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Monday, January 31, 2011

Has "Chuck" Jumped the Shark?

These days, I am completely convinced that Chuck's power was in his hair. He looks like a yuppie! Where are those dorky, wavy locks that we love so much? I caught seasons 1-3 over the summer after some prodding by my friends. I quickly became addicted to the bumbling and lovable spy wannabe in seasons 1 & 2 that were action packed and full of fun. Season 3 was so-so. Now, we're in season 4 and it's kinda like...what's the point? The original premise of the show was a dorky guy getting caught up in the spy world, but now Chuck is a full fledged spy and the writers are grasping at storyline straws. Honestly, I don't care about Chuck and Sarah's romance. It was cute to watch Chuck's crush on the unattainable, hot spy girl, but now she's attainable. BORING! There are still some laughs from Morgan and Casey, but not as many. We are currently in the middle of an ongoing mission against an evil organization....again. They all blend together at this point. I can't tell you which one was in what season or what they wanted. Timothy Dalton and Linda Hamilton are reoccurring guest stars, but they have the worst storyline. I can't blame them too much. Chuck had to evolve, but the Chuck that throws a punch confidently is not the goofy man-child I fell in love with. He could only be a spy novice for so long, but they could have kept it interesting somehow. I love this show, but I don't know how much longer I can watch with storylines like this. When Chuck got down on one knee, I gagged a little. Disappointed, team Chuck. I am disappointed.

BTW...Captain Awesome is still awesome, only now he's Papa Awesome ; )

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dykeass said...

I jumped for me when Sarah came down the mansion staircase with machine guns in each hand and a baby in a harness across her chest. Then got worse when her mom started singing the lullaby.