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Saturday, November 13, 2010

This Week in Review: Volume II

“House” – Not sure how I feel about Amber Tamblyn’s arrival at Princeton-Plainsboro. Well, not Amber, so much as her character. Med student Martha M. Masters is a super brilliant young woman with staunch principals. She doesn’t believe in lying to patients, which is mostly why House fired her repeatedly. Masters is socially inept, which paired with her age, makes her an awkward addition to the team. I miss Thirteen, but I miss Cameron even more.

“In Treatment” – Sunil is definitely my favorite patient/episode this season. His accent is hypnotic. His pain is universal, even if you can’t directly identify with his situation. Loss, grief, denial. His story is the most interesting. Frances kinda bores me. It’s not that the writing isn’t good. I just have no interest in her. Maybe fans of Debra Winger like Tuesdays, but I could just as easily skip it. That’s the first time I’ve really thought that about any of the patients. I never really liked Mia, but I wanted to find out what she’d do. Jesse’s need to shock Paul kinda irritates me. This week’s ep was probably the best one for him. He was more naked and vulnerable. He barely even moved from his spot on the couch, unlike other sessions when he’s fidgeting and taking his phone out. Maybe I’ll grow to like him more. As for Paul’s treatment, don’t get me wrong, Amy Ryan is great. I love her as an actress, but I don’t like Paul being her patient. I MISS GINA!!! It used to bother me how Paul talked about his patients during his sessions, but somehow having his former supervisor treating him made it alright. Adele is younger, less experienced and doesn’t have the history with Paul that made his sessions with Gina more layered. So far, this is my least favorite season.

“Terriers” – Every passing episode cements its status as one of my top shows, not just out of out of the new shows this season. Donal Logue continues to impress me with his acting chops week after week. We watch him resist the urge to jump off the wagon while the love of his life/ex-wife walks down the aisle. How can you not root for him. Thankfully he is distracted by the slimy lawyer that threatens and kills people. Love, the dorks in the RV. Britt can cry on my shoulder any day.

“Bones”- Two words. Cougar. Cruise. Sweets being hit on by a bunch of old(er) ladies, funny. Booth being jealous. Funnier. Brennan telling young guys that she hasn’t yet hit her sexual prime. Hilarious. As much as I have loved this show for 5 seasons, I have a couple of problems. The dialogue seems to have been written by Captain Obvious and the product placement could be a teensy bit subtler.

“Grey’s Anatomy” – I’m glad I kept watching. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no “Terriers”, but it’s gotten interesting again. Christina quitting, a world leader on the table, Avery kicking Karev’s ass. That was my favorite. He’s so pretty and now he’s violent. Karev absolutely deserved several punches to the face. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. It is and isn’t surprising that everyone wants to rally around Christina to keep her in the program. She’s a bitch, but she’s one talented and driven bitch. I totally heart the new fire house apartment (with original oak floors).

“Blue Bloods” – Despite the horrible opening titles, I really like the look of this show. The lighting and camera movement is much better than you see on most procedurals (i.e. “Law & Order”). The family dynamic is great. It’s a good thing Jamie’s gf is just that and not a wife. I couldn’t stand her from the first time she popped up. What a ****. They faked me out thinking that the Blue Templar was going to be a real part of this episode. I’m feeling strung a long. It better pay off.

“Supernatural” – Soul-less Sam (SS) is now talking about himself in the third person. Not in that douchey way, but he’s acknowledging that there is old Sam and Soul-less guy. He’s rationally decided that he needs to go back to being the old Sam. I think that he sees how much Dean needs his brother and even though he doesn’t feel anything, he wants to give Dean what he needs. I want to know what’s going on with the civil war. They’ve got us so used to season long arcs, but haven’t let us in one this war. I want more Castiel!!! There are heavenly weapons out there! WTF, let’s end this thing.

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