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Sunday, October 31, 2010

News From This Week

Showtime has announced that they will make their content available online. Finally! Subscribers will be given an access code to watch streaming content including current shows a few former shows. I hope this will extend the time that episodes are available. Showtime is better than HBO in how long they post OnDemand, but you don’t always have access to all previous seasons. I’m sure the other premium cable networks with follow suit in the next few years. As consumers, we’ve become used to having full access at all times to all content. I think we’re a bit spoiled in that regard. We don’t need all of these technological advances, but I am glad that I’ll be able to watch Showtime on the go if I miss an ep (definitely not on a blackberry or ipad, but maybe a large laptop). Who’s gonna be next….HBO?....Starz?....Skinemax? Dear God, please not skinemax. There’s enough porn on the internet.

The “Battlestar Galactica” spinoff “Caprica” has been cancelled by Syfy after only one season aired. This news came only days after the confirmation that there would be another pre-quel series, “BSG: Blood & Chrome”. As successful as I wish “Blood & Chrome” to be, this doesn’t seem to bode well. My guess, just from watching the pilot, is that it didn’t have the audience because it was all about the moral and ethical implications of creating robots that look and think like humans. “BSG” fans went in expecting something with the same action and pace. When you’ve got such a connection to an existing series, you’re not really going to gain new viewers that have never seen “BSG”. Ron Moore’s Battlestar had to fight each and every season to stay on the air, so attempting to spin off of that small audience with a very different show meant that it was doomed to begin with. “Blood & Chrome” will take place during the first Cylon war, which does imply that it will be closer to the feel of the show I and many others L.O.V.E.  I can’t wait to find out.

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