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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Night Insights: Volume III

“Dexter” – It’s very strange watching Dexter prep a room with someone else. How long before Lumen gives up his secret? I don’t want to see her die after all she’s been through. This is veeeerrrrrryy danger ous territory. P.S. Can they please drop Quinn down an elevator shaft already?

“Boardwalk Empire” – I have to say, Margaret’s character has become quite predictable. Still love Kelly McDonald, just sayin’. The little IRS dude, however did surprise me. Wishing there was more Michael Shannon in this episode, but I suppose if he has a large part every week, it would be a little too intense.

“Bored to Death” – I think season 2 is much funnier than the first. This first ten minutes of this week’s ep alone was hysterical. Talk about range in Ted Danson. Who knew Sam Malone could go from scaring the crap out of me in “Damages” to making me pee a little in laughter as the narcissistic, pot head, editor George Christopher. Have to love any episode that John Hodgman is in, especially when it involves slap fighting.

“Luther” – BRILLIANCE….for the fifth straight week in row. I do wish there was a bit more Alice, but in her absence, we’ve still got tons o’ drama. Neil Cross loves to push it past where we think evil can go. The twists and turns keep the audience invested and on the edge of their seats. This week, emotions run high and the bullets fly. The preview for next week’s conclusion looks un-fricken-believable!!!!!!! When people think I’m silly for spending so much time watching TV, this is what I point out to them.

“The Walking Dead” – Back to the human factor. We barely saw any walkers this week. It was all about the moral dilemma of leaving a man behind, lying and even spousal abuse. These interactions are great. They are human. They are real. Only three episodes left this season. I’m very interested to see where this all leads to.

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