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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Have You Checked Out "Hyperdrive"?

It's Thanksgiving week and my best friend is in town. We were looking for something funny to watch after running around all day. This is what we found on Netflix Watch Instantly. "Hyperdrive" is a British comedy that premiered on BBC in 2006.  It takes place on a spaceship in 2151. The crew’s mission (during series one) is to get alien businesses to move to England. Nick Frost is Commander Henderson, leader of this rag tag crew. You may remember him from such pee-your-pants-funny comedies as Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and the BBC series “Spaced” as Simon Pegg’s sidekick. Oh, but he’s so much more. I’m glad to see him in a show on his own. The officers of the HMS Camden Lock include….

First Officer Eduardo York: Neurotic/borderline psycho that can kill humans and aliens alike. He also has one of the creepiest voices ever.

Officer Chloe Teal: A very large woman that follows Commander Henderson around like a puppy dog. Teal is my favorite character. She’s Hi-larious.

Officer Dave Vine: Navigator/Dork. No one really likes him all that much but he looks so pretty in manscara.

Officer Carl Jeffers: Slacker. Cute. Dirty mind. Very funny.

Sandstrom: Pilot/Enhanced human. All of her memories and personality has been removed to make her the perfect Space Force pilot. 

The aliens are fantastically disgusting and their customs, so ridiculous and icky that sometimes I have look away as I laugh. I particularly love the fact that the crew must watch a film on alien sex diseases before making first contact with a new culture. How useful do you think an insta-drunk pill would be? If you’re unsure about your spiritual beliefs, you should look into Agnosticism. They’ve got hymns and everything. Their mocking of reality television is quite funny in the episode Artefact (2.2). All great reasons to check out this Brit Com. Oh! And it's not a big commitment. There are only twelve half hour episodes. Strap in and watch "Hyperdrive".

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