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Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Burn Notice" Season 5 Finale Shines

Jay Karnes (our favorite giant detective from “The Shield”) returns to “Burn Notice” as Brennan the psychopath. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Karnes is BRI-LLIANT as a villan. The only thing better than watching him go head to head with Michael is watching him trade quips (aka death threats) with Sam. The two hour season finale gets not one, but two guest stars. Tim Matheson also returns as Larry, the spy that never dies. Brennan has stolen the list of everyone that burnt Michael and now wants him to track down and kill every last one of them. Matheson is in town to assist with the slaughter. They off the first guy on the list. THEN…..Larry stabs Brennan!!!! It would be weird for Brennan to show up again down the line, but I didn’t want him to die! He’s such a great character. Karnes needs more meaty roles likes this. Someone needs to create another terrific character like Dutch for him.

Gotta love all the explosions and repelling off buildings. That’s why this show is so fun. I think that the popularity of Bruce Campbell has compelled the writers to make Sam’s character better and better. At this year’s Comic Con, it was announced that Campbell would be starring in a “Burn Notice” prequel about Sam Axe’s last mission before retiring in Miami. I noticed last week how svelte he’s looking these days. He can definitely play Sam before Michael. AAANNNNND……Jeffrey Donovan will be directing. My hope is that it will better than the “24” movie. It could fantastically fun or horribly wrong.

In part two of the finale, Robert Wisdom returns as Vaughn. I know him best as Uriel from “Supernatural”, but maybe you know him as Bunny from “The Wire”. Either way, he’s a scary dude. A high speed car chase ensues where once again, the Charger is destroyed. I swear, that car has 9 lives, maybe more. Jesse gets some rebar through his leg when they crash, but the team manages to hide out in an abandoned hotel where they attempt to hold off Vaughn and his men who want the list. Meanwhile, Sharon Gless gives another one of her amusing performances as Madeline get close to the politician that will do some good with the list. I’ve always found Maddy and Sam’s relationship to be strange. It’s not romantic, but he’s too old her be her kid. Maybe a little brother? It’s a quirky little friendship. I like it.

I think Jeffrey Donovan is an under rated actor. Yes, sometimes Michael Weston is a little stiff, but the look in his eyes when his mother tells him that she’s been shot and that there’s no use…….ugh! I just wanted to hug him. This episode was flying with emotions. Fiona’s love for Michael is more visible than ever. She’s a tough cookie and likes to keep it bottled up, but sometimes you can’t hide the love for your soul mate. Right up until Sam came riding in with the cavalry, it felt like a last episode. AND THEN……Michael gets back in? Could it be, after five seasons Michael Weston is a real certified spy again? My gut says, he should tread lightly. It might not be everything he thinks it’ll be. Can’t wait for season 6!

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