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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday Madness

“How I Met Your Mother” – HURLEY!!!! Jorge Garcia guest stars as Marshall, Ted and Lily’s old college friend. Needless to say, there are tons of “Lost” references. How would you like to receive a text pic of Marshall’s junk? 

“House” – Kuno Becker guest stars as a man that goes all Jesus to keep his kid alive. Seriously? Nailing yourself to a cross? Given, I’m not a religious person, but I’d like to think that even if I was, I’d still think this is pretty crazy. Mr. Becker is all grown up. He’s not the cute kid from the Goal movies anymore. It was kinda strange to see him as the father of ten year old with facial hair and all. I thought his performance was great, especially the scenes where his facial expressions, didn’t match what he was feeling. Is it just me or does anyone else thing that House should have cancelled his plans with Cuddy to console (aka drink with) Wilson after Sam broke up with him?

“Chuck” – Who wants to wake up next to Lester? *gag* I’ve already expressed that I’m not liking this season because they’ve gotten so far away from what made this show interesting in the beginning. One thing that I do like is the relationship that has grown between Sarah and Casey. John really watches out for her, not in a fellow spy kind of way, but a big brother kind of way. This week Sarah has to save Chuck from the Belgian which means going all Tomb Raider in Thailand. This is probably the least mount of Chuck in an episode of “Chuck”, and possibly the coolest that Sarah’s ever been. Between Awesome treating the nasty diseases of the Nerd Herd and Morgan going after Chuck sans bullets, it’s pretty darn funny. This was without question Yvonne Strahovski’s finest performance. She kicked ass, she cried, she did it all. I’m gonna say this is the best ep of the season.

“The Event” – I’m not quite sure why I’m still watching this show. It started out strong with all the mystery, but now we know. Aliens are not what I was looking to get into. Plus, the story just seems to be getting weaker. All the things that it had going for it in the first few episodes have withered away. So disappointing as I wanted this to be great vehicle for Jason Ritter. There are so many terrific actors in this show that I think will be dragged down for being a part of it. I can’t be the only one that feels this way since their ratings have been going down every week. NBC announced that after next week, it will be on hiatus until after the new year. It sounded a bit like punishment for performing poorly, but this is the type of show that needs to play back to back to back anyway. Remember when “Lost” has reruns tucked in between the new eps. That didn’t work out so well. Haven’t we learned our lesson?

“Hawaii Five-O” – God Damn, Alex is hot! They should work in more shirtless scenes for him. Two in the first half hour ain’t bad. We’re on episode ten and I still have to let the opening titles play so that I can listen to the theme song. I dare you to listen to that brass and not hum along. How ridiculous is Jin clothes lining a guy with a hose and that fight when McGarrett takes down his target? Did you see that two legged kick to the chest? I’m sure there is a cooler name for it, but I couldn’t tell you what it is. I’ll take the corny, because so far, I’ve been entertained.

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