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Friday, September 24, 2010

Do You Want to Get "UnderCovers"?

My sole reason for checking out this show is J.J. Abrams. You know I’ll watch anything that man touches. So…….Major Dad (Gerald McRaney) begs two ex-CIA agents, husband and wife Steven and Samantha Bloom to return to duty. Samantha’s former partner is in a bit of trouble, so the couple takes a break from their catering business to go undercover again. BTW, the two of them are smokin’ hot. Boris Kodjoe plays Steven. I’ve got a couple of friends that would cut off an arm just to be near him (Yes….EB and MS, I’m talking about you) Gugu Mbatha-Raw is Samantha. Seriously, she didn’t think about changing her name when she got into show business? I guess when you’re that ridiculously gorgeous, you don’t have to.

Super spy couple head to Europe to rescue Leo Nash who’s been captured. Oh, and it’s suspected that he’s a double agent. There’s always a double agent.  We see a little torture, blah blah blah. Throw in some fancy cars, gadgets, half a dozen countries and a very funny/chatty jr. agent that holds Steven as his god. Some Russian dudes want a flash drive with government info on it that Nash hid. There’s a fight, a guy gets stabbed in the foot, good times. The Blooms rescue Nash and bring him on home.

Still not sure about Steven, but Samantha I like. Any woman that can fire a rocket launcher, one handed while driving a car is cool with me.

Abrams brings back familiar, well not so much faces, but names. Michael Bonvillain shot the pilot, Mary Jo Markey cuts and Josh Reims produces. J.J. wrote and directed the pilot himself. It’s got a very rich (not money rich) and grand feel to it.

This is NBC’s second spy show (the other being “Chuck” *sigh*). The difference is that “Chuck” is nerdy/sweet funny and “UnderCovers” is cool/sexy funny.

Favorite new word: Sexpionage

Wednesdays at 8pm on NBC

Stay Tuned….

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