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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Sons of Anarchy" Season 3 Premiere ***spoilers***

Welcome to my very first blog! For my first post, I’m writing about the third season premiere of “Sons of Anarchy”. I’ve been watching this show since the beginning. This premiere episode was written by creator Kurt Sutter. You may know him as the creepy Jesus, foot fetish guy from season two of “The Shield”.  The director is also one of faves, Stephen Kay aka Reginald from “General Hospital”. How could they go wrong with that pair. If anyone else knows who both of these people are, please BBM me. You must be my long lost soul mate.

The first 45 mins are kind of slow, but filled with touching and vulnerable moments. Jax (the gorgeous, yet grungy Charlie Hunnam) is anguishing over the kidnapping of baby Abel. He goes to his father’s grave for answers, leaving half of his SONS ring on the headstone. Now his ring just says NS. That’s just sad L Jax tells Tara to go. She comes back refusing leave his ass. After killing her ex-stalker-boyfriend together and stitching up dozens of nasty ass bikers, she’s hooked on Jax. Favorite quote of the show…“We don’t know who we are until we’re connected to someone else” ~ Tara.

Ally Walker returns as ATF Agent Stahl. Damn, I like her as a villain. I really didn’t think she could pull it off. Loved her back in the day as the “Profiler”, but she was kind of a pussy cat in that. Now, she’s getting punched the pussy by criminals (refer to season 2 finale). Now that’s a step up…..or is it?  

Looks like Kenny Johnson will become a series regular!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t know Kenny, he was Curtis Lemansky on “The Shield” aka Lem aka my future husband once he divorces his wife. Welcome to Charming, Kenny!

The real action comes at the very end as there is a drive by shooting at Half-Sack’s wake. Really? We’re getting’ all ghetto like that? Anyway, they shot some kids and the kicker……they ran over Deputy Chief Hale’s face! I did NOT see that coming. That’s too bad. I had just started to like Hale, but I guess he lost his purpose when he ceased to be a protagonist. Two cops turning a blind eye to the dirty deeds the Sons commit is kind of redundant. What can I say? Everyone falls in love with the MC. Hale, you will be missed…..until they give me a good shot of Kenny’s biceps (COME ON…he was a professional arm wrestler!)

It seems as though the events of the finale and premiere will bring the club back together this season. It’s much better when they are one big hairy, tattooed family. Mama Gemma needs to come home and Prince Abel returned to his greasy throne. Let’s hope that the entertaining bloodshed to come this season makes that happen.


Stay tuned……

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