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Saturday, October 23, 2010

This Week in Review

“How I Met Your Mother” – Jennifer Morrison joins the cast! She is Ted’s newest love interest. Ted gets to design the new Goliath National Bank Headquarters, only they want to use a historic architectural landmark. Enter Zooey (Jennifer Morrison…Cameron from “House”). Meanwhile…Lily and Marshall are still working on a mini Eriksen. Lily and Robin discuss the tiny penis of the guy Robin is dating who is also a friend of Marshall’s…in front of Marshall. He can’t stop thinking about it, especially when they are on a double date. Cue the hilarious dialogue. So, could Zooey be the mother? We’ll see.

“House” – Cuddy convinces House to watch Rachel and he lets her eat a dime. Who would have thought that House would make a bad babysitter. House and Wilson spend the day attempting to retrieve the coin. After Chase made a bad hire last week, House tells Foreman to hire a new team member. He instantly fires her and passes the task to Taub, who knows it’s a game. He tries to make House think that the candidate is his idea. It’s Lane from “Gilmore Girls” all grown up! She’s the pediatrician assisting on this week’s case. Jennifer Grey (nearly un-recognizable to me post nose job) is a middle aged woman with a grown daughter, giving it another go. The baby is sick and of course they don’t know why. The pediatrician realizes it’s all a game and doesn’t want to be on a team like that and turns down Taub. Everyone loses. Jennifer Grey dies. The grown daughter now has to raise her newborn sister. Guess the search for a lady doctor is still on. Oh….and the dime passed.

“Sons of Anarchy” – Tara helps Gemma escape from the hospital and that administrator even helped her. Didn’t see that one coming. Clay hooks up with the Grim Bastards (aka black bikers) to go visit the Mayans (aka Mexican bikers). Some of the Mayans killed a member of the Grim Bastards a la a knife in the skull. The Sons go to help even the score, but in a criminally diplomatic way. The leader of the Mayans gets his lieutenant to finger the guy that made the kill. He gets a bullet in the brain and the lieutenant (the lovely Jose Pablo Cantillo) get the shit kicked out him and his patch removed. If you’re not privy to the MC life, that means you’re out. At least they didn’t burn the tattoos off of him like they do in SAMCRO. Transport comes through and Gemma gets the intel. The boys are off to Ireland!!! Too bad they’re walking into a trap set by the devilish Jimmy O’Phelan played by Titus Welliver (aka Lost’s Man in Black). Abel, here they come!

“Parenthood” – It’s Halloween in the Braverman households. Zeke goes a bit overboard, but we find out the sentimentality of it. You just don’t hear Nam stories anymore. Christina and Adam begrudgingly decide to let Max trick-r-treat even though he may flip out. Sydney wants to be a beauty queen, which disturbs Julia. Sarah has to go pick up Amber and her horrible friend who gets drunk at a party and ends up in the pool. Billy Baldwin’s Gordon (also Sarah’s boss) comes along after their kiss a few days before. He proves his good intentions by wading into the pool and getting the sad drunk girl out. I hope they write him off. I don’t like Sarah getting it on with her and Adam’s boss. Plus, bring back Kevin Alejandro!!!! She’d be much better with a smokin’ hot, super cool warehouse guy. Who doesn’t like a guy that drives a forklift?

“Modern Family” – The Dunphy family gives up electronics. What, what???? Could you do it? Surprisingly, Haley wins the bet by tricking Phil with the cell phone she carved out of a bar of soap and colored black with a marker. I know, Haley? Apparently that girl really wanted a car. Cam and Mitchell try to get Lily into a preschool, but the competition is tough. How do you compete with an inter-racial, handicapped, African baby raising lesbian couple? You DON’T, bitch!

“Terriers” – This Jed Seidel penned episode was Grrrrr-eeeeaaat. Noel Fisher *sigh* guest stars as an amnesiac. He has the sneaking sense that he’s done something bad. Hank, seeing his sister in this kid, promises to help. Turns out that the boy had a crush on a girl. He planned a trip to Cambodia, so was taking anti malarial pills which made him crazy. He kidnapped the girl and tied her up in his closet. Steph isn’t doing so well off her meds. She’s having conversations and playtime with imaginary neighbors. Steph convinces Hank that she needs to go back to a hospital. They agree on an assisted living facility. I really like the relationship between these siblings. Can’t wait to see where it goes or where it’s been.

“Grey’s Anatomy” – Our kids are growing up *tear*. The fourth year residents get to play dress up for the day and wear the dark blue attending scrubs. The Chief puts them in charge as he has the attendings working on presentations for what they would do with a million dollars. Owen wins, arguing that the entire hospital needs crisis training in the event of another horrific situation like in last season’s finale. Even if you don’t watch this show, go watch the 2 hour season 6 finale. It’s fracking AMAZING. Although this show has slipped a bit as it has lost core members of the cast, it continues to produce extremely strong event episodes. I was wavering on whether to come back this season, but what they are doing with Christina’s character is keeping me interested. We’ll see about next week. Looks like a documentary film crew will be following the doctor’s of Seattle Grace Mercy West.

“The Office” – Timothy Olyphant guest stars!!! And we can expect him for at least one more. He’s a super salesman from whom Dwight, Jim and Michael try to steal techniques. A sting ensues and we end up with Timothy joining the Dunder Mifflin team as a traveling salesman. Will he take over for Steve Carrell next season as manager of our favorite paper company? Who knows? He does have “Justified” going for him, whose second season premieres on FX this January. Oh….and Andy, Kevin and Darrell start a band. Need I say more?

"Supernatural" - This weeks episode was titled Live Free or Twihard. Finally, this show is making fun of how rediculous this vampire craze has gotten. Some genius vampire decided that the way to recruit was to turn pretty boys that would attract and turn hot girls that would attract and turn pretty boys. You get the idea. Well.....Dean is very pretty. He gets turned, but low and behold, Samuel has a cure. Unfortunately it includes getting the blood of the vamp that turned you. Into the nest Dean goes. Some bitters get beheaded and Dean gets the blood. He goes back to being human. What's disturbing is that Sam didn't try to stop Dean from being turned. Samuel accuses him of letting it happen so that Dean could get into the nest to find the Alpha, the head honcho they've been tracking for a year. Ever since the whole apocalypse thing and even before that, Sam has lost a bit of his humanity. He just doesn't care anymore. He just wants to hunt and doesn't care who gets hurt. Far from first season Sam. If you thought that this show would go south post apocalypse storyline, you were wrong. If you aren't watching, what the frak is wrong with you?!!! The writing is amazing. Most people who don't watch don't know how REALLY funny this show is. Do yourself a favor and Netflix the first 5 seasons. Seriously....do it now!

“Blue Bloods” – It didn’t take long for this NYC cop drama to have a terrorist centric episode. It was mostly Donnie Wahlberg which is always fine by me. I can NOT sing his praises high enough. He’s become such a terrific actor. I definitely prefer the man actor to the bad boy, boy bander. It was a nice twist that the terrorist was a blond housewife. Glad we’ll be getting more of this show.

There were a few others this week, but this is all I’ve got for now. Stay Tuned…..

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