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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Does "Detroit 1-8-7" Kill the Competition?

 I really didn’t have much interest in this show, but I gave it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised (well moderately anyway). The show follows detectives of the Detroit homicide division. Michael Imperioli is Louis Fitch, a homicide detective, riding with rookie and father-to-be Det. DamonWashington. It’s Washington’s first day on the job and they catch a double homicide at a pharmacy. Thirty year vet Srg. Longford rides with Det. Mahajan are working on a railroad murder. Turns out the two cases are connected. An ex-con (ex for all of one day) has gone on a killing spree murdering everyone who according to him, f-ed up his life (wife, parole officer, attorney) before holding his mother and children hostage.

Never been a fan of his, but Imperioli gives a great performance showing a tender and sensitive side of Det. Fitch as well as an impatient mentor. The bit where Fitch is talking to Washington on the phone while they are across the room from each other reminded me of instant messaging my college roommate from across the dorm room. Don’t you love technology? It brings us all together :-)

The style is gritty, at least as gritty as a network show is gonna get. The single handheld shaky camera work is reminiscent of “The Shield” (yes, another Shield reference). When the murdering bastard has his mother and kids held hostage in a loft, Fitch goes in to negotiate. He’s wearing a wire, so we hear the dialogue, but the camera stays outside. I liked this choice a lot. It’s definitely a show from the point of view of the cops, not the criminals. Word is, this is going to be the next “NYPD Blue”. I never watched that so I can’t say, but for those of you that are fans, check this show out. Let me know what you think.

Favorite quote: “We don’t work for the dead. We work for the living” ~ Det. Fitch (very movingly)

Tuesdays at 10pm on ABC

Stay Tuned….

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