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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Night Insights: Volume IV

Good call bringing Jonny Lee Miller on to guest star. This weekend I watched the 2003 BBC miniseries Byron in which he was great. Now watching “Dexter”, it confirms that he only gets better with age.  Dexter screws with evidence again to get the DVD of Lumen being tortured. For some reason, she needs to watch it. The shot of the video reflecting in her eye was beautiful. Great shooting and directing. I’m surprised how much I’m liking Julia Stiles. Until now, I couldn’t stand her. Her performance is pretty good. Dex and Lumen visit the first victim, Emily. She recounts her torture and names the fifth bad guy. Love seeing Scott Grimes as the last of our torturous bastards. You may remember him as Malarky from Band of Brothers, but to me, he’ll always be David, the smart ass kid in my favorite Christmas movie, The Night They Saved Christmas. Yes, that’s right, the Jaclyn Smith 1984 made for TV movie. This was an especially suspenseful and dramatic episode. I found the ending to be emotional and beautiful. Lumen knows what Dexter is and she doesn’t think he’s a monster. My guess is that no one will ever know him as well as she does.

“Boardwalk Empire”
This was a big episode. One of my complaints has been that it moves too slow and not enough happens. That changed this week. Jimmy’s father is revealed and it surprised me. Plus, I knew his mother was young when she got knocked up, but 13?!!!! Damn, they were dirty back then. Dirty. Old. Man. I’ve always been on the fence when it came to Michael Pitt as an actor, but I’m really starting to think that this part was made for him. This week, Shea Whigham really stood out. Until now, hadn’t given him a second thought. He gave a greatly intense performance in the scene where he stands up to Nucky. He lays it all out, everything they know, but that hasn’t been said. Of course, Nucky punishes him for it. I even like him a little in it. Michael Shannon continues to blow me away every episode. Tonight was no exception. Damn, he is one complex character. All this was a terrific lead up to next week’s finale. Can’t wait. Retribution is coming.

“The Walking Dead”
The reason this show is so good is that it’s not just another horror flick. It’s about the people, the emotion. Laurie Holden gives a stirring performance as she mourns her sister and then puts a bullet in her head when the breath returns. This group of survivors holds tight to every bit of humanity that they can. That’s no easy feat when you’re running from zombies. I like Grimes’ radio messages to Morgan. They’re like his diary entries.  In case you didn’t hear me the first few times I said it, Bear McCreary is a brilliant composer. His music is moving and sorrowful, yet hopeful all at once. I had tears in my eyes as Jim made an unimaginable decision. I can’t say I’d do the same. Is hope on the horizon? Can we expect answers in next week’s season finale? I hope so. Tune in.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Have You Checked Out "Hyperdrive"?

It's Thanksgiving week and my best friend is in town. We were looking for something funny to watch after running around all day. This is what we found on Netflix Watch Instantly. "Hyperdrive" is a British comedy that premiered on BBC in 2006.  It takes place on a spaceship in 2151. The crew’s mission (during series one) is to get alien businesses to move to England. Nick Frost is Commander Henderson, leader of this rag tag crew. You may remember him from such pee-your-pants-funny comedies as Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and the BBC series “Spaced” as Simon Pegg’s sidekick. Oh, but he’s so much more. I’m glad to see him in a show on his own. The officers of the HMS Camden Lock include….

First Officer Eduardo York: Neurotic/borderline psycho that can kill humans and aliens alike. He also has one of the creepiest voices ever.

Officer Chloe Teal: A very large woman that follows Commander Henderson around like a puppy dog. Teal is my favorite character. She’s Hi-larious.

Officer Dave Vine: Navigator/Dork. No one really likes him all that much but he looks so pretty in manscara.

Officer Carl Jeffers: Slacker. Cute. Dirty mind. Very funny.

Sandstrom: Pilot/Enhanced human. All of her memories and personality has been removed to make her the perfect Space Force pilot. 

The aliens are fantastically disgusting and their customs, so ridiculous and icky that sometimes I have look away as I laugh. I particularly love the fact that the crew must watch a film on alien sex diseases before making first contact with a new culture. How useful do you think an insta-drunk pill would be? If you’re unsure about your spiritual beliefs, you should look into Agnosticism. They’ve got hymns and everything. Their mocking of reality television is quite funny in the episode Artefact (2.2). All great reasons to check out this Brit Com. Oh! And it's not a big commitment. There are only twelve half hour episodes. Strap in and watch "Hyperdrive".

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday Madness

“How I Met Your Mother” – HURLEY!!!! Jorge Garcia guest stars as Marshall, Ted and Lily’s old college friend. Needless to say, there are tons of “Lost” references. How would you like to receive a text pic of Marshall’s junk? 

“House” – Kuno Becker guest stars as a man that goes all Jesus to keep his kid alive. Seriously? Nailing yourself to a cross? Given, I’m not a religious person, but I’d like to think that even if I was, I’d still think this is pretty crazy. Mr. Becker is all grown up. He’s not the cute kid from the Goal movies anymore. It was kinda strange to see him as the father of ten year old with facial hair and all. I thought his performance was great, especially the scenes where his facial expressions, didn’t match what he was feeling. Is it just me or does anyone else thing that House should have cancelled his plans with Cuddy to console (aka drink with) Wilson after Sam broke up with him?

“Chuck” – Who wants to wake up next to Lester? *gag* I’ve already expressed that I’m not liking this season because they’ve gotten so far away from what made this show interesting in the beginning. One thing that I do like is the relationship that has grown between Sarah and Casey. John really watches out for her, not in a fellow spy kind of way, but a big brother kind of way. This week Sarah has to save Chuck from the Belgian which means going all Tomb Raider in Thailand. This is probably the least mount of Chuck in an episode of “Chuck”, and possibly the coolest that Sarah’s ever been. Between Awesome treating the nasty diseases of the Nerd Herd and Morgan going after Chuck sans bullets, it’s pretty darn funny. This was without question Yvonne Strahovski’s finest performance. She kicked ass, she cried, she did it all. I’m gonna say this is the best ep of the season.

“The Event” – I’m not quite sure why I’m still watching this show. It started out strong with all the mystery, but now we know. Aliens are not what I was looking to get into. Plus, the story just seems to be getting weaker. All the things that it had going for it in the first few episodes have withered away. So disappointing as I wanted this to be great vehicle for Jason Ritter. There are so many terrific actors in this show that I think will be dragged down for being a part of it. I can’t be the only one that feels this way since their ratings have been going down every week. NBC announced that after next week, it will be on hiatus until after the new year. It sounded a bit like punishment for performing poorly, but this is the type of show that needs to play back to back to back anyway. Remember when “Lost” has reruns tucked in between the new eps. That didn’t work out so well. Haven’t we learned our lesson?

“Hawaii Five-O” – God Damn, Alex is hot! They should work in more shirtless scenes for him. Two in the first half hour ain’t bad. We’re on episode ten and I still have to let the opening titles play so that I can listen to the theme song. I dare you to listen to that brass and not hum along. How ridiculous is Jin clothes lining a guy with a hose and that fight when McGarrett takes down his target? Did you see that two legged kick to the chest? I’m sure there is a cooler name for it, but I couldn’t tell you what it is. I’ll take the corny, because so far, I’ve been entertained.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Luther" Goes Out With a Bang!

The finale is here, I’m sad to say. But, rejoice, there will be second season! We pick up just after John Luther has left the side of his ex-wife, shot by his partner. His reaction to the murder of his Zoe wasn’t what I expected. He stumbles down these steps and slides to the ground. I truly thought that he would have a more violent reaction, throwing things, punching walls.  Couldn’t help but cringed as Ian wrapped his arms around DSU Teller, consoling her. She is so distraught over taking John back and to have THIS happen. Luther goes to one place no one will look for him, Alice’s flat. I have to say that I’m surprised she would ask if he killed Zoe. Maybe just to prod him, but I don’t think she’d really believe that he would. Alice is more than willing to be John’s accomplice. She revels in it. Alice fantasizes that she is Bonnie to Luther’s Clyde. I’ve always liked Luther’s partner, Ripley. He is a straight arrow. If he believes Luther is innocent, the others should f-ing believe him! Ripley knows where Luther’s line is drawn. The entire season has been leading up to Luther and Alice joining forces. Their brilliance combined. They’ve even got us hoping for a little make out session…………maybe? There is such sexual tension between them that is just intensified by the crimes they commit together. It was brilliant to get Mark on their side. Mark had more reason than anyone to believe Luther did it. Ian was played. Luther lures him to the abandoned Waterloo station where he tapes Ian’s confession. At this point, Ian just wants to die, but John chooses not to kill him. Ian then lashes out, stabbing him. Alice steps in, sexy with a shotgun. She votes to blow his ass to kingdom come. The deciding vote goes to Mark. As the unlikely trio scream at each other, Alice takes the shot. A close range gunshot to the chest is veeerrrryy messy. As they stand there, accepting what’s just happened, Luther utters, “what now?” SO BRILLIANT. Creator, Neil Cross talks about his interest in betrayal during the inside looks. He’s definitely got a talent for writing it. Hear This! “Luther” is one of the best shows that I’ve EVER seen. How often can you say that one piece of work is so perfectly written, directed, acted, scored, edited and produced? It’s going to be a very long year, awaiting the second season. Catch up on BBC America OnDemand.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Favorite Quotes of the Week: Volume IV

Boardwalk Empire – “How do you rest your spleen?”

Bored to Death – “He gave Super Ray a beautiful vagina. Your stalker is a really talented seamstress, but no anus.”

How I Met Your Mother – “It’s a big ol’ bowl of porn flakes.”

House - “Going behind your back works better when you’re not facing me.”

NCIS - “If someone wants something out of your pants, they should have to use their hands.”

Raising Hope – “I’ll kill him. I’ll strangle him with his own sexually offending hands.”

Glory Daze - “My dad took me to a whore house when I was twelve to teach me the difference between sex and love. Aren’t dads great?”

Supernatural - “Ok, if you want to add glitter to that glue you’re sniffing, that’s fine, but don’t dump your whack-a-doo all over us. We’d rather not step in it.”

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Are You Ready to Relive Your "Glory Daze"?

Picture it. College. 1986. Freshman year. Any show that begins with Frankie Goes to Hollywood is a winner. Plus, it’s got that hilarious kid from Adventureland. The humor is mostly based on boys being disgusting and stupid, but also on the political and technological state of the mid eighties (i.e. communism and this new fangled thing called electronic mail). Ok, so we’ve got a Jewish kid, an Asian kid, a jock, a preppy rich boy and our average Joe aka Joel. This new formed clan decides rush a fraternity with no goals or achievements, but lots of partying. If you go to one of their parties, you may bump into a Mexican midget wearing a powder blue tuxedo (complete with ruffles) and a sombrero filled with chips and guac, but he’s ok with it. Eli, the Jewish kid gets baked out of his mind and steals the portrait from the frat house. When his friends come to the rescue, they get cornered by security and ask themselves the most appropriate question. What would MacGyver do? Apparently he would take off all his clothes, tie them together and climb down from the second floor. Cut to four boys in their tighty whities….in the slammer. Oh and one gets tased in the nut sack. I don’t have nuts, so I can only imagine the pain. After all that, cute Irish Eddie from “Sons of Anarchy” who basically plays Van Wilder as the head of a fraternity lets them rush. This show definitely has potential. I laughed a lot. Looking forward to the music as I'm sure they'll only use the best of the best from this prime era of musical accomplishment. The previews for next week show Fred Willard and Kevin Nealon. Not a bad way to start off. Very Funny.

Tuesdays at 10pm on TBS

Stay Tuned….

Monday Continued...Plus Some of Tuesday

“Chuck”- I’m really disappointed with this season. It’s lost its edge. All the reasons this show used to be so great have all withered away. Yeah, there’s the occasional chuckle, but it’s not even that funny, let alone exciting. I started watching because it wasn’t just a show about spies. It was a show about a guy that’s not a spy and doesn’t want to be a spy and doesn’t know how to be a spy. That was funny…and sweet. I still want to have Zachary Levi’s babies but not sure that I’ll stick around for season five if there is one.

“The Event”- Continues to intrigue me but there is less excitement and action in this week’s ep. Plus it wasn’t on last week. I feel like it’s lost some momentum and NBC agreed. They are going to finish airing the first thirteen installments and will hold off on the rest until January. If they’re smart, they’ll be sure to air them all back to back. It’s a “Lost” situation. Come on people. Didn’t we learn anything from ABC?

“Weeds” – What a way to end a season! Somehow the finale crept up on me. The Botwin/Newman clan is getting ready to start over in Copenhagen when things go awry. Esteban finally catches up with Nancy. Who would have thought that plan c involved giving herself up to the cops for Pilar’s murder? Poor Stevie/Avi. What a family he was born into. Season 7 should be interesting. Did you ever think Nancy Pants would make it to season 7 after Agrestic burnt down? I miss Celia and Conrad. Maybe they can find a way to go back to the new Regrestic. Maybe? No?

“Raising Hope” – Holy crappers. This show gets funnier and funnier. This week, Burt has to face the music for being a sex offender so that Hope can go to preschool. His crime, nailing his fifteen year old gf in a car when he was seventeen and then marrying her. I find it adorable that Virginia and Burt have only ever been with each other and are still hot and heavy. Cloris Leachman is ridiculous as ever as Maw Maw. If you aren’t watching this show, WHAT THE F ARE YOU WAITING FOR???!!!!!!!!!

“Parenthood” – I feel bad that I don’t blog about this show often because I really like it. Bonnie Bedelia was especially great this week. Old people have marital problems too! I love that so many “Friday Night Lights” alum are showing up. If you’re not watching and you’re a Nielsen family, tune in now and then so it’s not cancelled…please?

“Sons of Anarchy” – I cried as I watched Jacks follow that couple carry his child through the market. Hold his child. Love his child. He just watched, thinking maybe he is better off. Logically he’d be right, but I found myself thinking “go get your boy!” This is Sons and a happy family is not meant to be. Jimmy wasn’t going to let that happen. I cried again as Jacks placed the dead woman next her husband and placed her hand on his. I want this show to go on for many seasons, but at the same time I want Jacks to get out. I want him to take Abel, Tara and the new baby and start over. I want him to live the life his father dreamed he’d have. But now, who knows if that will even be possible. They leave us on a cliffhanger  one episode before the season finale. Does Salazar kill Tara? From the previews, it looks like maybe she kills him. Is it Tuesday yet?

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Three H's of Monday Night

“How I Met Your Mother” – Robin Sparkles returns! Gotta love it whenever there is an episode involving evidence of Robin’s early days as a Canadian teen idol. Space Teens is one great porno…I mean kids show starring Robin Sparkles and Jessica Glitter, oh and Alan Thicke makes an appearance or two. Ahhhhhh-mazing!

“House” – Small Pox aaggghhhh! Oh wait, not really. Oh wait, it is. Just kidding. Masters is much less irritating this go around, helpful actually. I did feel like there was less team interaction though. Overall, good episode. Loved seeing Wilson and Sam deal with cancer girl. It’s always tearful when a patient situation is dramatic enough to warrant House’s compassion. The goodbye scene was backed by such perfectly beautiful and sorrowful music. Come to think of it, all of the music is pretty good. Somebody hired a very talented music supervisor. Just take their theme for example, actually a Massive Attack song (which is my ringtone). If you have my number, give me a call, I love to hear it.

“Hawaii Five-O” – McGarrett really needs some assistance when it comes to purchasing footwear. Seriously. Dano and McGarrett argue over the greatness of Jersey singers including the great Jonathan Bon Jovi. Yes, you read me. How hot is Jin (aka whatever Daniel Dae Kim’s name is on this show) on a Harley? I’d sit on his bike any day. This ep, about the assassination attempt of a foreign dignitary has good guest stars, Kelly Hu (stunning as usual), Max Martini (usually the bad guy) and Nelson Lee (I heart him in “Blade” the series). Oh, and dead guy. Shield alum. Just sayin’. Ric Young who plays the mass murdering general creeps me the F out. He is one weird looking dude and really knows how to play up the creep factor. What’d I tell you about the bad guy? I’m right, every time…..exxxcccceept when I’m wrong. If you’re gonna engage in hand to hand combat, you might as well do it on the beach, right? That’s how they roll in the Five-O!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Night Insights: Volume III

“Dexter” – It’s very strange watching Dexter prep a room with someone else. How long before Lumen gives up his secret? I don’t want to see her die after all she’s been through. This is veeeerrrrrryy danger ous territory. P.S. Can they please drop Quinn down an elevator shaft already?

“Boardwalk Empire” – I have to say, Margaret’s character has become quite predictable. Still love Kelly McDonald, just sayin’. The little IRS dude, however did surprise me. Wishing there was more Michael Shannon in this episode, but I suppose if he has a large part every week, it would be a little too intense.

“Bored to Death” – I think season 2 is much funnier than the first. This first ten minutes of this week’s ep alone was hysterical. Talk about range in Ted Danson. Who knew Sam Malone could go from scaring the crap out of me in “Damages” to making me pee a little in laughter as the narcissistic, pot head, editor George Christopher. Have to love any episode that John Hodgman is in, especially when it involves slap fighting.

“Luther” – BRILLIANCE….for the fifth straight week in row. I do wish there was a bit more Alice, but in her absence, we’ve still got tons o’ drama. Neil Cross loves to push it past where we think evil can go. The twists and turns keep the audience invested and on the edge of their seats. This week, emotions run high and the bullets fly. The preview for next week’s conclusion looks un-fricken-believable!!!!!!! When people think I’m silly for spending so much time watching TV, this is what I point out to them.

“The Walking Dead” – Back to the human factor. We barely saw any walkers this week. It was all about the moral dilemma of leaving a man behind, lying and even spousal abuse. These interactions are great. They are human. They are real. Only three episodes left this season. I’m very interested to see where this all leads to.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Favorite Quotes of the Week: Volume III

Bored to Death - Ray - “You know I never thought I’d be in a graveyard, in a spa robe, talking to a beautiful transvestite in the moonlight.”
Hee Cho (Transvestite) – “It’s romantic.”

Raising Hope – “Lady I clean for caught her son shavin’ his privates on something called Chat oulette. Anyway, he got shipped off to military school and we got a computer!”
“My son isn’t gonna be the low man on anyone’s totem pole but mine.”

The Office – “There’s so much Asian stuff. I wonder if there’s a guy in China right now, looking at a bunch of our stuff?”

Community - “Accidents don’t just happen over and over and over again. This isn’t budget daycare.”

Supernatural- “Sniffin’ people’s butts, yeah that’s a real step up”.  

This Week in Review: Volume II

“House” – Not sure how I feel about Amber Tamblyn’s arrival at Princeton-Plainsboro. Well, not Amber, so much as her character. Med student Martha M. Masters is a super brilliant young woman with staunch principals. She doesn’t believe in lying to patients, which is mostly why House fired her repeatedly. Masters is socially inept, which paired with her age, makes her an awkward addition to the team. I miss Thirteen, but I miss Cameron even more.

“In Treatment” – Sunil is definitely my favorite patient/episode this season. His accent is hypnotic. His pain is universal, even if you can’t directly identify with his situation. Loss, grief, denial. His story is the most interesting. Frances kinda bores me. It’s not that the writing isn’t good. I just have no interest in her. Maybe fans of Debra Winger like Tuesdays, but I could just as easily skip it. That’s the first time I’ve really thought that about any of the patients. I never really liked Mia, but I wanted to find out what she’d do. Jesse’s need to shock Paul kinda irritates me. This week’s ep was probably the best one for him. He was more naked and vulnerable. He barely even moved from his spot on the couch, unlike other sessions when he’s fidgeting and taking his phone out. Maybe I’ll grow to like him more. As for Paul’s treatment, don’t get me wrong, Amy Ryan is great. I love her as an actress, but I don’t like Paul being her patient. I MISS GINA!!! It used to bother me how Paul talked about his patients during his sessions, but somehow having his former supervisor treating him made it alright. Adele is younger, less experienced and doesn’t have the history with Paul that made his sessions with Gina more layered. So far, this is my least favorite season.

“Terriers” – Every passing episode cements its status as one of my top shows, not just out of out of the new shows this season. Donal Logue continues to impress me with his acting chops week after week. We watch him resist the urge to jump off the wagon while the love of his life/ex-wife walks down the aisle. How can you not root for him. Thankfully he is distracted by the slimy lawyer that threatens and kills people. Love, the dorks in the RV. Britt can cry on my shoulder any day.

“Bones”- Two words. Cougar. Cruise. Sweets being hit on by a bunch of old(er) ladies, funny. Booth being jealous. Funnier. Brennan telling young guys that she hasn’t yet hit her sexual prime. Hilarious. As much as I have loved this show for 5 seasons, I have a couple of problems. The dialogue seems to have been written by Captain Obvious and the product placement could be a teensy bit subtler.

“Grey’s Anatomy” – I’m glad I kept watching. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no “Terriers”, but it’s gotten interesting again. Christina quitting, a world leader on the table, Avery kicking Karev’s ass. That was my favorite. He’s so pretty and now he’s violent. Karev absolutely deserved several punches to the face. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. It is and isn’t surprising that everyone wants to rally around Christina to keep her in the program. She’s a bitch, but she’s one talented and driven bitch. I totally heart the new fire house apartment (with original oak floors).

“Blue Bloods” – Despite the horrible opening titles, I really like the look of this show. The lighting and camera movement is much better than you see on most procedurals (i.e. “Law & Order”). The family dynamic is great. It’s a good thing Jamie’s gf is just that and not a wife. I couldn’t stand her from the first time she popped up. What a ****. They faked me out thinking that the Blue Templar was going to be a real part of this episode. I’m feeling strung a long. It better pay off.

“Supernatural” – Soul-less Sam (SS) is now talking about himself in the third person. Not in that douchey way, but he’s acknowledging that there is old Sam and Soul-less guy. He’s rationally decided that he needs to go back to being the old Sam. I think that he sees how much Dean needs his brother and even though he doesn’t feel anything, he wants to give Dean what he needs. I want to know what’s going on with the civil war. They’ve got us so used to season long arcs, but haven’t let us in one this war. I want more Castiel!!! There are heavenly weapons out there! WTF, let’s end this thing.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's Getting Colder Outside, But Hotter In My Living Room!

“Burn Notice” is back, baby! Part dos of season four premiered tonight. The ultimate spy, Michael Westen wakes up in the hospital after being shot by Jesse in the finale. Fiona is a bitch as usual, but that’s just how she loves. And we love her for it. Just as the Impala is a character in “Supernatural”, the Charger is a character on “Burn Notice”. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a sucker for motorcycles and muscle cars. I love that not only do I get to see Jeffrey Donovan play Michael Westen each episode, he’s also another character, whoever the job calls for. He’s pretty damn good at it. I was unsure when they first brought on Coby Bell as Jesse, the spy that Michael burned. It was time to shake things up, but I also miss the old team. It is pretty amusing to watch Jesse and Fi play a couple, especially when they’re fighting. This episode’s serial killer was super creepy, but what disturbed me more was Jesse’s reaction to him. I won’t spoil it for you. Wish there was a little more screen time for Sharon Gless and Bruce Campbell. Well, if I can’t see them, at least I can see the uber cool Michael Weston. Damn, he can wear a suit. Thank you Mama Westen for the shades to accessorize. If you want witness the coolness, tune in every Thursday at 10pm on USA or start from the beginning with Netflix.

Stay tuned....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Sons in Belfast

Sons of Anarchy that is. I can't believe we're still in Ireland, but happy that we are.

How I love watching all those bikes ride down the quaint streets of Belfast. I’ve been told that I’m attracted to violence. Those people seem to be right. I love a good fight and it’s very sexy when Jacks clotheslines a guy off his bike at high speed. The torture, not so much. I do prefer fist fights to guns, but let’s face it, guns are sexy. Believe me when I say that I’d much rather be a peace loving humanist, but I’ll say it again, guns…are…sexy. Tara’s boss makes much more sense now that we know she used to live the life, why she’s tried so hard to get Tara out. It’s refreshing to see how multi dimensional Kurt Sutter writes his characters and stories. No one would have guessed that she was inked when we first met her, not me anyway. Another reason this show is so great, is that the writing team writes terrific material for older actors. Let’s face it, Katey Sagal and Ron Perlman are no spring chickens, but they aren’t over the hill either. They are Great actors that bring depth and passion to the dramatic writing of Sutter. I’m sure Kurt is inspired to write great storylines for his wife, but he manages to spread that love around to the rest of the cast. And they do him justice. The look on Jacks’ face as the priest tells him that his father thought the patch was a mistake…..so vulnerable. A way we rarely see Jacks in. I almost don’t want to go back to Charming. Belfast has brought great things. Three more episodes left this season. Already anticipating the withdrawal.

The Pineapple Returns

"Psych' is back! Happy to have Shawn and Gus back on the sched. For me, their bromance is better than Jay and Silent Bob, Joey and Chandler and possibly Turk and JD. Not happy that the premiere takes the boys back to Canada. Santa Barbara is a character in this show, the premiere should be there! I have always loved the fun and head bopping theme song, but why won’t they go back to the version from first season. Every time it comes back, I hope that they’ll return to the funner version, yes I said funn-ER. No such luck. Cary Elwes returns in a guest starring role, a little heftier, but with the same piercing blue eyes and sexy, sexy accent. Lassie actually looks a little younger, must be the hair. Shawn plans to profess his love to Juliet. Honestly, I’ve never liked her. I kinda hope he does, she feels weird and leaves Santa Barbara. I’m ready for Lassie to have a new partner and that right there makes for enough laughs to last a season. Can you imagine him breaking in a new partner? Unfortunately, the second half of season five didn’t start out as strong as I’d have liked. It was just ok, not as snortingly funny as the first couple of seasons. I still have hope that they can redeem themselves from the last several installments. Some of the funniest material is when they let Dulè and James improvise. Just take the psych outs for example. Psych outs and the promos are far funnier that many of the sitcoms out there. If you never saw the Ebony and Ivory promo, do yourself a favor and youtube it. You can watch the first 4 season on Netflix Watch Instantly or on DVD.

Check it out Wednesdays at 10pm on USA

Stay Tuned….

Monday, November 8, 2010

“The Walking Dead” Gets Picked Up For a Second Season

After only 2 episodes have aired, AMC has renewed the show for a 13 ep second season. This more than doubles the first season, which was given 6. Good choice for AMC considering the premiere…on Halloween…brought in 5.3 million viewers. I guess nobody trick-r-treats anymore. Last nights follow up “Guts”, retained 4.7 million zombie lovers.  It’s always surprising to me how many people love the horror genre. I was just never that into it, but then again, I never liked sci-fi until “Firefly” and “Battlestar Galactica”. I guess it takes the right (well written) content to get you out of your comfort zone. The zombies will soon be seen overseas as well. AMC pre-sold the show through Fox International Channels. I have a feeling it will do extraordinarily well in Europe. Just a hunch. The SVP of Scripted Programming over at Fox International Channels, Sharon Tal Yguado was quoted as saying “The Walking Dead is a TV masterpiece on so many levels. We want at least 10 seasons, if not more”. I sincerely hope she is exaggerating. She might need that sarcasm/joking font. No program is good after 7, let alone ten seasons. That’s why we call them soap operas. If you haven’t already, catch up OnDemand or see the first episode on http://www.amctv.com/originals/The-Walking-Dead/, were you can also play a zombie killing game and enter to win a weekly contest for a walk on zombie role.
New episodes Sunday at 10pm on AMC.  Stay Tuned….

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Night Insights: Volume II

“Dexter” - Jonny Lee Miller arrives on “Dexter”! I’ve been missing him since “Eli Stone” got canceled last year. Miller plays a motivational speaker name Jordan Chase. He’s probably one of the guys that kidnapped and tortured Lumen (Julia Stiles).They're doing pretty well with guest stars this year. I mean it's pretty hard to follow John Lithgow as a serial killer, but mixing it up with Maria Kennedy, Julia Stiles, and Jonny Lee Miller is pretty darn good.

“Boardwalk Empire” – I’m starting to feel like this show is going the way of “Mad Men”. It’s interesting and I like the storylines, but the pacing is agonizingly slow. I’m finding myself looking at the clock every five minutes. That being said, this week’s was the best episode in the last several. Loved the shot of Margaret at Nucky’s desk as the camera angles up her face and then down to see the ledger. Powerful shot and it spoke volumes about her situation. I also liked the writer’s trick of making us think that Van Alden is sending Jimmy Darmody’s money to his own wife for a surgery that will let her get pregnant, but actually, he sends it to the intended recipient, Mrs. Darmody. Does this man ever do anything selfish or wrong (other than beat himself)? I find him quite intriguing and well performed by Michael Shannon, but did you ever doubt? Not me.

“Luther” – At first, not quite as stirring as the first three episodes, but still bloody good. The scene where the killer’s wife realizes what her husband has done and breaks down….shivers. I felt myself gasp with her. What a great performance by Nicole Walker. Anglophiles may know her as Ruth from “MI-5”.  An equally creepy/terrifying performance by Rob Jarvis as the serial killer that’s weirdly turned on by hand bags. By now, we’re used to seeing Luther run after the bad guys, so it’s just as frustrating for the audience as it is for him when he’s confined to the station. You must watch this. I am not going to tell you the storyline or turn out, but DAMN! Talk about justice and revenge. Heartbreaking justice and revenge.

“The Walking Dead” – Chopping up zombies is dirty business. The sound department gets a gold star for this episode. It was Gag-er-ific! The second episode, suitably titled “Guts”, was much more zombie-ish than the first. The moral issues didn’t really come about until the end when they left a man handcuffed to a roof. It’s still got me, but I hope they go back to the human aspects moving forward. I am excited to see Norman Reedus in next week’s ep. At this point, I feel like this could be something really great or turn out horribly bad. It’s hard to tell. I’ll let you know when it goes south for me.

My Favorite Quotes of the Week: Volume II

“Two words. Autoerotic mummification.” ~ Masuka

“It’s not her nose that’s in my ass, Lily, it’s her heart.”

“You ho’s always leaving stuff behind. Now find your bag of dildos and make sure you lock the door on your way out.

“Sons of Anarchy” 
Hale “This is blackmail” 
Salazar “yeah, I got an app for that, homes”

 “Modern Family” 
“You care about germs? I saw you kiss a pigeon on the mouth.”

“You’re stuck with soul-less guy, so you might as well work with me.”
“My true form is approximately the size of your Chrystler building.”

Friday, November 5, 2010

"The Walking Dead" Walks Into A Spot On My Schedule

From the writer and director of The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, comes a new AMC original series about zombies, yes I said zombies. The show is based on a series of graphic novels by Robert Kirkman who also serves as writer and producer. Frank Darabont penned and helmed the pilot episode “Days Gone Bye”. Brit, Andrew Lincoln plays Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes, a man just trying to survive. You may remember Lincoln as Mark in Love Actually. You know, the guy that was is love with Keira Knightly and knocked on her door with the boombox and posterboard professing his love. Probably my favorite part of the movie. Annnnnnyway, now he’s donning a new southern accent.

We open with the small town sheriff’s deputy making his way through deserted, overturned and burnt out cars to find gas. He comes across a little girl, only to find that she’s a….wait for it…..ZOMBIE! Single shot to the head.

Rewind……Deputy Grimes and his partner get called to a high speed chase. $#!& goes down and he gets shot. Ala 28 Days Later, he wakes up from a coma in an abandoned hospital with zombies running loose. It’s been weeks. I have to say, the zombie eaten human remains looked pretty realistic….or so I would assume. He makes his way out of the hospital only to find dozens of dead bodies outside and over the hill is an abandoned military helicopter. What the F happened here? Grimes returns to his empty home, sobbing for his wife and child that he must only assume the worst has happened to.

A father and son find Grimes and after determining that he’s not a “walker”, take him in and explain what’s been happening. He sees for himself that night as the walkers come close and the boy’s mother tries to get into the house they are squatting in. There’s a shot that pulls in to the door knob turning…..love it! There’s that cinematic touch that I knew Darabont would bring.

Grimes brings his new pals to the station where they take much needed hot showers and gun up. They part ways. Father, Morgan uses his ammunition to draw his wife zombie to the house so that he can put her down, but he can’t bring himself to do it. Grimes takes out the best looking zombie that I’ve ever seen in the park. She has half a body and has dragged herself through grass. It’s actually more sad, than it is horrifying.

Grimes is on his way to Atlanta where he believes his family to be. He uses the radio emergency frequency to reach anyone that might be out there. On the other end is his partner who’s with Grimes’ wife and child. And when I say with his wife, I mean with his wife.   Grimes stops to ask for gas at a farm house. What he finds inside is unsettling. The family chose to take their own lives before being bitten (or possibly just after). To avoid having to stop for gas again, Grimes takes their horse. It’s quite an image watching him ride down the street with the shotgun slung over his shoulder. Oh how I love a shotgun.

He was told that there was a refugee center in Atlanta. Really…..it’s crawling with walkers. Unfortunately, the horsey gets eaten. Grimes gets away, crawing into a tank. Yes a military tank. A voice comes through the radio. Someone knows he’s there. We are left with a great shot that pulls out from the street as the walkers flock to the horse carcass and the tank.

The opening credits are washed out images against a dark and suspenseful theme song. I like it. One of my favorite television composers brings his talent to this project, Bear McCreary. You may know his drums from a little show called “Battlestar Galactica”. This is a much more subdued, sorrowful sound. It helps to give this horror show more legitimacy for those that don’t care for zombies and the like. Which is me. There are two zombie movies that I’ve ever liked, Shaun of the Dead and 28 Days Later. Frank Darabont is winning me over with this one. It’s not just a story about zombies. It’s a story about the human will to survive.

Darabont got some of the best in the business on board for this very unique take on the horror genre. My favorites include writers Charles Eglee, Adam E. Fiero, Glen Mazzara, and Jack LoGiudice. Among other alumni from “The Shield” are directors Gwyneth Horder Payton and Guy Ferland. So far, this seems like a recipe for zombie/drama goodness. Even if you aren’t a fan of horror or zombie movies, give this pilot a shot and then decide. It’s not your average, cheesy, laughable horror movie. This new series is going to redefine horror, not just on television, but on film as well. WATCH IT!!!

Sundays at 10pm on AMC

Stay Tuned….

Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Undercovers" Goes Under

NBC has pulled the plug on the “Undercovers” (aka Black Spies). I dropped it a few weeks ago. It was ok, but not good enough to pull me back every week. Apparently, having a gorgeous cast doesn’t cut it these days. NBC will air the remaining episodes in case you feel the need to drool over Boris Kodjoe some more. “Outlaw” and “Undercovers” are the only new shows that NBC has cancelled. It actually ordered nine more eps of the rest, including “The Event”, “Law & Order: Los Angeles” and oh dear God, why “Chase” and “Outsourced”???!!!!!!!