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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Six Shows I'm Psyched For (Returning Favorites)


In the seventh season finale, Gibbs’ past finally catches up with him. Way back in the first season, we learn through backstory that Gibbs hunted and killed the man that murdered his wife and child. Come on! That’s justice, right? Now, the children of the man he killed are seeking revenge. Paloma Reynosa (the leader of a powerful drug cartel….original right?) and brother Alejandro Rivera (of the Mexican Justice Department….devious :-0 ) blackmail Gibbs, threatening everyone close to  him. They even cut off Mike Franks’ finger. Why is it always finger? Ugh! Anyways…..they leave us hanging with Paloma walking into Gibbs’ father’s general store saying hello in that creepy, I’m about to kill or severely maime you voice. Oh, and Ziva gets American citizenship. Daddy’s not gonna like that.

Yes, this is a procedural show that is mostly watched by old people, but I LIKE IT! It’s not so much about the story as it is the characters. I absolutely love the dysfunctional family dynamic. These actors have the greatest chemistry and are so damn lovable. Can’t wait to see if somebody’s gonna bite the dust in the premiere. Hope it’s nobody we actually care about. Paloma can take Director Vance…yeah, we can do without him.


Dexter spends all of season four hunting The Trinity Killer, trying to understand and learn from him. The phenomenal John Lithgow portrays family man Arthur Mitchell by day, Trinity Killer by night. Trinity knows that Dexter is on to him and finds out his real identity. Dexter follows him from the police station getting into his first high speed chase, kind of. Dex sedates Trinity and shoves him in the van just before he’s arrested for sideswiping a car during his high speed chase and then flipping out on the asshole trying to video tape him giving the cops shit. After getting sprung from the slammer, Dexter returns to the van, but Trinity isn’t there. Meanwhile, Deb finds out that Dexter and the Ice Truck Killer are brothers. Finally, someone else knows. Instead of freaking out, she’s glad that Dex is her brother….awwwwwww. Dexter finally catches up with Arthur and gets him into his kill room. Can’t say that John Lithgow is on the top of my list to see naked and saran wrapped to a table, but I digress. Thinking that he has sent Rita ahead to the Keys for their honeymoon, Dexter goes home to grab a bag only to find her lying dead in the bathtub. Baby Harrison sits crying in pool of blood, as Dexter once did. One of the best finales…EVER!

Season four brought back the intensity of season one. John Lithgow’s Trinity Killer brought a new focus to a show that was getting a little ridiculous at times….I couldn’t stand that f-ing British chick. Lithgow’s Emmy was sooooooooo deserving. *love you John*

It was about time they got rid of Rita. She was the most uninteresting character on the show. Her death was more effective than her whining ever was.

 I’m so excited to see what the writing team and new showrunner Chip Johannessen (“Dark Angel”) have in store. Fingers crossed that they can keep up the momentum they created in season four.

“How I Met Your Mother” (HIMYM)

Season five left off with Robin being offered an anchor job in Chicago, but turning it down to be with Don. That A-hole was then offered the same job and took it! Good riddance….his face creeped me out and I don’t really care about Robin’s love life unless it’s with Ted or Barney. Ted dyed his hair blonde….many jokes ensued. Lily spotted the fifth and final doppelganger of the group, a cab driver that looked like Barney. Lily and Marshall had decided that they would start getting busy without the raincoat when they saw the last doppelganger. “Marshall Ericksen, put a baby in my belly”. Barney then reveals that it was all a hoax and that the doppelganger was actually him. Lily thought she saw Barney’s doppelganger again outside MacLaren’s at a hot dog stand. The rest of the crew comes out. They dude looked nothing like Barney, but Marshall telepathically told Robin, Ted and Barney to go with it. Hopefully over the summer, Marshall will have put a baby in Lily’s belly.

As you’ll see, I don’t watch too many comedies, but this is one of the best. It’s a show for a certain age. My mom thinks it’s stupid. Enough said.

NPH is one of the funniest men on television right now. Have you ever seen a character like Barney Stinson? It’s re-DICULOUS! Sometimes I laugh til I snort. Can’t wait for that. Some may call it jumping the shark, but I think Lilypad and Marshmellow having a bambino could be veerrrry funny…..especially if they let Robin and Barney babysit.


The sixth season of “House” was my absolute favorite season. The premiere blew me away. It left behind the predictable formula and focused on character. They delved further into House’s addiction and we got to see a great performance by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Lin-Manuel impressed me so much that I went to see the Tony Award winning Broadway play that he wrote and starred in, The Heights. Andre Brauer also gave a wonderful performance…..and I don’t usually like him.

In the finale, House helps a woman trapped under a building when a crane collapses in downtown Trenton. When there is no other option, House convinces this woman to let him amputate her leg to save her life. Imagine the drama! He cuts it off and she dies in the ambulance….from the amputation. That totally sucks L Thirteen leaves some sort of resignation papers on House’s desk. I hope they don’t kill her off now. How many characters can we lose?! Back at House’s apartment, he rips the mirror from the wall and takes prescription bottles from a hole in the wall….remember he’s been sober for the first time in probably a decade. He sits contemplating the choice when Cuddy walks in. She tells him that she got rid of Lucas (poor Lucas, how I love Michael Weston…the actor, not the spy). They passionately kiss…..FINALLY!!!!!!! The sexual tension has been killing me this season.

I truly hope that the writers can continue to produce such intense scripts that go deeper into the fa-ha-scinating character that is Dr. Gregory House. It’ll also be interesting to see what’s going on with Thirteen and her Huntington’s as well as how Chase adapts to single life. (I miss you Cameron!) Monday nights will be very full this season.  


In the final episode of the fifth season, Bones and Booth investigate the murder of hoarder. I am too freaked out to watch that reality show, so if you start talking about it, I will put my fingers in my ears and sing. Everyone seems to be making plans. Daisy is accepted on an Indonesian dig, which makes Bones jealous. It was the recommendation letter that Bones wrote that got her in. Screwed yourself over on that one, didn’t you Tempie? Sweets contemplates whether he will follow Daisy after she dismisses his “proposal”. When Angela’s father (the creepy bearded guy from ZZ Top) ask Hodgins to steal a car, Sweets jumps into help. Funniness ensues. Turns out, the hoarded was killed by the one person that actually liked him. Hodgins and Angela decide to take a year off and go to Paris. Bones is asked to lead the Indonesian dig and Booth goes back to the Army. At the airport, Booth and Brennan say goodbye. They agree to meet, one year from today at the reflecting pool. *tears*.

After their kiss a few episodes back, it’s been bloody heartbreaking to watch the tender moments between them. No other show has been able to keep up 5 full seasons of such sexual tension and chemistry and NOT have the characters jump each other. It’s their friendship and devotion to each other that makes this show great. There is a love between them even if it’s not the same for both of them. I dare you to find another TV couple that pulls at your heartstrings in quite the same way.

Will they meet at the reflecting pool? What will have happened during their time apart? Did Bones and Booth meet other people? The suspense is KILLING ME!!!! This is one of the few times that I want the characters to live happily ever after…..and make a baby Bones. Come on, that could be a great sitcom spin off. Bones trying to be a mommy. I would totally watch that.


“The Ring Part II”, final episode of season 3 picks up with Ellie, Morgan and Devon (aka Captain Awesome) following the van transporting Chuck, Sarah and Casey to some God awful place. Evil double agent Shaw is about the kill our beloved CIA/NSA super team when Awesome and Morgan inadvertently launch a missile at the van. Only John Casey outfits his Crown Vic with missiles in case of emergency. Even though he’s been Casey for 4 times as many episodes, Adam Baldwin will always be Jane to me (extra points for those who got the “Firefly” reference).

Chuck and the team reunite with Ellie, Devon and Morgan. Ellie is still reeling from the death of their father and she’s still pretty peeved at Chuck for all the secrets. Can you blame a guy who has a super computer in his brain and works for the CIA for having a secret or two? Ellie tells Chuck that he has to quit the CIA….and he actually agrees. He only spent 3 years trying to become a real spy, well TV spy anyway.

The Intersect/the brain of Chuck starts going on all spazzy when he flashes. Chuck needs to get the governor (the watch that will regulate the Intersect so that Chuck doesn’t go all One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest).

Our good guy guy team sneak into the spy convention, which the Ring Elders are attending. Chuck tricks Shaw into alerting them to leave, which id’s them. We’ve got you now….mmmwwaaahhhhaaaaaahhaaaaaa. Shaw admits to all his double agentness, while Chuck secretly captures it on video that is broadcasting to the rest of the convention (of good spies). Shaw dramatically jumps through a window grabbing the American flag outside and swings into the room below. Now, you don’t see that on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Meanwhile at the Buy More, corporate informs Big Mike that the store may close. Lester suggests having a going out of business sale to juice the number and save the store. During the sale, Shaw shows up at the store and plants a bomb. He wants Chuck or he’ll light it up! Morgan is handcuffed to a chair in the back room where he manages to fall over and use his phone to call Casey. John of course tells him to break his thumbs….of course, how else would get out of handcuffs.

Corporate shows up, so Jeff pulls the fire alarm, creating a distraction. Sorry little buddy. You broke your thumbs for nothing. Chuck enters the Buy More (in dramatic slow motion). Chuck flashes, but a little too hard. He accidentally starts Jeffster’s music video which is a parody of my FAVORITE Bon Jovi song “Blaze of Glory”. IT’S A-Fucking-MAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chuck and Shaw fight while the video plays. Shaw knocks Chuck out and remembers accidentally downloading the Intersect prototype at 8 years old. He sure is special. When he reboots, he does some ass kicking that results in double agent Daniel Shaw being clocked….by Sarah. Chucks gets back the governor watch which Shaw had stolen from daddy dearest before he shot him.

Jeff suggests burning the Buy More, when Morgan finds the detonator. With his broken thumbs, he fumbles it and kaaaaabooooooooooommmmm. Don’t worry, they all got out fine.

This is definitely the most exciting show that I picked up this summer. Although season 3 lacked the goofiness of the first two, it was inevitable. Our little spy is growing up. He couldn’t be a bumbling nerd herder/wannabe spy forever. Oh! Don’t forget Casey has a daughter now. Maybe she’ll be back. I wouldn’t mind seeing that relationship unfold. Chuck says that he’s out of the spy game, but he finds his father’s spy files which mean unlimited storylines! Plus, Chuck and Ellie’s mom comes into play. The action returns this Monday. WooooHooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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