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Monday, September 20, 2010

How Does "Lone Star" Stand on Monday Nights?

James Wolk plays Robert/Bob Allen, a con man leading two lives. He’s got an All-American Boy look and a winning smile. In Houston, he’s got a wife played by Adrianne Palicki (bitch turned good girl on Friday Night Lights) and a wealthy father-in-law played by veteran Jon Voight. Back in Midland, he’s got a girlfriend and a bunch of saps that just hand over their money. Allen’s only real family is his con man father John, depicted by David Keith. The character of Bob Allen comes off a bit spineless as he tells his dad “don’t make me do this anymore”. He’s a grown ass man for chrissake, two for that matter. I think he needs to grow a pair. His brother-in-law Trammell has his suspicions and will probably be the one to bring him down in the end.

The pilot was pretty well directed by Peter Horton with the exception of a cheesy shot that pulls in on a garbage can that Allen throws his “life” in. James Wolk, who is pretty much unknown, gives a great performance. Even though his character is lying to everyone around him, he makes you really like Bob Allen. They’ve got a great music supervisor and art team. The line up this season on Monday nights is nearly as heavy as Thursday. Will "Lone Star" make it through Fox's hasty decision sessions in the coming weeks? I think it will. If it can get the viewership, it seems to have the chops to make it through one season. But we'll see.....

Mondays at 9pm on Fox. 

Stay Tuned…..

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