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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Random...

More brilliance on “Sons of Anarchy”, as usual. Katey Sagal needs a fricken’ Emmy already. And I can’t get enough of the Irish accents. What’ll I do if SAMCRO ever cuts ties with the club in Dublin?

Finally caught up with “The Event” on Demand. Mondays are just too stacked this season. As for the pod people, I did not see that coming. My guess was that the prisoners were either supernatural (like demons or something) or aliens from another planet. I did not expect another species. Nicely done, Mr. Wauters. I tip my hat to you. Happy to see D.B. Sweeney guest starring, but not sure I like him playing a villain. He’s such a sweetheart (refer to The Cutting Edge, well the end anyway). Clifton Collins Jr. too! No offense Cliffy, but you’re a natural bad guy and I love you for it. Anyone have any theories on what caused the death of the passengers? This is gonna be goooo…ooood…………..

“Raising Hope” just keeps getting funnier. Dead Tooth? That is sick and hilarious, all at the same time. What’s even grosser is Cloris Leachman breast feeding. I did gag a bit at that part. Haven’t seen the ukulele playing Kate Micucci since “Scrubs”. She’s cute as a button and a hoot to boot. Love. This. Show.

I think I’m forming a crush on Britt. Is that weird? Now Hank’s got a crazy, super smart sister that hides in his attic. Hmmmm…..what trouble and fantastic interactions could this bring? It just keeps getting better. Not surprising, Shawn Ryan. You’ve still got it. Don’t forget, “breakfast is one of the top five meals of the day”.

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