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Friday, February 25, 2011

"Law & Order: UK" Just Keeps Getting Better

In this week's episode, Ronnie and Matt investigate the assault of a woman who's been stalked for the last two years by her supposed attacker. Turns out she just faked it to get the police's attention so that they'd take her seriously. I guess she didn't figure that these coppers would know how to do their jobs. They figured out she was lying. When she turns up dead, they feel a little more than guilty for not pursuing her case.

Matt stands by his report that there was no attacker the first time around. Ronnie decides that the only way to bring her murderer to justice is to establish the escalation of his crimes. He goes back,  "finds new evidence" and testifies that he was wrong the first time around. Unfortunately, he drags Matt into it after their boss expressly told them to stay away from it.

There is a scene where Matt confronts Ronnie about dragging him into it and putting his career in jeopardy. The heated encounter is so out of the ordinary for this usually familial partnership. Ronnie's the father figure and Matt's got a lot to learn, but he's no rookie. And he wasn't wrong. Things just turned out all messed up. I'm curious to see how this changes their friendship.

The other stand out scene was Crown Prosecutor James Steel ripping Matt to shreds on the stand. I know he didn't enjoy it, but damn if he didn't do it well. I have a feeling this relationship will change too. Alesha asked him not to, but he had no choice if he was going to put a murderer behind bars. What exactly is going on between Matt and Alesha? There's definitely something. Sometimes, they're great friends, then sometimes it seems flirty. Will they ever get together? I think they'd make a cute couple.

This spin-off is just so much more captivating to me than the others. Without having watched the others for a long time, I'm still betting that the stories are similar, but it's the way they do it. Plus, I love seeing London as a backdrop. If you haven't seen this BBC gem, check it out Fridays at 10pm or OnDemand.

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