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Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Burn Notice" Season 5 Finale Shines

Jay Karnes (our favorite giant detective from “The Shield”) returns to “Burn Notice” as Brennan the psychopath. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Karnes is BRI-LLIANT as a villan. The only thing better than watching him go head to head with Michael is watching him trade quips (aka death threats) with Sam. The two hour season finale gets not one, but two guest stars. Tim Matheson also returns as Larry, the spy that never dies. Brennan has stolen the list of everyone that burnt Michael and now wants him to track down and kill every last one of them. Matheson is in town to assist with the slaughter. They off the first guy on the list. THEN…..Larry stabs Brennan!!!! It would be weird for Brennan to show up again down the line, but I didn’t want him to die! He’s such a great character. Karnes needs more meaty roles likes this. Someone needs to create another terrific character like Dutch for him.

Gotta love all the explosions and repelling off buildings. That’s why this show is so fun. I think that the popularity of Bruce Campbell has compelled the writers to make Sam’s character better and better. At this year’s Comic Con, it was announced that Campbell would be starring in a “Burn Notice” prequel about Sam Axe’s last mission before retiring in Miami. I noticed last week how svelte he’s looking these days. He can definitely play Sam before Michael. AAANNNNND……Jeffrey Donovan will be directing. My hope is that it will better than the “24” movie. It could fantastically fun or horribly wrong.

In part two of the finale, Robert Wisdom returns as Vaughn. I know him best as Uriel from “Supernatural”, but maybe you know him as Bunny from “The Wire”. Either way, he’s a scary dude. A high speed car chase ensues where once again, the Charger is destroyed. I swear, that car has 9 lives, maybe more. Jesse gets some rebar through his leg when they crash, but the team manages to hide out in an abandoned hotel where they attempt to hold off Vaughn and his men who want the list. Meanwhile, Sharon Gless gives another one of her amusing performances as Madeline get close to the politician that will do some good with the list. I’ve always found Maddy and Sam’s relationship to be strange. It’s not romantic, but he’s too old her be her kid. Maybe a little brother? It’s a quirky little friendship. I like it.

I think Jeffrey Donovan is an under rated actor. Yes, sometimes Michael Weston is a little stiff, but the look in his eyes when his mother tells him that she’s been shot and that there’s no use…….ugh! I just wanted to hug him. This episode was flying with emotions. Fiona’s love for Michael is more visible than ever. She’s a tough cookie and likes to keep it bottled up, but sometimes you can’t hide the love for your soul mate. Right up until Sam came riding in with the cavalry, it felt like a last episode. AND THEN……Michael gets back in? Could it be, after five seasons Michael Weston is a real certified spy again? My gut says, he should tread lightly. It might not be everything he thinks it’ll be. Can’t wait for season 6!

Monday, December 13, 2010

"Dexter" Goes Out With a Bang (Or Rather a Slice)

Steve Shill directs the fifth season finale. Penned by Chip Johannessen and Manny Coto, this episode begins with Dexter trying to find Lumen, yet distractions keep arising. Dexter finally gets to Lumen at the camp where all the torturing started after being pulled to investigate Liddy’s murder and a pretty bad car crash. Jordan has a gun on Dex, but he soon turns the tables and Jordan is strapped to the table. He tries to make Lumen and Dexter believe that the three of them are “in this together”. It’s pathetic. When Lumen plunges the knife into his chest, there is a release. It’s over. Deb’s savvy detective work brings her to the camp just in time to find our killers cleaning their tools. Deb draws a gun on them from the other side of a blood spattered sheet of plastic. She can’t tell that the murderer on the other side is her dearly beloved brother. Deb’s deep connection to #13 compels her to let them go, without ever seeing their faces. Justice is served. Deb’s monologue as she holds a gun to the sheet of plastic is well done. It’s a great close up and the emotion is her eyes is intense. Dexter and Lumen dispose of the body in the usual way. The shots of them on the boat, with this hopeful music is very un-Dexter. It’s no surprise that Lumen is leaving. How could she stay? Once that darkness is gone, how could you continue to live in someone else’s? Watching Dexter crumble to the floor in pain as she tells him she’s leaving is heartbreaking! No one will ever know him the way she does. For a while, I actually wanted them to work out. I have to say that I am surprised that Dex covered for Quinn. Granted he didn’t kill Liddy, but it would have solved the problem of Quinn poking his nose where it doesn’t belong. Now we just have to hope that Quinn is grateful enough to let things lie. What does our genius team have in store for season 6? Yes, there will definitely be a sixth season. My hope is that they have another great season arc. It obviously works out well. Thoughts?

Monday, December 6, 2010

FX Puts "Terriers" Down

FX announced today that “Terriers” has been canceled. *tear* This was my favorite new drama of the 2010 season. Granted, I didn’t blog about the finale because of my lack of satisfaction, but I didn’t want it to be canceled. It wasn’t even that the the finale was bad, it just wasn’t as eventful and dramatic as they lead us to believe it was going to be. The writing was strong and the performances, even better. Donal Logue’s broken down, wearied portrayal of Hank Dalworth was brilliant. “Terriers” introduced me to Michael Raymond-James whose babies I'd like to have. At first, I thought he was a bit dim and just a pretty face, but he’s got some real chops. I have no doubt that with this work under their belts, Donal and Michael won’t be out of work for long.

So what happened? Some said that the posters featuring the dog were misleading. I don’t think that was it. My guess is that not enough people gave it a shot. If you watched at least one of two eps and have good taste, how could you not go back for more?! Yes, I am disappointed in Tim Griffin and his writing team for not giving us a good enough finale, but it was obviously over before that. More importantly I am disappointed in “The Shield” and “Sons of Anarchy” fans that didn’t watch in droves. I am a loyal viewer therefore I will give any show a shot if it’s by someone that has proven their brilliance before (i.e. Shawn Ryan, Kurt Sutter, J.J. Abrams, Charles Eglee). Sometimes it doesn’t work out and the new show just isn’t up your alley, but show some allegiance! I put my trust in the writers and producers that have rarely, if ever done me wrong. Most of the time, it works out (with the exception of the series finale of “The Shield”). If you don’t believe me, watch “Dexter” or “Sons of Anarchy”. Some may fight me on including “Lost” in that list, but I will. Yes, I’m putting it in writing! I loved the “Lost” finale and I don’t care who knows it! “Terriers” will be missed, so Donal and Michael, here’s to you. Cheers mates.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Night Insights: Volume V

 Despite their off-screen marriage, Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter have been able to keep their romantic chemistry from seeping onscreen into their sibling relationship. Until tonight that is. At least this is the first time I’ve noticed it. As Deb describes how the vigilantes must be in love and have “serious shit”, you could see the love in her eyes. Michael remained pretty brotherly, but Jennifer began to glow in her performance as she acted off of Michael. I suppose you could say she looked like that because she was thinking of her and Quinn, but it was like she kept trying to capture Michael’s gaze only he kept looking away. Never expected someone else to get the drop on Dexter. The only other time that’s ever happened is with his brother. Maybe Lumen is distracting him. Last week I said that no one will ever know Dexter the way she does. After thinking about it this week, I think that equates to love for these two. We’re definitely in for an action packed season finale next Sunday. How far do you think Dexter will go for Lumen?

“Boardwalk Empire”: Season Finale
 Tonight, the boardwalk goes dark after the Empire’s first dozen episodes. Margaret goes to see Nucky after seeing his wife and child’s gravestone. Nucky tells her the story of how his wife and child died. The monologue is moving and wonderfully delivered by Steve Buscemi. For me, it was his best performance of the season. It’s funny how he was the draw for this new series, but it was the supporting cast that exhibited such terrific acting week after week. Maybe I’m not giving him enough credit. I supposed his portrayal of Nucky was just more subtle than some of the other characters required. Just as the entire show was, the finale was slow and didn’t have a lot of bang (with the exception of the D’Alessio brothers). Normally, I’d have a problem with that, but it’s fitting and I’m still wanting more. As we wait for a new season, I’ll miss the decadence, the beauty of the costume and production design, the stunning cinematography and the music of another era. Hopefully HBO won’t keep us in suspense for long.

 “The Walking Dead”: Season Finale
 Our band of misfits running from zombies finally gets to the CDC. Unfortunately, they find one lonely doctor that’s about to blow his brains out. They take hot showers and get plastered. Can’t say that I wouldn’t need a drink if I’d been avoiding having my flesh eaten by a walking corpse for the last couple of months. The drama heightens as the generators run out of fuel and all living things are about to be destroyed. Is it better to die quickly or to take your chances? I can’t help but to always wonder what’s around the next corner. We already know that our folks from Georgia will find out since we’ve got twelve more episodes next season. The problem is that it has the potential to suck. Don’t get me wrong, I loved this the first season and found it to be very strong. BUT……..this week Frank Darabont announced that he’s gotten rid of the writing staff. All of season two will be written by freelancers. How exactly does that work? Can they possibly have the cohesiveness that is needed in a series? I don’t know the logistics, but it makes me veeeeeery weary. Mr. Darabont, please, surprise me and blow my mind.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Sons of Anarchy" Season 3 Finale ***Spoilers***

All bow to the brilliance of Kurt Sutter!

The third season finale begins with what seems like and ending. A montage of the family with an appropriate song backing it. When Kurt Sutter directs wife Katey Sagal, it results in nothing less than magnificence on screen. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, every week, Sagal delivers an award worthy performance.  If only we could have more than one hour a week for thirteen weeks out of the year.

After three seasons, it still surprises me how these very masculine, macho men are able to express their feelings…to each other. They hug before departing on a mission. They say “I love you” to each other. These “brothers” are closer to each other than I am to my own family. I suppose with each sin they commit, it bonds them closer.

Sutter’s direction is impeccable. Particularly the scene between Jacks and Stahl that starts out on a low shot, up at Jacks with the beautiful blue California sky behind him. Then he circles the two as they discuss the deal they are about to close, officially making Jacks a rat (or so we think). The music is always carefully selected and very effective. It seems especially so for a highly emotional finale. Towards the end, I realized that many of the main cast members seemed to be absent. Nearly all of the major scenes involved Jacks, Stahl and Gemma. It’s not that the rest of the crew wasn’t there. They were always there, but their scenes were silent. The men appear en mass for effect. They communicate with subtle looks.

If you’ve read one or two of my posts, you know by now that I’m a pretty big cry baby. Give me some well written, emotional material and the waterworks begin. I think I balled my eyes out for the last ten minutes. Not for those that were killed. They deserved it (by SAMCRO logic). I cried for our boys and for what they were doing. They commit these crimes, do these horrible things and then they have to live with the guilt. We watch as all the characters we’ve grown to love are carted off to jail in a modern day paddy wagon. It’s seems justified that Chibbs should carve Jimmy O up after the horrendous things Jimmy had done to him and his girls. I don’t think he’ll carry any guilt for that. Opie puts an end to the lying, murdering, bitch that is ATF Agent Stahl just as Tig killed Opie’s wife, Donna back in season one. As I write this, I realize that not so long ago, Stahl had framed Opie as a snitch, so maybe he won’t feel all that bad. On the other hand, the actions that Opie takes, do weigh on him. He’s a good man and the gravity of his actions isn’t lost. Uncer knows it’s all coming to an end in more ways than one. After all that he’s done for the club, it’s heartbreaking to see him give up his badge. It is time, but it’s still sad.

In the end, Jacks didn’t betray his club. As he says, he’s not his father, but that remains to be seen. By the time we revisit Charming next September, the boys will probably be getting out of jail and there’ll be a new baby to welcome into the SAMCRO family.  Can’t wait to see what Kurt has in store. I haven’t been disappointed yet. This is some of the best material, dare I say EVER produced for television.

P.S. If you like Sons and haven’t watched “Terriers” yet, check it out. I’ll be blogging about the first season’s finale tomorrow. VERY EXCITED!!!!!