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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Outlaw" Gets Caught

NBC has canceled the law drama starring Jimmy Smits as a former Supreme Court Justice that leaves the bench to practice again. Not all that surprising. I liked it enough to give it a shot, but it was given the timeslot of death. I don't know how a network can put a new show on at 10pm on Fridays and expect it to succeed. Especially a show like this. It's more for the older crowd. My mom and grandma would watch a show like this, but they are both sound asleep by 10pm. It was also up against Tom Selleck's new show "Blue Bloods", which I have to say, I like a lot better. I do hope that Jesse Bradford finds something new. He's so darn cute. Good in this, but better as a bastard (refer to I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell). All in all, no big loss. There are far too many lawyer shows on this season anyway.

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