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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Pineapple Returns

"Psych' is back! Happy to have Shawn and Gus back on the sched. For me, their bromance is better than Jay and Silent Bob, Joey and Chandler and possibly Turk and JD. Not happy that the premiere takes the boys back to Canada. Santa Barbara is a character in this show, the premiere should be there! I have always loved the fun and head bopping theme song, but why won’t they go back to the version from first season. Every time it comes back, I hope that they’ll return to the funner version, yes I said funn-ER. No such luck. Cary Elwes returns in a guest starring role, a little heftier, but with the same piercing blue eyes and sexy, sexy accent. Lassie actually looks a little younger, must be the hair. Shawn plans to profess his love to Juliet. Honestly, I’ve never liked her. I kinda hope he does, she feels weird and leaves Santa Barbara. I’m ready for Lassie to have a new partner and that right there makes for enough laughs to last a season. Can you imagine him breaking in a new partner? Unfortunately, the second half of season five didn’t start out as strong as I’d have liked. It was just ok, not as snortingly funny as the first couple of seasons. I still have hope that they can redeem themselves from the last several installments. Some of the funniest material is when they let Dulè and James improvise. Just take the psych outs for example. Psych outs and the promos are far funnier that many of the sitcoms out there. If you never saw the Ebony and Ivory promo, do yourself a favor and youtube it. You can watch the first 4 season on Netflix Watch Instantly or on DVD.

Check it out Wednesdays at 10pm on USA

Stay Tuned….

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