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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Are You Ready to Relive Your "Glory Daze"?

Picture it. College. 1986. Freshman year. Any show that begins with Frankie Goes to Hollywood is a winner. Plus, it’s got that hilarious kid from Adventureland. The humor is mostly based on boys being disgusting and stupid, but also on the political and technological state of the mid eighties (i.e. communism and this new fangled thing called electronic mail). Ok, so we’ve got a Jewish kid, an Asian kid, a jock, a preppy rich boy and our average Joe aka Joel. This new formed clan decides rush a fraternity with no goals or achievements, but lots of partying. If you go to one of their parties, you may bump into a Mexican midget wearing a powder blue tuxedo (complete with ruffles) and a sombrero filled with chips and guac, but he’s ok with it. Eli, the Jewish kid gets baked out of his mind and steals the portrait from the frat house. When his friends come to the rescue, they get cornered by security and ask themselves the most appropriate question. What would MacGyver do? Apparently he would take off all his clothes, tie them together and climb down from the second floor. Cut to four boys in their tighty whities….in the slammer. Oh and one gets tased in the nut sack. I don’t have nuts, so I can only imagine the pain. After all that, cute Irish Eddie from “Sons of Anarchy” who basically plays Van Wilder as the head of a fraternity lets them rush. This show definitely has potential. I laughed a lot. Looking forward to the music as I'm sure they'll only use the best of the best from this prime era of musical accomplishment. The previews for next week show Fred Willard and Kevin Nealon. Not a bad way to start off. Very Funny.

Tuesdays at 10pm on TBS

Stay Tuned….

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