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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"No Ordinary Family" is Unfortunately A Little Too Ordinary

I really wanted to like this show for Chiki's sake. I gave it a shot, but it's just too mediocre for my refined television palate. It's nice to have another family show on the air, but if you really want to enjoy some great television with your family, watch "Friday Night Lights". If you've got little little ones, I'm sure you're familiar with the Disney Channel ("Wizards of Waverly Place" is my favorite). The guilt is setting in. I'm secretly, ok not so secretly hoping that it gets canceled so that Michael Chiklis and Romany Malco can work on projects worthy of their great talents. I did love the scene in last night's episode where Romany tries to teach Michael how to dance. As talented as Chiki is, he's best at extremes. He either needs to be really serious or all out goofy/sarcastic. I don't like him so much when he's playing the middle. ABC can do better. Shame on you for wasting one our great actors. Michael, please go back to cable where you belong, where you shine. We miss you. XXOO

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