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Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Episodes" Exceeds Expectations

Tonight was the finale of "Episodes". I have to say, this show surprised me. My expectations were low, yet I was interested enough to watch. Turns out, it's pretty good. Matt LeBlanc's exaggerated version of himself was entertaining, especially his relationship with Sean. Beverly's hate for Matt was great. I think I like her because I relate.....but I have no strong feelings about Matt LeBlanc in any way. Carol turned out to be another of my favorite characters. In nearly every episode, she said or did something unexpected. And she's soooooooo L. A., but she freely admits it and makes no apologies.

At the end of last week's episode, Matt and Beverly were about to be naughty. And shag they did. Sean figures it out, as he is English and everyone knows they're smarter. A hilarious fight ensues where they both end up drenched in a cinnamon scented fragrance. I'm gonna bet that Showtime has picked up this series for a second season, since the show within a show was picked up. Making a television show with a cheating wife and the friend (pun intended) that shagged her should prove challenging for Sean and entertaining for us. Now, if they'd just get rid of those horrid opening credits.

If you have Showtime, you can catch all episodes OnDemand or on Monday nights starting next week.

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