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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Primeval Part II- Season 4 Premiere

Season four opens with some new characters, big surpirse. Matt Anderson (Ciarán McManamin) is the new field team leader. Gotta love an Irish accent and dreamy blue eyes. Ruth Kearney plays ARC administrator Jess Parker. From what I can tell, Jess is to Matt as Chloe is to Jack Bauer. The ARC has a new boss and it's Alexander Saddig as Philip Burton. LOVE HIM!

Abby and Connor are surviving in the cretaceous. It's been a whole year. Abby's bottled blond hair is amazingly still blond even though it's grown about six inches. Connor's cute baby face is covered by a beard. Still hot though. They stay alive by dodging dinosaurs and creatively cooking fish and roots. The only two humans on Earth are getting a bit weary and frustrated though. Can you blame them? I don't know about you, but I can't imagine camping let alone surviving prehistoric creatures chasing me, having to kill and cook my own food and not having any internet access.

Captain Becker (pretty soldier boy) is clashing with his new boss, Matt. When Becker dismisses the effectiveness of a new weapon that Matt brings in, Matt shoots him with it. Their relationship should be interesting to watch if they keep this up. Ciarán kinda reminds me of Jonny Lee Miller. That's a good thing.

Arguably the cutest couple on BBC makes it back to civilization after they find Helen's old anomoly finder-thingy. Come ooooonnn....you knew they would. It would kinda suck if they didn't. Only problem, they bring a dino with them. Connor puts himself in harms way to try and fix it......as usual. At the last second, he does and the anomoly appears to take the dino back to some far away time. Hopefully this gains him some points with Matt.

Connor meets Philip Burton and it's like he's met a Beatle, but the fawning doesn't go on for long. Connor and Abby are quickly told that they are no longer part of the field team. It's military only. They only survied for a YEAR in Dinoland. I think that gives them some pretty relevant training. I doubt they'll give up and go home....especially since they probably don't have a home anymore. Can't wait to see what's in store. You can catch new episodes every Saturday night at 9pm on BBC America. Or if you have BBC HD, you can watch the east coast showing at 6pm. That's my little cheat.

Stay Tuned....

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