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Sunday, October 31, 2010

News From This Week

Showtime has announced that they will make their content available online. Finally! Subscribers will be given an access code to watch streaming content including current shows a few former shows. I hope this will extend the time that episodes are available. Showtime is better than HBO in how long they post OnDemand, but you don’t always have access to all previous seasons. I’m sure the other premium cable networks with follow suit in the next few years. As consumers, we’ve become used to having full access at all times to all content. I think we’re a bit spoiled in that regard. We don’t need all of these technological advances, but I am glad that I’ll be able to watch Showtime on the go if I miss an ep (definitely not on a blackberry or ipad, but maybe a large laptop). Who’s gonna be next….HBO?....Starz?....Skinemax? Dear God, please not skinemax. There’s enough porn on the internet.

The “Battlestar Galactica” spinoff “Caprica” has been cancelled by Syfy after only one season aired. This news came only days after the confirmation that there would be another pre-quel series, “BSG: Blood & Chrome”. As successful as I wish “Blood & Chrome” to be, this doesn’t seem to bode well. My guess, just from watching the pilot, is that it didn’t have the audience because it was all about the moral and ethical implications of creating robots that look and think like humans. “BSG” fans went in expecting something with the same action and pace. When you’ve got such a connection to an existing series, you’re not really going to gain new viewers that have never seen “BSG”. Ron Moore’s Battlestar had to fight each and every season to stay on the air, so attempting to spin off of that small audience with a very different show meant that it was doomed to begin with. “Blood & Chrome” will take place during the first Cylon war, which does imply that it will be closer to the feel of the show I and many others L.O.V.E.  I can’t wait to find out.

The Return of "In Treatment"

Recently, I began watching “In Treatment” OnDemand. Wasn’t really interested when it premiered. I mean, who really wants to watch a show about therapy sessions? Well I’ll tell you…..I do! It’s the most intense 25 minutes of these complex characters’ week. You’d think that this was a very American show given our view on therapy compared to the rest of the world, but it’s actually based on an Israeli television show. Gabriel Byrne plays Paul Weston, a well renowned psychotherapist. Each episode is the session of one patient. We see four patients (Mon-Thurs) and Paul’s own therapy with former supervisor Gina (the magnificent Dianne Wiest) on Fridays.  Mondays at 9am is Laura. She’s a 30 year old doctor that is in love with Paul. As you can imagine, that’s not such a good thing. At first this story line was interesting to me, but it quickly became annoying. The first episode however, with Melissa George as Laura, blew me away. She was incredible. I was instantly hooked. Tuesdays at 10am is Alex, a Navy fighter pilot. He’s struggling with the fact that he bombed a school killing sixteen innocent people in Afghanistan. There’s a whole lot more drama where that came from and it’s greatly related by Blair Underwood. Wednesdays at 4pm is Sophie, a 16 year old girl that needs Paul to write a report stating that she did not attempt to kill herself by riding her bicycle into traffic. When she first starts therapy, she has two broken arms from the accident. Sophie is my favorite. She’s a tough cookie to crack. The BRA-riliant Mia Wasikowska (you might know her as Alice from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland) embodies this insecure, strong, damaged young girl. Thursdays at 5pm is Jake and Amy (Josh Charles & Embeth Davidtz), a couple that seeks Paul’s advice on whether or not to have an abortion. They have been married for several years with a young son and have been trying to conceive a second child through IVF for the past five years. Therapy definitely gets heated when these two are in the room. Fridays at 7pm is Paul with former supervisor/friend/therapist Gina Toll. Paul discusses his patients, marital problems and most interestingly, his tortured childhood. Papa Weston left the family when Paul was just a child to run away with a patient of his own. Seems like our fine doctor is repeating the sins of his father, donchya think? His mother then went into a deep depression for years, later killing herself when Paul was 17. Gina draws lines between the problems of Paul’s patients with his history and current difficulties. It’s gooooooood.

In season two, Paul has moved his practice from Maryland to Brooklyn. We see a new set of patients. Mondays at 7am is Mia. She was a patient twenty years earlier and was reunited with Paul when he visited her law firm. He’s being sued for mal practice. Comes out of season one, but you gotta watch to find out what happens. I don’t like her at all and I find Hope Davis a little irritating. Tuesdays at noon is April. Alison Pill plays a college student diagnosed with lymphoma. She refuses to tell anyone and confides only in Paul. She’s my favorite this season. Wednesdays at 4pm is a family session, Bess and Luke, divorcing parents and their twelve year old son Oliver. Sherri Saum and Russell Hornsby are mom and pop and youngster Aaron Shaw is the angry, overweight tween. At first, I didn’t like this session. The parents argued the whole time and the kid was stuck in the middle. Dad didn’t pay close enough attention and mom was smothering. As the weeks went on, I realized what a great little actor Aaron Shaw is and how easy it is to sympathize with his character. Thursdays at 6pm is Walter. This high powered CEO is played by veteran John Mahoney. Pretty much the antithesis of Frasier’s dad. It was interesting to see a session where they delve so far back into someone’s past. He’s a 68 year old man remembering events of his early childhood that shaped his life. Very impressive performances on Thursdays. Friday’s we’re back to Gina’s. Paul commutes back to Maryland to see his kids on the weekends (after the divorce) and stops by Gina’s for a session before.

This week began season three. For some reason, we seem to only be following 4 sessions. Paul’s new patients include a retired Indian immigrant, an aging actress that can’t remember her lines and a gay, adopted, 16 year old boy. Paul has a new therapist played by the terrific Amy Ryan. I can’t wait to see what this season has in store. High hopes for Sunil, the retired math teacher and Jesse, the promiscuous gay teen. I’m sure there will be fabulously dramatic scenes between Ryan and Byrne.

I’ve never really thought anything of Gabriel Byrne, just that he was ok. This program has completely made me a fan.  If you’re not a watcher, I highly recommend checking out the first episode. If that doesn’t hook you, then you won’t like this show. When it does, you’ll be cramming in all the discs to catch up for season three on HBO. You can find seasons one and two on DVD from Netflix. Season three will be OnDemand (limited time).

HBO on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9 & 9:30pm

Stay Tuned….

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Favorite Quotes of the Week

“HIMYM” – “You’re writing checks my vagina can’t cash.”

“Chuck” – “It’s gonna be scaaarrry, but good scary like pumpkins and ghosts, not bad scary like wars…and bears.”

“Raising Hope” – “She looks like a transvestite ninja.”

“Dexter” – “I would rather put a campfire out with my face.”

“Modern Family” – “Yesterday’s lazy cures today’s crazy.”

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Sons are in Grand ol' Ireland

We are treated to a very special Irish edition of the theme song *screech* LOVE IT!!!! The boys are in Ireland to get Abel back. I know it’s a whole other world over there with the political situation and all, but do people really get away with beating the shit out of cops? I love that the porn star/whore gets an abortion under the name Sarah Palin. Priceless. Father lies-a-lot lets Jacks think that he’ll tell him where Abel is while Gaelic Ken and Barbie are taking him home. At least he inadvertently kept Jacks from getting it on with his half-sis. Kenny Johnson sleeveless as usual, just the way I like it. While back on the Isle, the boys blow off steam with a little half naked bare knuckle boxing. This is totally porn for women. Seriously. Shirtless sweaty men. Fighting. Irish accents. Damn! Is it getting hot in here? I kinda though there would be a little more meat in a 90 min episode, but still good. Can’t wait to see next week. It looks action packed.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Luther" - Part II

Intense. Riveting. Gripping. Just a few words to describe this brilliant miniseries. The second installment has DCI Luther investigating a cop killer case. The first scene shocks and it only gets better. A young marine is picking off police officers on the orders of his father who’s serving a life sentence for killing a cop. Daddy thinks that it was the cop’s fault that he killed him. Um…yeah, that makes sense. Annnyyyywayyyyy, Luther finds the marine and the standoff is crazy intense. Luther tries talking him out of killing him between getting beaten in the face and a scary game of Russian roulette. Meanwhile, Alice (the parent killing psycho from last week) has decided to stalk Luther and that means getting to know him better. She pays the ex-wife Zoe a visit, by which I mean breaks into her house at night scaring the bejezus out of her and new bf. We close on Luther and Alice meeting on the bridge. Alice thinks that they are friends. WHAT??!!! I have never seen such an uncomfortably genius relationship written for television. Alice is intrinsically evil from the first moment we meet her. *Thank you BRS for that one.* Not a quality that we often see in female characters. Kudos Mr. Cross. The performances are just as superior as the writing to anything else on TV or on film for that matter. Be sure to watch the extended inside look. The creator and actors give their insights into the story and characters. In addition to being ridiculously sexy, Idris Elba is incredibly intelligent. I totally want to marry this man. We’d make beautiful babies, don’t you think? If you haven’t seen it yet, catch up on BBC OnDemand.  

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Did Your Show Get Picked Up?

We’re just about 2 months into the new television season. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the networks are being very generous this year. Granted, it’s the first time that I’ve actually tracked what’s being picked up and axed, but there have been very few cancellations this year. Here are the shows that have been formally picked up, at least for a half season, if not a full.

“Raising Hope” – This my new favorite comedy and one of the three best shows premiering this season (the other 2 being “Terriers” and “The Event”). Jimmy is doing the best he can, trying to raise his baby girl in a house of crazies. Creator Greg Garcia hit this one on the head. Every character is hilarious in their own way. Like in HIMYM, the lead character is the least interesting. It’s the supporting cast that truly makes this show pee-your-pants-funny. This is the role Martha Plimpton was born to play. Garret Dillahunt really shows off his comedic chops. I already knew he could do uber creepy (see his guest appearances on “Burn Notice”). Shannon Woodward is the closest thing to sane in Hope’s world. She’s fabulously sarcastic and witty. The gem is Cloris Leachman. How has Maw Maw not been institutionalized? It’s no surprise that this show was picked up. Even if the ratings aren’t off the chart, I think that word of mouth will get people watching. If you haven’t checked out this show yet, go to fox.com and catch up.

“The Event” – If you need something to fill the void of “Lost” and aren’t watching this show, what the frak is wrong with you?!!!! It’s got all the mystery and action you could want. Jason Ritter and Laura Innes deliver every week. The addition of Clifton Collins Jr. is perfectly evil. Every week, I can’t wait to find out more about where these people came from and what their story is. And obviously, what their plan is. At first, I thought that the title could screw them over. What are they going to do once the event happens. They can’t just string us along for over a season without the plan coming to fruition, can they? Now that I see how deep the mystery goes and how involved the back story could be. This show could be on for a good run, if done right. Not surprising that it was picked up. NBC put enough into production and promotion of this show that it’s getting good ratings. If you’re not watching, go catch up on nbc.com or OnDemand.

“Chase” – Seriously? This pilot was so bad that I didn’t even give it a second try. Anyone else watching this show? If you are, let me know what you and NBC see in it.

“Law & Order: Los Angeles” – Did anyone have any doubt? Come on, we all knew that NBC had a shoo-in with this one. I only watched a couple of episodes and they were ok. I just don’t have time to watch shows that I’m not crazy about these days. It was pretty standard, but a good substitute if you were a fan of the original.

“Outsourced” – Really? Seriously? Come On! I didn’t get past the pilot. If you claim to be a comedy and you don’t make me laugh once in the first 15 mins of the pilot, I think you’ve got a problem. I want “Parks and Recreation” back!!! “Outsourced” only got nine more eps, but if it starts doing well, where will PNR fit in? Pawnee is a staple in the Thursday night line up. I don’t see NBC moving a new show out of a Thursday night timeslot. I think they have a problem. Solution: cancel the crappy new show.

“Hawaii Five-O” – No, it’s not “24” or “The Shield”, but it’s FUN! The characters are great, the storylines move along, and the actors are pretty to look at. Plus there is that great theme song. Not surprising that this one got picked up. It’s a hit for CBS, grabbing the younger crowd. Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are on fire. I think their goal is to have a hit show on every major network. NBC, how you doin’? If you haven’t been watching, check it out on cbs.com or OnDemand.

“The Defenders” – I saw the first three episodes and they were good. It’s just not enough to keep me coming back every week when I’m hooked on other great shows. It’s the kind of series that I’d watch OnDemand over a long rainy weekend or when I’m home sick, but not DVR on a regular basis. Not that surprising that CBS picked this one up. It’s middle of road and getting decent ratings.

“Mike & Molly” -   I’ve only seen one episode of Chuck Lorre’s new show and it’s what’s expected. If you like “Two and a Half Men”, this is right up your alley. The episode I watched was the second (pilot wasn’t available online). Two people meet in an over-eaters anonymous meeting and start dating. Swoosie Kurtz is Molly’s tiny, crazy mother. She alone is enough reason to watch another episode. After this one viewing, it’s not surprising why CBS picked this show up. It’s aimed at that middle aged to old people demographic and does deliver the laughs. Very CBS.  

“Blue Bloods” – I really enjoy this show. Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green have put together a great cast. The weekly storylines are good and I’m more and more interested in the conspiracy of the Blue Templar, which they didn’t cover in this week’s ep. Guess they were too busy with the terrorist plot. Do you think Tom Selleck would adopt me? Not surprising it got picked up. If you aren’t watching, check it out on cbs.com or OnDemand.

“$#*! My Dad Says” – CBS decided to pick up all five of its newbie shows. Unfortunately, it includes this one. Granted, I’ve never seen it. I tried for you all, but it’s not online or OnDemand. Does CBS actually want you to watch their shows? I’ve heard that it’s crap, but being that I can’t stand William Shatner, you’ll have to figure it out for yourself. I am very surprised that this show got picked up since I haven’t heard a single good thing about it and couldn’t even tell you what day it’s on.

"Boardwalk Empire" -  Was there any doubt? HBO doesn't put money into a show that isn't Great, yes that great with capital G, by the time it goes into production. Of course they were going to make an entire season of this series following corrupt politicians and gangsters in prohibition era Atlantic City. What's interesting is that they picked it up for a second season after only one episode had aired. It makes sense, I guess and they do have the money. Either way, Sunday nights are sparkling. Catch up on HBO OnDemand.

This Week in Review

“How I Met Your Mother” – Jennifer Morrison joins the cast! She is Ted’s newest love interest. Ted gets to design the new Goliath National Bank Headquarters, only they want to use a historic architectural landmark. Enter Zooey (Jennifer Morrison…Cameron from “House”). Meanwhile…Lily and Marshall are still working on a mini Eriksen. Lily and Robin discuss the tiny penis of the guy Robin is dating who is also a friend of Marshall’s…in front of Marshall. He can’t stop thinking about it, especially when they are on a double date. Cue the hilarious dialogue. So, could Zooey be the mother? We’ll see.

“House” – Cuddy convinces House to watch Rachel and he lets her eat a dime. Who would have thought that House would make a bad babysitter. House and Wilson spend the day attempting to retrieve the coin. After Chase made a bad hire last week, House tells Foreman to hire a new team member. He instantly fires her and passes the task to Taub, who knows it’s a game. He tries to make House think that the candidate is his idea. It’s Lane from “Gilmore Girls” all grown up! She’s the pediatrician assisting on this week’s case. Jennifer Grey (nearly un-recognizable to me post nose job) is a middle aged woman with a grown daughter, giving it another go. The baby is sick and of course they don’t know why. The pediatrician realizes it’s all a game and doesn’t want to be on a team like that and turns down Taub. Everyone loses. Jennifer Grey dies. The grown daughter now has to raise her newborn sister. Guess the search for a lady doctor is still on. Oh….and the dime passed.

“Sons of Anarchy” – Tara helps Gemma escape from the hospital and that administrator even helped her. Didn’t see that one coming. Clay hooks up with the Grim Bastards (aka black bikers) to go visit the Mayans (aka Mexican bikers). Some of the Mayans killed a member of the Grim Bastards a la a knife in the skull. The Sons go to help even the score, but in a criminally diplomatic way. The leader of the Mayans gets his lieutenant to finger the guy that made the kill. He gets a bullet in the brain and the lieutenant (the lovely Jose Pablo Cantillo) get the shit kicked out him and his patch removed. If you’re not privy to the MC life, that means you’re out. At least they didn’t burn the tattoos off of him like they do in SAMCRO. Transport comes through and Gemma gets the intel. The boys are off to Ireland!!! Too bad they’re walking into a trap set by the devilish Jimmy O’Phelan played by Titus Welliver (aka Lost’s Man in Black). Abel, here they come!

“Parenthood” – It’s Halloween in the Braverman households. Zeke goes a bit overboard, but we find out the sentimentality of it. You just don’t hear Nam stories anymore. Christina and Adam begrudgingly decide to let Max trick-r-treat even though he may flip out. Sydney wants to be a beauty queen, which disturbs Julia. Sarah has to go pick up Amber and her horrible friend who gets drunk at a party and ends up in the pool. Billy Baldwin’s Gordon (also Sarah’s boss) comes along after their kiss a few days before. He proves his good intentions by wading into the pool and getting the sad drunk girl out. I hope they write him off. I don’t like Sarah getting it on with her and Adam’s boss. Plus, bring back Kevin Alejandro!!!! She’d be much better with a smokin’ hot, super cool warehouse guy. Who doesn’t like a guy that drives a forklift?

“Modern Family” – The Dunphy family gives up electronics. What, what???? Could you do it? Surprisingly, Haley wins the bet by tricking Phil with the cell phone she carved out of a bar of soap and colored black with a marker. I know, Haley? Apparently that girl really wanted a car. Cam and Mitchell try to get Lily into a preschool, but the competition is tough. How do you compete with an inter-racial, handicapped, African baby raising lesbian couple? You DON’T, bitch!

“Terriers” – This Jed Seidel penned episode was Grrrrr-eeeeaaat. Noel Fisher *sigh* guest stars as an amnesiac. He has the sneaking sense that he’s done something bad. Hank, seeing his sister in this kid, promises to help. Turns out that the boy had a crush on a girl. He planned a trip to Cambodia, so was taking anti malarial pills which made him crazy. He kidnapped the girl and tied her up in his closet. Steph isn’t doing so well off her meds. She’s having conversations and playtime with imaginary neighbors. Steph convinces Hank that she needs to go back to a hospital. They agree on an assisted living facility. I really like the relationship between these siblings. Can’t wait to see where it goes or where it’s been.

“Grey’s Anatomy” – Our kids are growing up *tear*. The fourth year residents get to play dress up for the day and wear the dark blue attending scrubs. The Chief puts them in charge as he has the attendings working on presentations for what they would do with a million dollars. Owen wins, arguing that the entire hospital needs crisis training in the event of another horrific situation like in last season’s finale. Even if you don’t watch this show, go watch the 2 hour season 6 finale. It’s fracking AMAZING. Although this show has slipped a bit as it has lost core members of the cast, it continues to produce extremely strong event episodes. I was wavering on whether to come back this season, but what they are doing with Christina’s character is keeping me interested. We’ll see about next week. Looks like a documentary film crew will be following the doctor’s of Seattle Grace Mercy West.

“The Office” – Timothy Olyphant guest stars!!! And we can expect him for at least one more. He’s a super salesman from whom Dwight, Jim and Michael try to steal techniques. A sting ensues and we end up with Timothy joining the Dunder Mifflin team as a traveling salesman. Will he take over for Steve Carrell next season as manager of our favorite paper company? Who knows? He does have “Justified” going for him, whose second season premieres on FX this January. Oh….and Andy, Kevin and Darrell start a band. Need I say more?

"Supernatural" - This weeks episode was titled Live Free or Twihard. Finally, this show is making fun of how rediculous this vampire craze has gotten. Some genius vampire decided that the way to recruit was to turn pretty boys that would attract and turn hot girls that would attract and turn pretty boys. You get the idea. Well.....Dean is very pretty. He gets turned, but low and behold, Samuel has a cure. Unfortunately it includes getting the blood of the vamp that turned you. Into the nest Dean goes. Some bitters get beheaded and Dean gets the blood. He goes back to being human. What's disturbing is that Sam didn't try to stop Dean from being turned. Samuel accuses him of letting it happen so that Dean could get into the nest to find the Alpha, the head honcho they've been tracking for a year. Ever since the whole apocalypse thing and even before that, Sam has lost a bit of his humanity. He just doesn't care anymore. He just wants to hunt and doesn't care who gets hurt. Far from first season Sam. If you thought that this show would go south post apocalypse storyline, you were wrong. If you aren't watching, what the frak is wrong with you?!!! The writing is amazing. Most people who don't watch don't know how REALLY funny this show is. Do yourself a favor and Netflix the first 5 seasons. Seriously....do it now!

“Blue Bloods” – It didn’t take long for this NYC cop drama to have a terrorist centric episode. It was mostly Donnie Wahlberg which is always fine by me. I can NOT sing his praises high enough. He’s become such a terrific actor. I definitely prefer the man actor to the bad boy, boy bander. It was a nice twist that the terrorist was a blond housewife. Glad we’ll be getting more of this show.

There were a few others this week, but this is all I’ve got for now. Stay Tuned…..

Holy Frak, David Eick!!!!!!!

SyFy has greenlit a two hour pilot “Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome”! ADAMA RETURNS (and the crowd goes wild). David Eick, one of the genius’ behind the re-imagined BSG will return for the prequel following young fighter pilot Ensign William Adama during the 10th year of the first Cylon war. Sci-Fi God Ron Moore will not be involved, but I have high hopes for this new addition to the BSG Empire anyway. If you have not experienced the amazingness that is “Battlestar Galactica”, do yourself a favor and check it out on Netflix Streaming Instantly. It’s the arguably the best science fiction show EVER!!!!!! But don’t let that convert you. I didn’t like sci-fi until I begrudgingly watched the first couple of episodes. This is a show about people, about creating a new society, and about contemplating what it means to be human. The performances are terrific, the action is super fun, the drama that will make you cry….oh, and there is a ridiculously hot chick. The heart and soul of the show is Captain William Adama portrayed by Edward James Almos. It will be difficult to cast the younger version of such a beloved character. I know they already did with Esai Morales in “Caprica”, a prequel of another time in Adama’s life, but I wasn’t sold. That series just didn’t grab me. I think I watched the first two or three episodes, but it was much slower and a different feel from the re-imagined version. “Blood & Chrome” will hopefully be closer to action packed original in this re-imagined empire of sci-fi greatness. I will be anxiously awaiting the premiere……

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Luther" is the Latest in the Best of BBC

Sunday night was the American premiere of the BBC miniseries "Luther". Creator Neil Cross ("MI-5") writes a brilliant character in Alice Morgan, a woman who kills her family in the opening episode, but leaves no evidence. She is pursued by DCI John Luther, a man with an anger problem and his own sense of justice. I'm not going to give you the usual summary. I'm just going to say WATCH IT!!!! You won't regret it. The chemistry between Ruth Wilson (Alice) and super hot Idris Elba (John Luther) is undeniable. Both characters are uber intelligent, possibly genius. Cross describes it as a chess game, both needing to one up the other. It's a terrifically acted game of cat and mouse. Even the opening titles are great. The soundtrack is beautiful and fitting. The direction is by Brian Kirk is subtle but effective. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Sundays at 10pm on BBC America

Stay Tuned....

Friday, October 15, 2010

I fiiiiiiiiinnally caught up with this week's "Chuck"

I have to say that I'm a little disappointed with this season. They've taken the nerd out of the nerd herder. It was Chuck's dorkiness and lack of spy skills that made him so endearing. Now, we're just watching Chuck and Sarah struggle through their relationship and decide if they're ready to get married and start making babies like Ellie and Awesome. What makes that different from "Grey's Anatomy", a few explosions and gun fights? Ppppffffttttt. Morgan isn't even as funny as he used to be. Jeffster is rarely around. They've forgotten the comedy in action/comedy. I did however LOVE the nine foot marble statue of Awesome. And we thought we'd seen his chiseled abs.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Observe Analyze Deduce!


Bones thinks she can plan the perfect murder. Such a good thing that Booth knows her so well. Love Dr. Bunson Jude the Science Dude. Haven't seen David Alan Grier in a long time. Anyone know what he's been up to? Oh wait, I don't really care. Where did the squinterns go? Bring them back! I think there might be rush for potato guns this Christmas. I can see little Temperance running around now, dragging her paint brushes and microscope behind her. Hopefully she'll be wearing a skeleton leotard with a tutu. P.S. I know that if you don't watch "Bones" this all very random.....which is why you should watch!!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"No Ordinary Family" is Unfortunately A Little Too Ordinary

I really wanted to like this show for Chiki's sake. I gave it a shot, but it's just too mediocre for my refined television palate. It's nice to have another family show on the air, but if you really want to enjoy some great television with your family, watch "Friday Night Lights". If you've got little little ones, I'm sure you're familiar with the Disney Channel ("Wizards of Waverly Place" is my favorite). The guilt is setting in. I'm secretly, ok not so secretly hoping that it gets canceled so that Michael Chiklis and Romany Malco can work on projects worthy of their great talents. I did love the scene in last night's episode where Romany tries to teach Michael how to dance. As talented as Chiki is, he's best at extremes. He either needs to be really serious or all out goofy/sarcastic. I don't like him so much when he's playing the middle. ABC can do better. Shame on you for wasting one our great actors. Michael, please go back to cable where you belong, where you shine. We miss you. XXOO

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


“NCIS” – Sexy British Sailors! Doesn’t get much better than that.

“Raising Hope” – Penis shaped birth marks….NICE! Sabrina checks out the family album and it is HY-sterical. Oh, and Maw Maw gives birth, kind of. If you still aren’t watching this show, get on it!

“Running Wilde” – Kind of surprised it hasn’t been cancelled yet. There are funny bits and characters, but it just doesn’t come together. The storylines are very weak. Does anyone really care about these adults trying to get two 6th graders to go to a dance together? I sure as hell don’t. (BTW, I’m only watching because my roommate is)

"Outlaw" Gets Caught

NBC has canceled the law drama starring Jimmy Smits as a former Supreme Court Justice that leaves the bench to practice again. Not all that surprising. I liked it enough to give it a shot, but it was given the timeslot of death. I don't know how a network can put a new show on at 10pm on Fridays and expect it to succeed. Especially a show like this. It's more for the older crowd. My mom and grandma would watch a show like this, but they are both sound asleep by 10pm. It was also up against Tom Selleck's new show "Blue Bloods", which I have to say, I like a lot better. I do hope that Jesse Bradford finds something new. He's so darn cute. Good in this, but better as a bastard (refer to I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell). All in all, no big loss. There are far too many lawyer shows on this season anyway.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Fun Day

“The Event” – It iiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssss just like if “24” and “Lost” had a baby! This sci-fi/supernatural/action/drama has got me hooked. Laura Innes continues to give a brilliant and mysterious performance. I never really liked her as an actor before, but I do now. The missing girl friend is becoming less annoying and if it’s possible, Jason Ritter is getting more attractive in every way. What is with these people coming back to life? Any theories? Can’t wait to see what CC Jr.’s got up his sleeve.

“Hawaii Five-O” – Continues to be action packed and fun. I like these characters. McGarrett and Dano quibble like a married couple. McGarrett is a bastard, but the hot kind. Balthazar Getty guest stars as an escaped convict. Guess he’s not going back to “Brothers & Sisters” any time soon. I think I saw some familiar trees as they trekked through the jungle. I miss you "Lost"! *tear*

I'm behind on "House" and "How I Met Your Mother" since my DVR was a little overloaded. I promise I'll catch up this week.  Can't wait to watch "Chuck" onDemand tomorrow. Why won't my DVR record 3 things at once? WHYYYYYY???!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Night Insights: Volume I

“Dexter” – Shawn Hatosy is yet another serial killer residing in the Miami area. Seriously, how many serial killers can live in one city? Anyway….he is crazy creepy sporting those glasses, the ‘stache, and his road kill pickup uniform. Gotta love a man that wears shorts with work boots. Speaking of a fabulous fashion sense. How spiffy does Dexter look in a Natural Born Griller apron? Wasn’t sure how they were writing in Julia Stiles, but looks like this will be interesting……..woo hoo!

“Bored to Death” – Ted Danson playing stoned is funny. If you didn’t know that, you’ve been schooled. That man keeps getting better the older he gets. 

Didn't get to "Boardwalk Empire" tonight. Hopefully tomorrow. So far, so great!

Dickey Moves Across the Pond Now. How Lovely For Us

In “Law & Order: UK”, Jamie Bamber, better known as Captain Lee Adama of “Battlestar Galactica” is D.S. Matt Devlin. In the first episode, he, along with his partner Ronnie Brooks investigates the death of an infant that is left in the car park of a hospital (that’s parking lot to most of you). Mum leaves the child by himself until the babysitter can get there. She never comes and carbon dioxide kills the baby. The $%#*hole building is falling down and a development company wants to buy it, only the property owner can’t sell until the leases are up. Apparently UK leases are waaaay longer than ours, like 5 years longer. Big surprise, the landlord tampered with the heating and gas to get people out with the help of a dirty building inspector. Scumbags.

“Doctor Who” fans will be glad to see Freema Agyeman as Jr. Crown Prosecutor Alesha Phillips. I really like Ben Daniels who plays Sr. Crown Prosecutor, James Steel.

In the second episode, the team investigates the death of a teenage boy found alone in an alley. He ran away from foster care after his mum went to rehab. At least he was away from the boyfriend that was beating on him. Turns out the foster bro killed him. So much for social services. The killer’s lawyer makes a case that the boy was genetically predisposed to violence. Interesting topic. Killer boy begins thinking he’ll never change and tears fall as his mother calls him a monster in court. He pleads guilty. Emotionally complex case. I like it.

They’ve got some snazzy opening credits with a new theme song, but they kept that damn noise and that stupid bit about “in the criminal justice system, people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups”.  I think we’ve got it by now. It’s only been 20 years and if you haven’t seen at least a couple dozen episodes, you’ve probably been living under a rock. There is a familiar “L&O” feel, but something new. Guess it’s that British twist. Part of that twist is wigs and robes. Not the saucy kind, the repressed him. All in all, pretty good. I’ll keep watching.

Fridays at 9pm on BBC America

Stay Tuned….

Apparently Everyone is Moving to LA, including Dick Wolf

Haven’t watched any of the “Law & Order” series in years, but giving "Law & Order: Los Angeles" (affectionately nicknamed LOLA) a shot. I do love seeing my own city on TV. Can’t say it’s much different.

In the first episode, the homes of young Hollywood hotshots are being burglarized. Turns out that the mom of a Lindsay Lohan type starlet is behind it. Somebody gets shot….blah blah blah. It’s pretty standard for the “L & O” franchise. I like the detective played by Corey Stoll, but not his ‘stache. He’s the bald the one that’s not Skeet Ulrich. Who knew that Skeet was still around? They toned down the theme song, but now it sounds a little ‘80s.

Ol’ Dickey did manage to get three great guest stars for his premiere. Oded Fehr. He’s one of the bad guys, yet again. At least this time he’s not a terrorist. When is somebody gonna cast this guy in a series?!!!!! If you haven’t seen “Sleeper Cell”, do yourself a favor and check it out on DVD. A-Fricken-Mazing! Jim Beaver or Bobby to my fellow “Supernatural” fans. Understated and underestimated actor. There’s something so quiet, yet intense about him. Can we please get him in more than one scene? Michael O’Neill plays the defense attorney. You may not recognize him without his ‘stache or the gun he brandished in the blow-your-fricken-mind finale of “Grey’s Anatomy”. Another fabulous character actor.

The second episode investigates the murder of a murderer. A woman who participated in a Mason like killing is released from prison after 30 years and found dead on the beach. Their suspect is her former cell mate, a mother falsely convicted of killing her children. Being raped and tortured on a daily basis by your cell mate is a pretty good reason to kill when you get out, even if you were innocent when you went in. This episode spends more time on the law side, attempting to showcase Terrence Howard as Sr. Deputy District Attorney. No matter how hard I want to like him, I just don’t. Sorry Terrence.

More great guest stars. Jay Karnes aka Dutch (“The Shield”) is the director of an innocence coalition and foxy with his silver hair. Michael Massee is brilliantly creepy as the leader of the cult. John Kapelos is a former cop. You know you know him. Pick a John Hughes movie. He’s most likely in it.

Can’t say I’ll stick with this one, especially with the volume of lawyer and cop shows on this season. The characters don’t grab me, which is a necessity in a procedural. Fantastic guest star after guest isn’t enough to keep me coming back week after week. Recommend it to you parents, but if you’re looking for a good cop show, stick with “The Shield” on DVD.

Wednesdays at 10pm on NBC
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Monday, October 4, 2010

ABC Gives "My Generation" the Boot

After only two episodes aired, ABC has cancelled the drama that follows a group of 28 year olds as they reconnect tens years after graduating high school. I have to say, this is a good decision. I only watched ten minutes of the pilot before I just couldn't take any more. And you know I watched some crap for the sake of writing about it. The documentary style was just irritating. The only mockumetary style content that really works is comedy. Random insert....I just watched a mockumentary film last night about three couples competing for the most original wedding. And it's British. For laugh your ass off mockumentary comedy, check out Confetti. Ok, back to the devistating loss of this oh so prolific show. "My Generation" actually raked in 5.17 million views for the pilot, but only 3.82 returned for week two. Obviously, I had no interest in this show and their aaawwwful promos didn't help. They were tragically bad, but I guess they were a good reflection of the content. If you're looking for primetime soapy dramas, just Netflix the first few seasons of "Grey's Anatomy" and "Brothers & Sisters". Come on ABC....you can do better.