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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Sons of Anarchy" Season 3 Finale ***Spoilers***

All bow to the brilliance of Kurt Sutter!

The third season finale begins with what seems like and ending. A montage of the family with an appropriate song backing it. When Kurt Sutter directs wife Katey Sagal, it results in nothing less than magnificence on screen. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, every week, Sagal delivers an award worthy performance.  If only we could have more than one hour a week for thirteen weeks out of the year.

After three seasons, it still surprises me how these very masculine, macho men are able to express their feelings…to each other. They hug before departing on a mission. They say “I love you” to each other. These “brothers” are closer to each other than I am to my own family. I suppose with each sin they commit, it bonds them closer.

Sutter’s direction is impeccable. Particularly the scene between Jacks and Stahl that starts out on a low shot, up at Jacks with the beautiful blue California sky behind him. Then he circles the two as they discuss the deal they are about to close, officially making Jacks a rat (or so we think). The music is always carefully selected and very effective. It seems especially so for a highly emotional finale. Towards the end, I realized that many of the main cast members seemed to be absent. Nearly all of the major scenes involved Jacks, Stahl and Gemma. It’s not that the rest of the crew wasn’t there. They were always there, but their scenes were silent. The men appear en mass for effect. They communicate with subtle looks.

If you’ve read one or two of my posts, you know by now that I’m a pretty big cry baby. Give me some well written, emotional material and the waterworks begin. I think I balled my eyes out for the last ten minutes. Not for those that were killed. They deserved it (by SAMCRO logic). I cried for our boys and for what they were doing. They commit these crimes, do these horrible things and then they have to live with the guilt. We watch as all the characters we’ve grown to love are carted off to jail in a modern day paddy wagon. It’s seems justified that Chibbs should carve Jimmy O up after the horrendous things Jimmy had done to him and his girls. I don’t think he’ll carry any guilt for that. Opie puts an end to the lying, murdering, bitch that is ATF Agent Stahl just as Tig killed Opie’s wife, Donna back in season one. As I write this, I realize that not so long ago, Stahl had framed Opie as a snitch, so maybe he won’t feel all that bad. On the other hand, the actions that Opie takes, do weigh on him. He’s a good man and the gravity of his actions isn’t lost. Uncer knows it’s all coming to an end in more ways than one. After all that he’s done for the club, it’s heartbreaking to see him give up his badge. It is time, but it’s still sad.

In the end, Jacks didn’t betray his club. As he says, he’s not his father, but that remains to be seen. By the time we revisit Charming next September, the boys will probably be getting out of jail and there’ll be a new baby to welcome into the SAMCRO family.  Can’t wait to see what Kurt has in store. I haven’t been disappointed yet. This is some of the best material, dare I say EVER produced for television.

P.S. If you like Sons and haven’t watched “Terriers” yet, check it out. I’ll be blogging about the first season’s finale tomorrow. VERY EXCITED!!!!!

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