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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Monday Continued...Plus Some of Tuesday

“Chuck”- I’m really disappointed with this season. It’s lost its edge. All the reasons this show used to be so great have all withered away. Yeah, there’s the occasional chuckle, but it’s not even that funny, let alone exciting. I started watching because it wasn’t just a show about spies. It was a show about a guy that’s not a spy and doesn’t want to be a spy and doesn’t know how to be a spy. That was funny…and sweet. I still want to have Zachary Levi’s babies but not sure that I’ll stick around for season five if there is one.

“The Event”- Continues to intrigue me but there is less excitement and action in this week’s ep. Plus it wasn’t on last week. I feel like it’s lost some momentum and NBC agreed. They are going to finish airing the first thirteen installments and will hold off on the rest until January. If they’re smart, they’ll be sure to air them all back to back. It’s a “Lost” situation. Come on people. Didn’t we learn anything from ABC?

“Weeds” – What a way to end a season! Somehow the finale crept up on me. The Botwin/Newman clan is getting ready to start over in Copenhagen when things go awry. Esteban finally catches up with Nancy. Who would have thought that plan c involved giving herself up to the cops for Pilar’s murder? Poor Stevie/Avi. What a family he was born into. Season 7 should be interesting. Did you ever think Nancy Pants would make it to season 7 after Agrestic burnt down? I miss Celia and Conrad. Maybe they can find a way to go back to the new Regrestic. Maybe? No?

“Raising Hope” – Holy crappers. This show gets funnier and funnier. This week, Burt has to face the music for being a sex offender so that Hope can go to preschool. His crime, nailing his fifteen year old gf in a car when he was seventeen and then marrying her. I find it adorable that Virginia and Burt have only ever been with each other and are still hot and heavy. Cloris Leachman is ridiculous as ever as Maw Maw. If you aren’t watching this show, WHAT THE F ARE YOU WAITING FOR???!!!!!!!!!

“Parenthood” – I feel bad that I don’t blog about this show often because I really like it. Bonnie Bedelia was especially great this week. Old people have marital problems too! I love that so many “Friday Night Lights” alum are showing up. If you’re not watching and you’re a Nielsen family, tune in now and then so it’s not cancelled…please?

“Sons of Anarchy” – I cried as I watched Jacks follow that couple carry his child through the market. Hold his child. Love his child. He just watched, thinking maybe he is better off. Logically he’d be right, but I found myself thinking “go get your boy!” This is Sons and a happy family is not meant to be. Jimmy wasn’t going to let that happen. I cried again as Jacks placed the dead woman next her husband and placed her hand on his. I want this show to go on for many seasons, but at the same time I want Jacks to get out. I want him to take Abel, Tara and the new baby and start over. I want him to live the life his father dreamed he’d have. But now, who knows if that will even be possible. They leave us on a cliffhanger  one episode before the season finale. Does Salazar kill Tara? From the previews, it looks like maybe she kills him. Is it Tuesday yet?

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