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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Apparently Everyone is Moving to LA, including Dick Wolf

Haven’t watched any of the “Law & Order” series in years, but giving "Law & Order: Los Angeles" (affectionately nicknamed LOLA) a shot. I do love seeing my own city on TV. Can’t say it’s much different.

In the first episode, the homes of young Hollywood hotshots are being burglarized. Turns out that the mom of a Lindsay Lohan type starlet is behind it. Somebody gets shot….blah blah blah. It’s pretty standard for the “L & O” franchise. I like the detective played by Corey Stoll, but not his ‘stache. He’s the bald the one that’s not Skeet Ulrich. Who knew that Skeet was still around? They toned down the theme song, but now it sounds a little ‘80s.

Ol’ Dickey did manage to get three great guest stars for his premiere. Oded Fehr. He’s one of the bad guys, yet again. At least this time he’s not a terrorist. When is somebody gonna cast this guy in a series?!!!!! If you haven’t seen “Sleeper Cell”, do yourself a favor and check it out on DVD. A-Fricken-Mazing! Jim Beaver or Bobby to my fellow “Supernatural” fans. Understated and underestimated actor. There’s something so quiet, yet intense about him. Can we please get him in more than one scene? Michael O’Neill plays the defense attorney. You may not recognize him without his ‘stache or the gun he brandished in the blow-your-fricken-mind finale of “Grey’s Anatomy”. Another fabulous character actor.

The second episode investigates the murder of a murderer. A woman who participated in a Mason like killing is released from prison after 30 years and found dead on the beach. Their suspect is her former cell mate, a mother falsely convicted of killing her children. Being raped and tortured on a daily basis by your cell mate is a pretty good reason to kill when you get out, even if you were innocent when you went in. This episode spends more time on the law side, attempting to showcase Terrence Howard as Sr. Deputy District Attorney. No matter how hard I want to like him, I just don’t. Sorry Terrence.

More great guest stars. Jay Karnes aka Dutch (“The Shield”) is the director of an innocence coalition and foxy with his silver hair. Michael Massee is brilliantly creepy as the leader of the cult. John Kapelos is a former cop. You know you know him. Pick a John Hughes movie. He’s most likely in it.

Can’t say I’ll stick with this one, especially with the volume of lawyer and cop shows on this season. The characters don’t grab me, which is a necessity in a procedural. Fantastic guest star after guest isn’t enough to keep me coming back week after week. Recommend it to you parents, but if you’re looking for a good cop show, stick with “The Shield” on DVD.

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