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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dickey Moves Across the Pond Now. How Lovely For Us

In “Law & Order: UK”, Jamie Bamber, better known as Captain Lee Adama of “Battlestar Galactica” is D.S. Matt Devlin. In the first episode, he, along with his partner Ronnie Brooks investigates the death of an infant that is left in the car park of a hospital (that’s parking lot to most of you). Mum leaves the child by himself until the babysitter can get there. She never comes and carbon dioxide kills the baby. The $%#*hole building is falling down and a development company wants to buy it, only the property owner can’t sell until the leases are up. Apparently UK leases are waaaay longer than ours, like 5 years longer. Big surprise, the landlord tampered with the heating and gas to get people out with the help of a dirty building inspector. Scumbags.

“Doctor Who” fans will be glad to see Freema Agyeman as Jr. Crown Prosecutor Alesha Phillips. I really like Ben Daniels who plays Sr. Crown Prosecutor, James Steel.

In the second episode, the team investigates the death of a teenage boy found alone in an alley. He ran away from foster care after his mum went to rehab. At least he was away from the boyfriend that was beating on him. Turns out the foster bro killed him. So much for social services. The killer’s lawyer makes a case that the boy was genetically predisposed to violence. Interesting topic. Killer boy begins thinking he’ll never change and tears fall as his mother calls him a monster in court. He pleads guilty. Emotionally complex case. I like it.

They’ve got some snazzy opening credits with a new theme song, but they kept that damn noise and that stupid bit about “in the criminal justice system, people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups”.  I think we’ve got it by now. It’s only been 20 years and if you haven’t seen at least a couple dozen episodes, you’ve probably been living under a rock. There is a familiar “L&O” feel, but something new. Guess it’s that British twist. Part of that twist is wigs and robes. Not the saucy kind, the repressed him. All in all, pretty good. I’ll keep watching.

Fridays at 9pm on BBC America

Stay Tuned….

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