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Monday, January 31, 2011

Has "Chuck" Jumped the Shark?

These days, I am completely convinced that Chuck's power was in his hair. He looks like a yuppie! Where are those dorky, wavy locks that we love so much? I caught seasons 1-3 over the summer after some prodding by my friends. I quickly became addicted to the bumbling and lovable spy wannabe in seasons 1 & 2 that were action packed and full of fun. Season 3 was so-so. Now, we're in season 4 and it's kinda like...what's the point? The original premise of the show was a dorky guy getting caught up in the spy world, but now Chuck is a full fledged spy and the writers are grasping at storyline straws. Honestly, I don't care about Chuck and Sarah's romance. It was cute to watch Chuck's crush on the unattainable, hot spy girl, but now she's attainable. BORING! There are still some laughs from Morgan and Casey, but not as many. We are currently in the middle of an ongoing mission against an evil organization....again. They all blend together at this point. I can't tell you which one was in what season or what they wanted. Timothy Dalton and Linda Hamilton are reoccurring guest stars, but they have the worst storyline. I can't blame them too much. Chuck had to evolve, but the Chuck that throws a punch confidently is not the goofy man-child I fell in love with. He could only be a spy novice for so long, but they could have kept it interesting somehow. I love this show, but I don't know how much longer I can watch with storylines like this. When Chuck got down on one knee, I gagged a little. Disappointed, team Chuck. I am disappointed.

BTW...Captain Awesome is still awesome, only now he's Papa Awesome ; )

Friday, January 28, 2011

"Fairly Legal" is Only Fairly Interesting

I checked out the first couple of episodes. So far....it's just ok. Sarah Shahi plays a legal mediator with a heart of gold, a sharp tongue and a phone that won't stop ringing. Her lawyer father has just kicked the bucket leaving his young blond wife to run the big, fancy law firm. Needless to say, Shahi's Kate Reed is less than thrilled to be working for the wicked witch of the west. Her brother, the scarecrow played by Ethan Embry is also an attorney, but taking some time off to be a stay at home dad. Kate's assistant Leo (the lion) consistently covers for Kate's repetitive lateness and general inability to be where she says she will. Michael Trucco may look familiar as Sam/Cylon of "Battlestar Galactica" but is now the Tin Man. He plays Kate's district attorney ex-husband with benefits. If you hadn't guessed, dear ol' dad is the wizard. It's on his boat, the Come A Broad that Kate is living.

Kate is good at what she does. In fact, she's the best (or so they keep telling us). She connects with her clients and goes above and beyond to fix them. She spends her own money, risks her career and even lands herself in jail. It's a little over idealistic and filled with too many attractive people. I live in the real world. Not all successful lawyers and professionals are stunningly beautiful. On the other hand, Kate's got spunk. I like a rebel in heels. It's possible that I might be able to put aside my disdain for the horrible opening titles and watch a few more episodes.

Thursdays at 10pm on USA

Stay Tuned....if you want

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hot Docs Practicing Jungle Medicine

Finally watched the premiere of ABC’s “Off the Map”. I was interested because Zach Gilford plays one of the young American doctors. He’s fresh off the plane to practice medicine in a third world South American country. Still waiting to see the final season of “Friday Night Lights”, but that’s another blog post. His character couldn’t be more different than the good boy football player, Matt Saracen. Dr. Tommy Fuller is a plastic surgeon who’s looking for a place to surf in his off time. He partied his way through college and med school just to become a mediocre doctor that “puts boobs in strippers”. I think he’s looking for a little redemption in the jungle. Very dramatic stuff. Dr. Lily Brenner gets a cool case when she cuts Michael McKeon’s arm out of a zip line hundreds of feet above the rocky terrain below. When he needs surgery, she helps the jungle version of Dr. McDreamy do a coconut transfusion. Yes, coconuts. I’ll bet we’re going to see a lot of crazy exotic medicine being practiced against this gorgeous backdrop. ABC films the series in Hawaii alongside CBS’ “Hawaii Five-O”.  The show was created by Jenna Bans, “Grey’s Anatomy” alum. I’m not sure yet. I like the concept, but I’m not sure how much I like the characters. I’ll definitely give it a few episodes. How ‘bout you?

Wednesdays at 10pm on ABC

Stay Tuned….

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is "Episodes" Worth Watching?

Wasn’t sure about this one. It’s by the same guys that worked on “Friends”…….but also “Joey”. We all remember how that turned out.  Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan play two hilarious British television writers who are brought to LA to remake their baby. I love that Beverly and Sean (Greig and Mangan) are all over each other. We were laughing until the audition scene. Unfortunately, nothing with Richard Griffiths was funny.

Good idea for a show given the large number of British series being remade over here, usually very badly. "The Office" was the exception. Some of the not so great remakes.....the upcoming "Being Human" "Skins and "Shameless",  "Life on Mars", "Coupling","Blackpool", "Teachers" and "Worst Week". When will we learn?!!!!! Just start distributing BBC shows on American television stations. The American public could do with a little culture. This would be the best way to ease them into it. Back to the topic......

Showtime should have shown two episodes at once for the premiere. It seemed to end abruptly and I wanted more. Matt LeBlanc was in about 90 seconds in the very beginning. Shouldn’t the pull for a new series make more of an appearance? HOUR LONG PREMIERE! Showtime tends to do this with their half hour shows. “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”, “United States of Tara”, and “Weeds”. They all end just as the episode is getting good. Showtime should ONLY do one hour shows. I’m hoping this show turns out funny. One point it’s got against it is the opening credits. Don’t like them, nuh uh.  The series overall’s got potential and I love the Brits involved. Check it out.

Sundays at 9:30pm on Showtime

Stay Tuned….

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Southland" Returns!

If you’re missing the grittiness of “The Shield” as much as I am, you should be watching TNT’s “Southland”. The third, yes third season returns. Apparently TNT is getting even stingier with the length of their seasons. Annnnnyyyywayyyyy…..their return has been highly anticipated, in my house anyhow.

A woman working as a cleaning lady in an office building is murdered and stuffed in a crawl space. Adams and her new, aggressive, lady partner work the case. Sherman and Cooper arrive on the scene of a shootout where an office is down. Bullets fly, people are shot, a bad guy shoots himself. Bryant’s girl, who he’s always fighting with, is knocked up. Honestly, I can do without the two of them. I like Shawn Hatosy, but I don’t think he’s right in this show. I don’t really like the character at all. I however LOOOOOOVE John Cooper (aka Bull from Band of Brothers aka his real name Michael Cudlitz). His pain and addiction is a great storyline that I can’t wait for them to delve deeper into. It’s gonna be gooooood.

Stay Tuned…..

Tuesdays at 10pm on TNT

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Primeval Part II- Season 4 Premiere

Season four opens with some new characters, big surpirse. Matt Anderson (Ciarán McManamin) is the new field team leader. Gotta love an Irish accent and dreamy blue eyes. Ruth Kearney plays ARC administrator Jess Parker. From what I can tell, Jess is to Matt as Chloe is to Jack Bauer. The ARC has a new boss and it's Alexander Saddig as Philip Burton. LOVE HIM!

Abby and Connor are surviving in the cretaceous. It's been a whole year. Abby's bottled blond hair is amazingly still blond even though it's grown about six inches. Connor's cute baby face is covered by a beard. Still hot though. They stay alive by dodging dinosaurs and creatively cooking fish and roots. The only two humans on Earth are getting a bit weary and frustrated though. Can you blame them? I don't know about you, but I can't imagine camping let alone surviving prehistoric creatures chasing me, having to kill and cook my own food and not having any internet access.

Captain Becker (pretty soldier boy) is clashing with his new boss, Matt. When Becker dismisses the effectiveness of a new weapon that Matt brings in, Matt shoots him with it. Their relationship should be interesting to watch if they keep this up. Ciarán kinda reminds me of Jonny Lee Miller. That's a good thing.

Arguably the cutest couple on BBC makes it back to civilization after they find Helen's old anomoly finder-thingy. Come ooooonnn....you knew they would. It would kinda suck if they didn't. Only problem, they bring a dino with them. Connor puts himself in harms way to try and fix it......as usual. At the last second, he does and the anomoly appears to take the dino back to some far away time. Hopefully this gains him some points with Matt.

Connor meets Philip Burton and it's like he's met a Beatle, but the fawning doesn't go on for long. Connor and Abby are quickly told that they are no longer part of the field team. It's military only. They only survied for a YEAR in Dinoland. I think that gives them some pretty relevant training. I doubt they'll give up and go home....especially since they probably don't have a home anymore. Can't wait to see what's in store. You can catch new episodes every Saturday night at 9pm on BBC America. Or if you have BBC HD, you can watch the east coast showing at 6pm. That's my little cheat.

Stay Tuned....

Primeval Part I - Have You Been Watching This Super Awesome Show?

"Primeval" is most likely one of the best shows you're NOT watching. So....now's a good time to catch up with the season 4 premiere airing tonight. If you're a fan of "Doctor Who", "Torchwood", or "Being Human" (yes I realize these are all BBC shows) you'll love this nugget. I watched seasons 1-3 on Netflix Watch Instantly (still available) this past summer. It instantly hooked me.

Nick Cutter is an evolutionary zoologist and professor that is called in to assist in the investigation of an "animal" sighting. He is accompanied by his lab assistant Stephen Hart, graduate student Connor Temple and zoo animal handler Abby Maitland. For me, it was the characters and group dymanic that fed my addiction for this show. Cutter is mourning his wife, Helen, that has been missing for several years. Connor *swoon* is a cute, goofy, lovable young man that quickly falls in love with Abby. One problem, she's got her eye on Stephen. Annnnnnnyyyyyyywaaaaayyyyyy....................

Turns out that these "animals" are actually prehistoric and futuristic creatures that pop through these portals in time, called anomolies. Our team of scientistists and semi-professional like people track these long lost creatures, return them through the anomolies and attempt to research how and why they occur. Not too far along, we learn that Helen was trapped inside one of these anomolies for years, but now is using them to travel through time.

Of course, our merry group of scientists must report to someone. In the beginning they were contracted by a part of the government only referred to as Home Office. By season three, the Anomoly Research Center, ARC has a huuuuge facilitiy where they even hold onto creatures. It's run by a dick named Lester. I don't know why, but it's fitting. Characters come and go. A little too much for my liking actually. The original team was so great. In season three, Cutter was replaced as team leader by Jason Flemyng as Danny Quinn. You may remember him from Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. He's alright, but he's not Cutter. We're getting more shake-ups in season four. At least my two favorite characters have endured. Connor, played by the adorable Andrew Lee Potts, who I'm dying to make out with and Abby, played by Hannah Spearitt who I'm so jealous of since she is dating Potts in real life.

In the season three finale, Connor and Abby are trapped on the wrong side of an anomoly in the cretaceous period. WTF???!!!!!!!!!!! It was to save the human race, so kinda worth it. Remember crazy Helen, who was jumping through time? She wanted to poison the first humans and keep humanity for ever existing. Coo-koo! Damn good cliff hanger though. We weren't sure there was going to be a fourth season. Now, there's even a season five slated for late 2011 and spin offs.

So class, what have we learned? Watch this show! Go catch up on Netflix Watch Instantly. It's British, so the seasons are short.