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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Can "No Ordinary Family" Make Its Way Into Your Family?

There are no words to express my excitement about the return of Michael Chiklis to television. He may not be Vic Mackey anymore, but he’s back!!! In the pilot episode, the Powell family vacations in Brazil when their tour plane crashes into the water. Everyone survives. All the important people anyway. Who really cares about the plane pilot?

Patriarch, Jim Powell is a police sketch artist. Mama Stephanie, played by Julie Benz (aka dearly departed Rita) is a workaholic research scientist. They have two teenage kids, JJ and Daphne and reside in suburbia (or maybe the Valley? bleh). Everyone’s favorite pot grower is Jim’s best friend George. Yes, that’s right. Romany Malco has returned to television as well. Even though I love him, that may be one bald man too many. Don’t you think?

Jim realizes that he can catch bullets and leap buildings in a single bound, while Stephanie can run faster than a fat kid after the ice cream truck. Daphne can read minds, as if hearing what other 16 year old girls are saying about you isn’t bad enough. And JJ…well apparently this kid who’s about the be dropped down to remedial classes is a frickin’ genius.

Jim decides that he needs to use his powers for good and tracks down a robber. When he catches up with him, it turns out that the he’s got super powers too (insert cool visual effects). There’s a whole conspiracy involving people with powers and Stephanie’s boss is in on it. Uh Oh! Did I mention that her boss and probably evil bad guy is the minister dad from “7th Heaven”? He is super creepy when he wants to be.

Obviously, this is being marketed as a family show. And that it is. Creators Greg Berlanti (“Brothers & Sisters”) and Jon Harmon Feldman (“Dirty Sexy Money”) have put together a show that is fun, exciting and super family friendly. I’m sure there will moral lessons while the Powell’s use their powers to do the right thing. All in all, it’s a solid pilot. Even without Chiki’s starring role, I’d keep watching.

Favorite Quote: “I have a lair…with WiFi”

Tuesdays at 8pm on ABC

Stay Tuned….

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