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Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Luther" - Part II

Intense. Riveting. Gripping. Just a few words to describe this brilliant miniseries. The second installment has DCI Luther investigating a cop killer case. The first scene shocks and it only gets better. A young marine is picking off police officers on the orders of his father who’s serving a life sentence for killing a cop. Daddy thinks that it was the cop’s fault that he killed him. Um…yeah, that makes sense. Annnyyyywayyyyy, Luther finds the marine and the standoff is crazy intense. Luther tries talking him out of killing him between getting beaten in the face and a scary game of Russian roulette. Meanwhile, Alice (the parent killing psycho from last week) has decided to stalk Luther and that means getting to know him better. She pays the ex-wife Zoe a visit, by which I mean breaks into her house at night scaring the bejezus out of her and new bf. We close on Luther and Alice meeting on the bridge. Alice thinks that they are friends. WHAT??!!! I have never seen such an uncomfortably genius relationship written for television. Alice is intrinsically evil from the first moment we meet her. *Thank you BRS for that one.* Not a quality that we often see in female characters. Kudos Mr. Cross. The performances are just as superior as the writing to anything else on TV or on film for that matter. Be sure to watch the extended inside look. The creator and actors give their insights into the story and characters. In addition to being ridiculously sexy, Idris Elba is incredibly intelligent. I totally want to marry this man. We’d make beautiful babies, don’t you think? If you haven’t seen it yet, catch up on BBC OnDemand.  

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