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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is "Episodes" Worth Watching?

Wasn’t sure about this one. It’s by the same guys that worked on “Friends”…….but also “Joey”. We all remember how that turned out.  Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan play two hilarious British television writers who are brought to LA to remake their baby. I love that Beverly and Sean (Greig and Mangan) are all over each other. We were laughing until the audition scene. Unfortunately, nothing with Richard Griffiths was funny.

Good idea for a show given the large number of British series being remade over here, usually very badly. "The Office" was the exception. Some of the not so great remakes.....the upcoming "Being Human" "Skins and "Shameless",  "Life on Mars", "Coupling","Blackpool", "Teachers" and "Worst Week". When will we learn?!!!!! Just start distributing BBC shows on American television stations. The American public could do with a little culture. This would be the best way to ease them into it. Back to the topic......

Showtime should have shown two episodes at once for the premiere. It seemed to end abruptly and I wanted more. Matt LeBlanc was in about 90 seconds in the very beginning. Shouldn’t the pull for a new series make more of an appearance? HOUR LONG PREMIERE! Showtime tends to do this with their half hour shows. “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”, “United States of Tara”, and “Weeds”. They all end just as the episode is getting good. Showtime should ONLY do one hour shows. I’m hoping this show turns out funny. One point it’s got against it is the opening credits. Don’t like them, nuh uh.  The series overall’s got potential and I love the Brits involved. Check it out.

Sundays at 9:30pm on Showtime

Stay Tuned….

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JACQI BOWE said...

Thanks for the review! Saw the trailer and it did look promising! And I agree-love Brit-Coms-America's couch potatoes could use some rigorous comedy! They're fun because you have to keep up!