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Monday, September 20, 2010

Does “Hawaii Five-0” Sink or Swim?

What could be better than Norman Reedus sporting an Irish accent with the beautiful Hawaiian landscape in the first scene of the pilot?! I think I had a dream like that once, but we probably shouldn’t talk about that right now. I’ll tell you what’s better. Explosions and men repelling from helicopters. Ok, so that’s not better, but it’s pretty f-ing cool. Oh, and Buffy fans, you get to see James Marsters play a baddie, but just for a couple of scenes.

Like everyone else, I’m wondering if this is the Alex O’Laughlin show that will survive. O’Laughlin plays Det. McGarrett, trying to avenge the death of his father. Daniel Dae Kim (always Jin in my heart) is Det. Chin Ho Kelly. The super cool Scott Caan is Det. Daniel “Danno” Williams. The crew is rounded out by everyone’s favorite Cylon, Grace Park as Kona Kalakaua. Secret….She wasn’t actually my favorite Cylon, but she plays another kick ass woman. Props for that.  

The opening titles are quick, cool, modern and use the original theme song. Just the way I like them. Their promos were great. I couldn't drive anywhere in LA without seeing a beautifully drenched cast member on a billboard or bus shelter.The gorgeous Hawaiian backdrop makes my heart ache for “Lost”. I’m still in mourning and haven’t been able to erase the finale from my DVR….. but, back to the show in question. There’s a mix of shaky handheld camera work/odd angles that can be awkward at times and your standard procedural shots. We do get some witty dialog, but not an over abundance. If you’re looking for action, this may be the show for you as there is an explosion, chase or fight in every segment.

Does this show have what it takes to be better than every other procedural on television? I’m not sure yet, but I do think it will be on for a little while. It’s cool enough (with a sexy enough cast) to get a slightly younger audience, but standard enough for the old folks. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are riding the wave in Hollywood right now, so they could be just what this show and CBS needs. Are you ready to get wet?

Mondays at 10pm on CBS

Stay Tuned….

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