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Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Luther" Goes Out With a Bang!

The finale is here, I’m sad to say. But, rejoice, there will be second season! We pick up just after John Luther has left the side of his ex-wife, shot by his partner. His reaction to the murder of his Zoe wasn’t what I expected. He stumbles down these steps and slides to the ground. I truly thought that he would have a more violent reaction, throwing things, punching walls.  Couldn’t help but cringed as Ian wrapped his arms around DSU Teller, consoling her. She is so distraught over taking John back and to have THIS happen. Luther goes to one place no one will look for him, Alice’s flat. I have to say that I’m surprised she would ask if he killed Zoe. Maybe just to prod him, but I don’t think she’d really believe that he would. Alice is more than willing to be John’s accomplice. She revels in it. Alice fantasizes that she is Bonnie to Luther’s Clyde. I’ve always liked Luther’s partner, Ripley. He is a straight arrow. If he believes Luther is innocent, the others should f-ing believe him! Ripley knows where Luther’s line is drawn. The entire season has been leading up to Luther and Alice joining forces. Their brilliance combined. They’ve even got us hoping for a little make out session…………maybe? There is such sexual tension between them that is just intensified by the crimes they commit together. It was brilliant to get Mark on their side. Mark had more reason than anyone to believe Luther did it. Ian was played. Luther lures him to the abandoned Waterloo station where he tapes Ian’s confession. At this point, Ian just wants to die, but John chooses not to kill him. Ian then lashes out, stabbing him. Alice steps in, sexy with a shotgun. She votes to blow his ass to kingdom come. The deciding vote goes to Mark. As the unlikely trio scream at each other, Alice takes the shot. A close range gunshot to the chest is veeerrrryy messy. As they stand there, accepting what’s just happened, Luther utters, “what now?” SO BRILLIANT. Creator, Neil Cross talks about his interest in betrayal during the inside looks. He’s definitely got a talent for writing it. Hear This! “Luther” is one of the best shows that I’ve EVER seen. How often can you say that one piece of work is so perfectly written, directed, acted, scored, edited and produced? It’s going to be a very long year, awaiting the second season. Catch up on BBC America OnDemand.

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