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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The "Glory Daze" Are Over

I was reading deadline.com, like I do several times a day and I read that TBS' one hour comedy "Glory Daze" was canceled or to put it nicely, is not being renewed. I'm a little upset about this. Granted, it wasn't Emmy worthy, but it had potential. TBS didn't really give it a fair shot since it was aired over the holiday season. Who the hell is home during the month of December (besides me)? They even aired a new episode the weeks of Christmas and New Years.

If you didn't catch it's limited run, "Glory Daze" followed four college freshman rushing a fraternity in Wisconsin.....oh and it's 1986. The costumes and soundtrack alone were worth checking it out for an ep or two. I think the standout was Matt Bush. He was that guy in Adventureland that kept punching guys in the junk. With his comedic chops, Mr. Bush is going places. I was also quite amused by Chris D'Elia's performance of Stankowski, the thirty year old frat brother that has been high for the last decade and a half. Deadline also reported that he's booked an NBC pilot. I hope TBS doesn't turn out to be the next Fox, creating new shows and canceling them before they get off the ground. Although, I wouldn't mind if they canceled some of those Tyler Perry shows. The promos alone annoy the bejeezus out of me.

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