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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Night Insights: Volume V

 Despite their off-screen marriage, Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter have been able to keep their romantic chemistry from seeping onscreen into their sibling relationship. Until tonight that is. At least this is the first time I’ve noticed it. As Deb describes how the vigilantes must be in love and have “serious shit”, you could see the love in her eyes. Michael remained pretty brotherly, but Jennifer began to glow in her performance as she acted off of Michael. I suppose you could say she looked like that because she was thinking of her and Quinn, but it was like she kept trying to capture Michael’s gaze only he kept looking away. Never expected someone else to get the drop on Dexter. The only other time that’s ever happened is with his brother. Maybe Lumen is distracting him. Last week I said that no one will ever know Dexter the way she does. After thinking about it this week, I think that equates to love for these two. We’re definitely in for an action packed season finale next Sunday. How far do you think Dexter will go for Lumen?

“Boardwalk Empire”: Season Finale
 Tonight, the boardwalk goes dark after the Empire’s first dozen episodes. Margaret goes to see Nucky after seeing his wife and child’s gravestone. Nucky tells her the story of how his wife and child died. The monologue is moving and wonderfully delivered by Steve Buscemi. For me, it was his best performance of the season. It’s funny how he was the draw for this new series, but it was the supporting cast that exhibited such terrific acting week after week. Maybe I’m not giving him enough credit. I supposed his portrayal of Nucky was just more subtle than some of the other characters required. Just as the entire show was, the finale was slow and didn’t have a lot of bang (with the exception of the D’Alessio brothers). Normally, I’d have a problem with that, but it’s fitting and I’m still wanting more. As we wait for a new season, I’ll miss the decadence, the beauty of the costume and production design, the stunning cinematography and the music of another era. Hopefully HBO won’t keep us in suspense for long.

 “The Walking Dead”: Season Finale
 Our band of misfits running from zombies finally gets to the CDC. Unfortunately, they find one lonely doctor that’s about to blow his brains out. They take hot showers and get plastered. Can’t say that I wouldn’t need a drink if I’d been avoiding having my flesh eaten by a walking corpse for the last couple of months. The drama heightens as the generators run out of fuel and all living things are about to be destroyed. Is it better to die quickly or to take your chances? I can’t help but to always wonder what’s around the next corner. We already know that our folks from Georgia will find out since we’ve got twelve more episodes next season. The problem is that it has the potential to suck. Don’t get me wrong, I loved this the first season and found it to be very strong. BUT……..this week Frank Darabont announced that he’s gotten rid of the writing staff. All of season two will be written by freelancers. How exactly does that work? Can they possibly have the cohesiveness that is needed in a series? I don’t know the logistics, but it makes me veeeeeery weary. Mr. Darabont, please, surprise me and blow my mind.

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