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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Night Insights: Volume II

“Dexter” - Jonny Lee Miller arrives on “Dexter”! I’ve been missing him since “Eli Stone” got canceled last year. Miller plays a motivational speaker name Jordan Chase. He’s probably one of the guys that kidnapped and tortured Lumen (Julia Stiles).They're doing pretty well with guest stars this year. I mean it's pretty hard to follow John Lithgow as a serial killer, but mixing it up with Maria Kennedy, Julia Stiles, and Jonny Lee Miller is pretty darn good.

“Boardwalk Empire” – I’m starting to feel like this show is going the way of “Mad Men”. It’s interesting and I like the storylines, but the pacing is agonizingly slow. I’m finding myself looking at the clock every five minutes. That being said, this week’s was the best episode in the last several. Loved the shot of Margaret at Nucky’s desk as the camera angles up her face and then down to see the ledger. Powerful shot and it spoke volumes about her situation. I also liked the writer’s trick of making us think that Van Alden is sending Jimmy Darmody’s money to his own wife for a surgery that will let her get pregnant, but actually, he sends it to the intended recipient, Mrs. Darmody. Does this man ever do anything selfish or wrong (other than beat himself)? I find him quite intriguing and well performed by Michael Shannon, but did you ever doubt? Not me.

“Luther” – At first, not quite as stirring as the first three episodes, but still bloody good. The scene where the killer’s wife realizes what her husband has done and breaks down….shivers. I felt myself gasp with her. What a great performance by Nicole Walker. Anglophiles may know her as Ruth from “MI-5”.  An equally creepy/terrifying performance by Rob Jarvis as the serial killer that’s weirdly turned on by hand bags. By now, we’re used to seeing Luther run after the bad guys, so it’s just as frustrating for the audience as it is for him when he’s confined to the station. You must watch this. I am not going to tell you the storyline or turn out, but DAMN! Talk about justice and revenge. Heartbreaking justice and revenge.

“The Walking Dead” – Chopping up zombies is dirty business. The sound department gets a gold star for this episode. It was Gag-er-ific! The second episode, suitably titled “Guts”, was much more zombie-ish than the first. The moral issues didn’t really come about until the end when they left a man handcuffed to a roof. It’s still got me, but I hope they go back to the human aspects moving forward. I am excited to see Norman Reedus in next week’s ep. At this point, I feel like this could be something really great or turn out horribly bad. It’s hard to tell. I’ll let you know when it goes south for me.

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