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Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Southland" Returns!

If you’re missing the grittiness of “The Shield” as much as I am, you should be watching TNT’s “Southland”. The third, yes third season returns. Apparently TNT is getting even stingier with the length of their seasons. Annnnnyyyywayyyyy…..their return has been highly anticipated, in my house anyhow.

A woman working as a cleaning lady in an office building is murdered and stuffed in a crawl space. Adams and her new, aggressive, lady partner work the case. Sherman and Cooper arrive on the scene of a shootout where an office is down. Bullets fly, people are shot, a bad guy shoots himself. Bryant’s girl, who he’s always fighting with, is knocked up. Honestly, I can do without the two of them. I like Shawn Hatosy, but I don’t think he’s right in this show. I don’t really like the character at all. I however LOOOOOOVE John Cooper (aka Bull from Band of Brothers aka his real name Michael Cudlitz). His pain and addiction is a great storyline that I can’t wait for them to delve deeper into. It’s gonna be gooooood.

Stay Tuned…..

Tuesdays at 10pm on TNT

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