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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Three H's of Monday Night

“How I Met Your Mother” – Robin Sparkles returns! Gotta love it whenever there is an episode involving evidence of Robin’s early days as a Canadian teen idol. Space Teens is one great porno…I mean kids show starring Robin Sparkles and Jessica Glitter, oh and Alan Thicke makes an appearance or two. Ahhhhhh-mazing!

“House” – Small Pox aaggghhhh! Oh wait, not really. Oh wait, it is. Just kidding. Masters is much less irritating this go around, helpful actually. I did feel like there was less team interaction though. Overall, good episode. Loved seeing Wilson and Sam deal with cancer girl. It’s always tearful when a patient situation is dramatic enough to warrant House’s compassion. The goodbye scene was backed by such perfectly beautiful and sorrowful music. Come to think of it, all of the music is pretty good. Somebody hired a very talented music supervisor. Just take their theme for example, actually a Massive Attack song (which is my ringtone). If you have my number, give me a call, I love to hear it.

“Hawaii Five-O” – McGarrett really needs some assistance when it comes to purchasing footwear. Seriously. Dano and McGarrett argue over the greatness of Jersey singers including the great Jonathan Bon Jovi. Yes, you read me. How hot is Jin (aka whatever Daniel Dae Kim’s name is on this show) on a Harley? I’d sit on his bike any day. This ep, about the assassination attempt of a foreign dignitary has good guest stars, Kelly Hu (stunning as usual), Max Martini (usually the bad guy) and Nelson Lee (I heart him in “Blade” the series). Oh, and dead guy. Shield alum. Just sayin’. Ric Young who plays the mass murdering general creeps me the F out. He is one weird looking dude and really knows how to play up the creep factor. What’d I tell you about the bad guy? I’m right, every time…..exxxcccceept when I’m wrong. If you’re gonna engage in hand to hand combat, you might as well do it on the beach, right? That’s how they roll in the Five-O!

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