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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do You Want To Be An "Outlaw"?

Jimmy Smits is smug, smart ass gambling man Cyrus Garza. A Supreme Court Justice that leaves it all to practice again. Garza carries the baggage of his father, a judge that took a stand and was ashamed of his son's neutrality. It's been a year since Garza Sr. was killed in a car crash in which Cyrus was the only survivor.

“Dexter” director Marcos Siega reunites with Smiths and David Ramsey who plays Al Druzinsky, a member of Garza’s legal team. Jesse Bradford is all grown up, with a tie and everything. I don’t like it. He plays fellow lawyer and former clerk to Garza. Carly Pope is a P.I. that helps solve a death row murder case that is story for the pilot episode.

Being that my mother recommended this show, I figured it would be horrible. It’s actually not that bad. I didn’t say good, but not bad. It’s another law show with a showboating, soapboxing lawyer, but if you like Jimmy Smits, it’s worth a watch.

Fridays at 10pm on NBC (apparently this is when they figure the old people will watch)

Stay Tuned....

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