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Friday, September 24, 2010

Can “The Defenders” Make a Case?

Jerry O’Connell and Jim Belushi are Las Vegas lawyers Pete Kaczmarek and Nick Morelli. Seriously? Jim Belushi is a martini drinking, pinky ring wearing successful lawyer? Somehow I have trouble believing this. It’s a little reminiscent of “Las Vegas” with Pete driving down Las Vegas Blvd in a classic car. Anyone remember Danny McCoy? Yes, I am a Josh Duhamel fan. It was a good show!

It’s surprising to me every time I see Stephen Root play a role that is not full on comedic. Because he’s still good! And Jurnee Smollett… She’s all grown up! Not that little punk kid from “Full House” anymore. Smollett plays Lisa Taylor, a fresh attorney with a past. She put herself through law school by “dancing”.

The team is working on a murder case involving a young man, Dan Shephard that kills a neighbor who with his friends was beating the bejesus out of Shephard’s brother. Some dirty tricks are played, but technically legal and they get the guy off.

Outside of the courtroom, Morelli is having marital problems and Kaczmarek is a playboy. In the pilot alone he sleeps with a flight attendant and prosecutor played by super bitch Natalie Zea from “Dirty Money”. I love to hate her.

The effect they use on the opening credits is distracting and overall it’s pretty standard for a legal show, but not bad. It was more serious than the promos led me to believe, which is a good thing. I found the ad campaign hoooorrrible and because of it, I didn’t plan on giving the show a shot. Not in the mood for something over the top. Glad that I did. I probably won’t keep this program on my roster because it just didn’t grab me….and let’s face it, I don’t have much room in my television schedule for shows that I don’t absolutely love. I would recommend this show to my mother. A legal drama with some laughs thrown in. I’m expecting more laughs in coming episodes. Let me know if you pick this one up.

Wednesdays at 10pm on CBS

Stay Tuned….(if you want)

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