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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Night Insights: Volume IV

Good call bringing Jonny Lee Miller on to guest star. This weekend I watched the 2003 BBC miniseries Byron in which he was great. Now watching “Dexter”, it confirms that he only gets better with age.  Dexter screws with evidence again to get the DVD of Lumen being tortured. For some reason, she needs to watch it. The shot of the video reflecting in her eye was beautiful. Great shooting and directing. I’m surprised how much I’m liking Julia Stiles. Until now, I couldn’t stand her. Her performance is pretty good. Dex and Lumen visit the first victim, Emily. She recounts her torture and names the fifth bad guy. Love seeing Scott Grimes as the last of our torturous bastards. You may remember him as Malarky from Band of Brothers, but to me, he’ll always be David, the smart ass kid in my favorite Christmas movie, The Night They Saved Christmas. Yes, that’s right, the Jaclyn Smith 1984 made for TV movie. This was an especially suspenseful and dramatic episode. I found the ending to be emotional and beautiful. Lumen knows what Dexter is and she doesn’t think he’s a monster. My guess is that no one will ever know him as well as she does.

“Boardwalk Empire”
This was a big episode. One of my complaints has been that it moves too slow and not enough happens. That changed this week. Jimmy’s father is revealed and it surprised me. Plus, I knew his mother was young when she got knocked up, but 13?!!!! Damn, they were dirty back then. Dirty. Old. Man. I’ve always been on the fence when it came to Michael Pitt as an actor, but I’m really starting to think that this part was made for him. This week, Shea Whigham really stood out. Until now, hadn’t given him a second thought. He gave a greatly intense performance in the scene where he stands up to Nucky. He lays it all out, everything they know, but that hasn’t been said. Of course, Nucky punishes him for it. I even like him a little in it. Michael Shannon continues to blow me away every episode. Tonight was no exception. Damn, he is one complex character. All this was a terrific lead up to next week’s finale. Can’t wait. Retribution is coming.

“The Walking Dead”
The reason this show is so good is that it’s not just another horror flick. It’s about the people, the emotion. Laurie Holden gives a stirring performance as she mourns her sister and then puts a bullet in her head when the breath returns. This group of survivors holds tight to every bit of humanity that they can. That’s no easy feat when you’re running from zombies. I like Grimes’ radio messages to Morgan. They’re like his diary entries.  In case you didn’t hear me the first few times I said it, Bear McCreary is a brilliant composer. His music is moving and sorrowful, yet hopeful all at once. I had tears in my eyes as Jim made an unimaginable decision. I can’t say I’d do the same. Is hope on the horizon? Can we expect answers in next week’s season finale? I hope so. Tune in.

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