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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Sons are in Grand ol' Ireland

We are treated to a very special Irish edition of the theme song *screech* LOVE IT!!!! The boys are in Ireland to get Abel back. I know it’s a whole other world over there with the political situation and all, but do people really get away with beating the shit out of cops? I love that the porn star/whore gets an abortion under the name Sarah Palin. Priceless. Father lies-a-lot lets Jacks think that he’ll tell him where Abel is while Gaelic Ken and Barbie are taking him home. At least he inadvertently kept Jacks from getting it on with his half-sis. Kenny Johnson sleeveless as usual, just the way I like it. While back on the Isle, the boys blow off steam with a little half naked bare knuckle boxing. This is totally porn for women. Seriously. Shirtless sweaty men. Fighting. Irish accents. Damn! Is it getting hot in here? I kinda though there would be a little more meat in a 90 min episode, but still good. Can’t wait to see next week. It looks action packed.

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