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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Did Your Show Get Picked Up?

We’re just about 2 months into the new television season. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the networks are being very generous this year. Granted, it’s the first time that I’ve actually tracked what’s being picked up and axed, but there have been very few cancellations this year. Here are the shows that have been formally picked up, at least for a half season, if not a full.

“Raising Hope” – This my new favorite comedy and one of the three best shows premiering this season (the other 2 being “Terriers” and “The Event”). Jimmy is doing the best he can, trying to raise his baby girl in a house of crazies. Creator Greg Garcia hit this one on the head. Every character is hilarious in their own way. Like in HIMYM, the lead character is the least interesting. It’s the supporting cast that truly makes this show pee-your-pants-funny. This is the role Martha Plimpton was born to play. Garret Dillahunt really shows off his comedic chops. I already knew he could do uber creepy (see his guest appearances on “Burn Notice”). Shannon Woodward is the closest thing to sane in Hope’s world. She’s fabulously sarcastic and witty. The gem is Cloris Leachman. How has Maw Maw not been institutionalized? It’s no surprise that this show was picked up. Even if the ratings aren’t off the chart, I think that word of mouth will get people watching. If you haven’t checked out this show yet, go to fox.com and catch up.

“The Event” – If you need something to fill the void of “Lost” and aren’t watching this show, what the frak is wrong with you?!!!! It’s got all the mystery and action you could want. Jason Ritter and Laura Innes deliver every week. The addition of Clifton Collins Jr. is perfectly evil. Every week, I can’t wait to find out more about where these people came from and what their story is. And obviously, what their plan is. At first, I thought that the title could screw them over. What are they going to do once the event happens. They can’t just string us along for over a season without the plan coming to fruition, can they? Now that I see how deep the mystery goes and how involved the back story could be. This show could be on for a good run, if done right. Not surprising that it was picked up. NBC put enough into production and promotion of this show that it’s getting good ratings. If you’re not watching, go catch up on nbc.com or OnDemand.

“Chase” – Seriously? This pilot was so bad that I didn’t even give it a second try. Anyone else watching this show? If you are, let me know what you and NBC see in it.

“Law & Order: Los Angeles” – Did anyone have any doubt? Come on, we all knew that NBC had a shoo-in with this one. I only watched a couple of episodes and they were ok. I just don’t have time to watch shows that I’m not crazy about these days. It was pretty standard, but a good substitute if you were a fan of the original.

“Outsourced” – Really? Seriously? Come On! I didn’t get past the pilot. If you claim to be a comedy and you don’t make me laugh once in the first 15 mins of the pilot, I think you’ve got a problem. I want “Parks and Recreation” back!!! “Outsourced” only got nine more eps, but if it starts doing well, where will PNR fit in? Pawnee is a staple in the Thursday night line up. I don’t see NBC moving a new show out of a Thursday night timeslot. I think they have a problem. Solution: cancel the crappy new show.

“Hawaii Five-O” – No, it’s not “24” or “The Shield”, but it’s FUN! The characters are great, the storylines move along, and the actors are pretty to look at. Plus there is that great theme song. Not surprising that this one got picked up. It’s a hit for CBS, grabbing the younger crowd. Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are on fire. I think their goal is to have a hit show on every major network. NBC, how you doin’? If you haven’t been watching, check it out on cbs.com or OnDemand.

“The Defenders” – I saw the first three episodes and they were good. It’s just not enough to keep me coming back every week when I’m hooked on other great shows. It’s the kind of series that I’d watch OnDemand over a long rainy weekend or when I’m home sick, but not DVR on a regular basis. Not that surprising that CBS picked this one up. It’s middle of road and getting decent ratings.

“Mike & Molly” -   I’ve only seen one episode of Chuck Lorre’s new show and it’s what’s expected. If you like “Two and a Half Men”, this is right up your alley. The episode I watched was the second (pilot wasn’t available online). Two people meet in an over-eaters anonymous meeting and start dating. Swoosie Kurtz is Molly’s tiny, crazy mother. She alone is enough reason to watch another episode. After this one viewing, it’s not surprising why CBS picked this show up. It’s aimed at that middle aged to old people demographic and does deliver the laughs. Very CBS.  

“Blue Bloods” – I really enjoy this show. Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green have put together a great cast. The weekly storylines are good and I’m more and more interested in the conspiracy of the Blue Templar, which they didn’t cover in this week’s ep. Guess they were too busy with the terrorist plot. Do you think Tom Selleck would adopt me? Not surprising it got picked up. If you aren’t watching, check it out on cbs.com or OnDemand.

“$#*! My Dad Says” – CBS decided to pick up all five of its newbie shows. Unfortunately, it includes this one. Granted, I’ve never seen it. I tried for you all, but it’s not online or OnDemand. Does CBS actually want you to watch their shows? I’ve heard that it’s crap, but being that I can’t stand William Shatner, you’ll have to figure it out for yourself. I am very surprised that this show got picked up since I haven’t heard a single good thing about it and couldn’t even tell you what day it’s on.

"Boardwalk Empire" -  Was there any doubt? HBO doesn't put money into a show that isn't Great, yes that great with capital G, by the time it goes into production. Of course they were going to make an entire season of this series following corrupt politicians and gangsters in prohibition era Atlantic City. What's interesting is that they picked it up for a second season after only one episode had aired. It makes sense, I guess and they do have the money. Either way, Sunday nights are sparkling. Catch up on HBO OnDemand.

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tbirum said...

PNR sucks ass,,, outsourced is 100 times better and 100 times funnier