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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Did the Six Shows I Was Excited About Returning Deliver?


We pick up with Big Daddy Gibbs holding his own against Paloma, but his shop still gets shot all to hell. Skip four months down the line. Everyone has been under government protection while they track the cartel bitch. The team ends up tricking Rivera into shooting his own sister, killing two birds with a handful of automatic gunfire. In the last scene, Director Vance gets a text message from Ziva’s father who is also the head of the Israeli Mossad. It simply says, “I found him”. FOUND WHO?! Did I forget we were looking for someone?

Not quite as eventful as the finale, but a solid episode all in all. I am feeling like they need to shake things up a bit, maybe some new blood. Not sure what season eight will hold, but they’re gonna need something new to keep me interested.


How could season 5 not start out with incredible emotion after the death of Rita in last season’s finale? As always, Michael C. Hall gives a fantastic performance as a shocked widower in the aftermath of his wife’s murder. To everyone around him, there is a lack of feeling, but really, it’s the most emotion Dexter’s ever felt. It’s scary how good Hall is. And Jennifer Carpenter. I swear, her performance gets better every season.

The guys at work (meaning Quinn, big surprise) are slightly suspicious that Dexter might have killed Rita. You really shouldn’t say “it was me” after you report your wife’s murder. Deb’s doing all the funeral planning in between doodling Quinn on Dexter’s kitchen floor. The kill at the end is more brutal than usual. It’s done in rage to release what he’s been feeling since Rita’s death. It’s a stark change from the planned, precision killings of researched victims. The scenes for the coming season look terrific. Can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store. This premiere gets a big thumbs up from me.


Lily and Marshall start trying to make a bambino, but something is getting in the way…..Marshall’s dad. Is anyone else creeped out at Dauber from “Coach” being Marshall’s father. Just doesn’t sit right. Anyway, Lily doesn’t like papa-in-law bein’ all up in their baby makin’ biz and who can blame her? Robin is a hot mess after her break up with Don. If I ever get so broken up over a guy that I have week old Cheetos in my hair, you have permission to stab me with a fork. High Six…….


Good, not great. Didn’t live up to last year’s premiere, but not many episodes could. There are some very tender moments between Cuddy and House. We’ve been waiting a long time for this. It cuts straight through you when she tells him that he’s the most incredible man she’s ever known and that he will always be the most incredible man she’s ever known. When he finally breaks down and says I love you, uuugghhh. Cuddy’s got this look, this regretful look. House is the one in the end that says what we all know but are hoping the writers will ignore, that Cuddy could never be with a man like him. A mother could never have a real relationship with a man like him. A man like him is severely f-ed up, but we still hope that someone will love him and that he’ll love back. We also hope to figure out where the hell Thirteen went and if she’s coming back. We’ve lost way too many cast members in the last two seasons. I didn’t like her at first, but she did grow on me after a while.


The team is back together! Cam’s job is on the line, so Caroline calls in the cavalry. Booth comes home from Afghanistan where he met a hot journalist. Bones and Daisy return from Maluku where they failed to find the missing link. Hodgins and Angela jet in from gay Paris. Sweets quits playing piano for shoppers and Brennan entices Wendell to leave his school bus mechanic job to rejoin the crew.

The Bones Brigade solves not one, but two cases involving small children. They all decide to stay, which is a good thing because Hodgins and Angela’s baby is going to need all its aunts and uncles. Yes, that’s right….ANOTHER BABY is on the way. Looks like this television season is turning out to be the Year of the Baby.

Very happy to have the gang back. One thing you can say about “Bones” is that it hasn’t diminished after being on the air for five seasons. The cases are just as fascinating and the relationships are more complex and interesting than ever. Let’s see what trouble they get into this year.


Linda Hamilton is Chuck’s Mom…and she kicks ass???!!!!!! Turns out that Mama Bartowski didn’t abandon her kiddies. She was a spy captured by the Russians. What What?  Looks like this season will either be hunting down mommy dearest or maybe even working with her *excited*. Hopefully all of Chuck’s powers aren’t in his locks because he new cut is slightly boring and little too grown up. I don’t think I like Chuck and Sarah as a couple, the sexual tension was better, not that it could last this long. As much as I love them, they aren’t Bones and Booth. Something had to happen eventually, just wondering if it might be time to introduce a third party to shake things up. Got a nice little visit by Harry Dean Stanton as the repo man. Amazing! The Castle is rebuilt and so is the Buy More….as a full on CIA cover. Seriously? I totally want a ride in the Buy More/Castle chute. Oh, and……..A baby Awesome is on the way!

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