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Monday, December 13, 2010

"Dexter" Goes Out With a Bang (Or Rather a Slice)

Steve Shill directs the fifth season finale. Penned by Chip Johannessen and Manny Coto, this episode begins with Dexter trying to find Lumen, yet distractions keep arising. Dexter finally gets to Lumen at the camp where all the torturing started after being pulled to investigate Liddy’s murder and a pretty bad car crash. Jordan has a gun on Dex, but he soon turns the tables and Jordan is strapped to the table. He tries to make Lumen and Dexter believe that the three of them are “in this together”. It’s pathetic. When Lumen plunges the knife into his chest, there is a release. It’s over. Deb’s savvy detective work brings her to the camp just in time to find our killers cleaning their tools. Deb draws a gun on them from the other side of a blood spattered sheet of plastic. She can’t tell that the murderer on the other side is her dearly beloved brother. Deb’s deep connection to #13 compels her to let them go, without ever seeing their faces. Justice is served. Deb’s monologue as she holds a gun to the sheet of plastic is well done. It’s a great close up and the emotion is her eyes is intense. Dexter and Lumen dispose of the body in the usual way. The shots of them on the boat, with this hopeful music is very un-Dexter. It’s no surprise that Lumen is leaving. How could she stay? Once that darkness is gone, how could you continue to live in someone else’s? Watching Dexter crumble to the floor in pain as she tells him she’s leaving is heartbreaking! No one will ever know him the way she does. For a while, I actually wanted them to work out. I have to say that I am surprised that Dex covered for Quinn. Granted he didn’t kill Liddy, but it would have solved the problem of Quinn poking his nose where it doesn’t belong. Now we just have to hope that Quinn is grateful enough to let things lie. What does our genius team have in store for season 6? Yes, there will definitely be a sixth season. My hope is that they have another great season arc. It obviously works out well. Thoughts?

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