope I’ll someday have. Not only is this a great show, but it’s a family show. Even my mom would watch it. You can check out the first three seasons on Netflix Watch Instantly. The forth is only on DVD/Blu-Ray which I am feverishly awaiting…so no spoilers please! The new and final season starts October 27th on NBC and DirecTV.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Six Shows I'm Psyched For (Returning Favorites)


In the seventh season finale, Gibbs’ past finally catches up with him. Way back in the first season, we learn through backstory that Gibbs hunted and killed the man that murdered his wife and child. Come on! That’s justice, right? Now, the children of the man he killed are seeking revenge. Paloma Reynosa (the leader of a powerful drug cartel….original right?) and brother Alejandro Rivera (of the Mexican Justice Department….devious :-0 ) blackmail Gibbs, threatening everyone close to  him. They even cut off Mike Franks’ finger. Why is it always finger? Ugh! Anyways…..they leave us hanging with Paloma walking into Gibbs’ father’s general store saying hello in that creepy, I’m about to kill or severely maime you voice. Oh, and Ziva gets American citizenship. Daddy’s not gonna like that.

Yes, this is a procedural show that is mostly watched by old people, but I LIKE IT! It’s not so much about the story as it is the characters. I absolutely love the dysfunctional family dynamic. These actors have the greatest chemistry and are so damn lovable. Can’t wait to see if somebody’s gonna bite the dust in the premiere. Hope it’s nobody we actually care about. Paloma can take Director Vance…yeah, we can do without him.


Dexter spends all of season four hunting The Trinity Killer, trying to understand and learn from him. The phenomenal John Lithgow portrays family man Arthur Mitchell by day, Trinity Killer by night. Trinity knows that Dexter is on to him and finds out his real identity. Dexter follows him from the police station getting into his first high speed chase, kind of. Dex sedates Trinity and shoves him in the van just before he’s arrested for sideswiping a car during his high speed chase and then flipping out on the asshole trying to video tape him giving the cops shit. After getting sprung from the slammer, Dexter returns to the van, but Trinity isn’t there. Meanwhile, Deb finds out that Dexter and the Ice Truck Killer are brothers. Finally, someone else knows. Instead of freaking out, she’s glad that Dex is her brother….awwwwwww. Dexter finally catches up with Arthur and gets him into his kill room. Can’t say that John Lithgow is on the top of my list to see naked and saran wrapped to a table, but I digress. Thinking that he has sent Rita ahead to the Keys for their honeymoon, Dexter goes home to grab a bag only to find her lying dead in the bathtub. Baby Harrison sits crying in pool of blood, as Dexter once did. One of the best finales…EVER!

Season four brought back the intensity of season one. John Lithgow’s Trinity Killer brought a new focus to a show that was getting a little ridiculous at times….I couldn’t stand that f-ing British chick. Lithgow’s Emmy was sooooooooo deserving. *love you John*

It was about time they got rid of Rita. She was the most uninteresting character on the show. Her death was more effective than her whining ever was.

 I’m so excited to see what the writing team and new showrunner Chip Johannessen (“Dark Angel”) have in store. Fingers crossed that they can keep up the momentum they created in season four.

“How I Met Your Mother” (HIMYM)

Season five left off with Robin being offered an anchor job in Chicago, but turning it down to be with Don. That A-hole was then offered the same job and took it! Good riddance….his face creeped me out and I don’t really care about Robin’s love life unless it’s with Ted or Barney. Ted dyed his hair blonde….many jokes ensued. Lily spotted the fifth and final doppelganger of the group, a cab driver that looked like Barney. Lily and Marshall had decided that they would start getting busy without the raincoat when they saw the last doppelganger. “Marshall Ericksen, put a baby in my belly”. Barney then reveals that it was all a hoax and that the doppelganger was actually him. Lily thought she saw Barney’s doppelganger again outside MacLaren’s at a hot dog stand. The rest of the crew comes out. They dude looked nothing like Barney, but Marshall telepathically told Robin, Ted and Barney to go with it. Hopefully over the summer, Marshall will have put a baby in Lily’s belly.

As you’ll see, I don’t watch too many comedies, but this is one of the best. It’s a show for a certain age. My mom thinks it’s stupid. Enough said.

NPH is one of the funniest men on television right now. Have you ever seen a character like Barney Stinson? It’s re-DICULOUS! Sometimes I laugh til I snort. Can’t wait for that. Some may call it jumping the shark, but I think Lilypad and Marshmellow having a bambino could be veerrrry funny…..especially if they let Robin and Barney babysit.


The sixth season of “House” was my absolute favorite season. The premiere blew me away. It left behind the predictable formula and focused on character. They delved further into House’s addiction and we got to see a great performance by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Lin-Manuel impressed me so much that I went to see the Tony Award winning Broadway play that he wrote and starred in, The Heights. Andre Brauer also gave a wonderful performance…..and I don’t usually like him.

In the finale, House helps a woman trapped under a building when a crane collapses in downtown Trenton. When there is no other option, House convinces this woman to let him amputate her leg to save her life. Imagine the drama! He cuts it off and she dies in the ambulance….from the amputation. That totally sucks L Thirteen leaves some sort of resignation papers on House’s desk. I hope they don’t kill her off now. How many characters can we lose?! Back at House’s apartment, he rips the mirror from the wall and takes prescription bottles from a hole in the wall….remember he’s been sober for the first time in probably a decade. He sits contemplating the choice when Cuddy walks in. She tells him that she got rid of Lucas (poor Lucas, how I love Michael Weston…the actor, not the spy). They passionately kiss…..FINALLY!!!!!!! The sexual tension has been killing me this season.

I truly hope that the writers can continue to produce such intense scripts that go deeper into the fa-ha-scinating character that is Dr. Gregory House. It’ll also be interesting to see what’s going on with Thirteen and her Huntington’s as well as how Chase adapts to single life. (I miss you Cameron!) Monday nights will be very full this season.  


In the final episode of the fifth season, Bones and Booth investigate the murder of hoarder. I am too freaked out to watch that reality show, so if you start talking about it, I will put my fingers in my ears and sing. Everyone seems to be making plans. Daisy is accepted on an Indonesian dig, which makes Bones jealous. It was the recommendation letter that Bones wrote that got her in. Screwed yourself over on that one, didn’t you Tempie? Sweets contemplates whether he will follow Daisy after she dismisses his “proposal”. When Angela’s father (the creepy bearded guy from ZZ Top) ask Hodgins to steal a car, Sweets jumps into help. Funniness ensues. Turns out, the hoarded was killed by the one person that actually liked him. Hodgins and Angela decide to take a year off and go to Paris. Bones is asked to lead the Indonesian dig and Booth goes back to the Army. At the airport, Booth and Brennan say goodbye. They agree to meet, one year from today at the reflecting pool. *tears*.

After their kiss a few episodes back, it’s been bloody heartbreaking to watch the tender moments between them. No other show has been able to keep up 5 full seasons of such sexual tension and chemistry and NOT have the characters jump each other. It’s their friendship and devotion to each other that makes this show great. There is a love between them even if it’s not the same for both of them. I dare you to find another TV couple that pulls at your heartstrings in quite the same way.

Will they meet at the reflecting pool? What will have happened during their time apart? Did Bones and Booth meet other people? The suspense is KILLING ME!!!! This is one of the few times that I want the characters to live happily ever after…..and make a baby Bones. Come on, that could be a great sitcom spin off. Bones trying to be a mommy. I would totally watch that.


“The Ring Part II”, final episode of season 3 picks up with Ellie, Morgan and Devon (aka Captain Awesome) following the van transporting Chuck, Sarah and Casey to some God awful place. Evil double agent Shaw is about the kill our beloved CIA/NSA super team when Awesome and Morgan inadvertently launch a missile at the van. Only John Casey outfits his Crown Vic with missiles in case of emergency. Even though he’s been Casey for 4 times as many episodes, Adam Baldwin will always be Jane to me (extra points for those who got the “Firefly” reference).

Chuck and the team reunite with Ellie, Devon and Morgan. Ellie is still reeling from the death of their father and she’s still pretty peeved at Chuck for all the secrets. Can you blame a guy who has a super computer in his brain and works for the CIA for having a secret or two? Ellie tells Chuck that he has to quit the CIA….and he actually agrees. He only spent 3 years trying to become a real spy, well TV spy anyway.

The Intersect/the brain of Chuck starts going on all spazzy when he flashes. Chuck needs to get the governor (the watch that will regulate the Intersect so that Chuck doesn’t go all One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest).

Our good guy guy team sneak into the spy convention, which the Ring Elders are attending. Chuck tricks Shaw into alerting them to leave, which id’s them. We’ve got you now….mmmwwaaahhhhaaaaaahhaaaaaa. Shaw admits to all his double agentness, while Chuck secretly captures it on video that is broadcasting to the rest of the convention (of good spies). Shaw dramatically jumps through a window grabbing the American flag outside and swings into the room below. Now, you don’t see that on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Meanwhile at the Buy More, corporate informs Big Mike that the store may close. Lester suggests having a going out of business sale to juice the number and save the store. During the sale, Shaw shows up at the store and plants a bomb. He wants Chuck or he’ll light it up! Morgan is handcuffed to a chair in the back room where he manages to fall over and use his phone to call Casey. John of course tells him to break his thumbs….of course, how else would get out of handcuffs.

Corporate shows up, so Jeff pulls the fire alarm, creating a distraction. Sorry little buddy. You broke your thumbs for nothing. Chuck enters the Buy More (in dramatic slow motion). Chuck flashes, but a little too hard. He accidentally starts Jeffster’s music video which is a parody of my FAVORITE Bon Jovi song “Blaze of Glory”. IT’S A-Fucking-MAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chuck and Shaw fight while the video plays. Shaw knocks Chuck out and remembers accidentally downloading the Intersect prototype at 8 years old. He sure is special. When he reboots, he does some ass kicking that results in double agent Daniel Shaw being clocked….by Sarah. Chucks gets back the governor watch which Shaw had stolen from daddy dearest before he shot him.

Jeff suggests burning the Buy More, when Morgan finds the detonator. With his broken thumbs, he fumbles it and kaaaaabooooooooooommmmm. Don’t worry, they all got out fine.

This is definitely the most exciting show that I picked up this summer. Although season 3 lacked the goofiness of the first two, it was inevitable. Our little spy is growing up. He couldn’t be a bumbling nerd herder/wannabe spy forever. Oh! Don’t forget Casey has a daughter now. Maybe she’ll be back. I wouldn’t mind seeing that relationship unfold. Chuck says that he’s out of the spy game, but he finds his father’s spy files which mean unlimited storylines! Plus, Chuck and Ellie’s mom comes into play. The action returns this Monday. WooooHooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Friday, September 10, 2010

"Terriers" - Does it Have Bite?

“Terriers” is the tale of two losers. One, an ex-cop/ ex drunk and the other, his seemingly dim witted, but cute (in a dirty way) best friend. These two losers get by as unlicensed private detectives….at the beach. Donal Logue portrays the shaggy and haggard Hank Dolworth. You might remember him from “Grounded for Life” or if you watched the prematurely canceled NBC show Life (he was a bit chunkier then). Best friend Britt Pollack is played by Michael Raymond-James (True Blood, no I do not watch True Blood).

The pilot was written by Ted Griffen (Ocean’s 11 and Rumor Has It) and directed by Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow and Black Snake Moan). Yes....I agree. That's a strange combination.

This episode follows the wannabe PI’s as they try to locate the daughter of Hank’s pal from his drunk days. She’s gotten herself into some trouble. The bloody kind…not the baby bump kind. She’s connected to a rich development guy, that big surprise….isn’t legit.

Favorite quote of the episode:
Gretchen- “Jesus, what happened to you?”
Hank- “I got into some fisticuffs with a little league team, but you should see those kids”

The dialogue is witty and sarcastic, just the way I like it. This show is sure to be full of dirty deeds and dark overtones. Classic Shawn Ryan. The man I once called God, until the finale of the Shield. But that’s a whole ‘nother blog.

Overall, it has definite potential. Logue will be the driving force, but supporting props will go to Raymond-James. He's charming and endearing. My expectations are high, given that Shawn Ryan is the creator and show runner. It’ll be interesting to see the drama and grittiness that he brings mixed with the humor. It has the possibility to be gold, but let’s hope it doesn’t fall short.

Wednesdays at 10pm on FX

Stay Tuned……

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Sons of Anarchy" Season 3 Premiere ***spoilers***

Welcome to my very first blog! For my first post, I’m writing about the third season premiere of “Sons of Anarchy”. I’ve been watching this show since the beginning. This premiere episode was written by creator Kurt Sutter. You may know him as the creepy Jesus, foot fetish guy from season two of “The Shield”.  The director is also one of faves, Stephen Kay aka Reginald from “General Hospital”. How could they go wrong with that pair. If anyone else knows who both of these people are, please BBM me. You must be my long lost soul mate.

The first 45 mins are kind of slow, but filled with touching and vulnerable moments. Jax (the gorgeous, yet grungy Charlie Hunnam) is anguishing over the kidnapping of baby Abel. He goes to his father’s grave for answers, leaving half of his SONS ring on the headstone. Now his ring just says NS. That’s just sad L Jax tells Tara to go. She comes back refusing leave his ass. After killing her ex-stalker-boyfriend together and stitching up dozens of nasty ass bikers, she’s hooked on Jax. Favorite quote of the show…“We don’t know who we are until we’re connected to someone else” ~ Tara.

Ally Walker returns as ATF Agent Stahl. Damn, I like her as a villain. I really didn’t think she could pull it off. Loved her back in the day as the “Profiler”, but she was kind of a pussy cat in that. Now, she’s getting punched the pussy by criminals (refer to season 2 finale). Now that’s a step up…..or is it?  

Looks like Kenny Johnson will become a series regular!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t know Kenny, he was Curtis Lemansky on “The Shield” aka Lem aka my future husband once he divorces his wife. Welcome to Charming, Kenny!

The real action comes at the very end as there is a drive by shooting at Half-Sack’s wake. Really? We’re getting’ all ghetto like that? Anyway, they shot some kids and the kicker……they ran over Deputy Chief Hale’s face! I did NOT see that coming. That’s too bad. I had just started to like Hale, but I guess he lost his purpose when he ceased to be a protagonist. Two cops turning a blind eye to the dirty deeds the Sons commit is kind of redundant. What can I say? Everyone falls in love with the MC. Hale, you will be missed…..until they give me a good shot of Kenny’s biceps (COME ON…he was a professional arm wrestler!)

It seems as though the events of the finale and premiere will bring the club back together this season. It’s much better when they are one big hairy, tattooed family. Mama Gemma needs to come home and Prince Abel returned to his greasy throne. Let’s hope that the entertaining bloodshed to come this season makes that happen.


Stay tuned……