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Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Burn Notice" Makes a Movie.....About Sam!

Two people that make me smile when I see their names in the credits. One you probably know, the other you probably don't. Bruce Campbell, yes he was once the Old Spice Man and RonReaco Lee. The latter was one of my favorite reoccurring guest stars on "The Shield". I always hoped that he was the real father of Danni's kid. Anyway, back to why I'm writing. Tonight was the premiere of the "Burn Notice" prequel movie, "The Fall of Sam Axe"!!!!

The movie tells the tale of how Sam Axe was discharged from the Navy Seals and became a rogue spy operative with Michael and Fi. We've heard bits an pieces over the last four seasons of his missions and antics in Colombia, so it was only natural we get the full story. I have to say, Bruce looks very handsome in Navy whites, but I'm partial to his Hawaiian shirts.

Commander Axe is assigned to work with the military in Columbia. They are tracking down a terrorist organization which plans to bomb a local clinic. When Sam figures out that the Colombian Colonel that he's working with intends to kill him and bomb the clinic himself, he risks his life to save everyone inside. RonReaco is the ethical/cute doctor. Along with an aid worker, an orphaned teenage girl and a band of goat herder/terrorists, they fight the corrupt military.

Creator Matt Nix wrote the script and Michael Weston himself, Jeffrey Donovan directs. It had that "Burn Notice" feeling, but something was missing. Michael's voice over in the series works because he's helping us understand what he's doing. He's teaching us cool spy stuff. In this case, Sam's just recalling what's already happened in a Naval briefing. I'd rather they did without it.

All in all, it was ok. Better than the "24" movie. It was cool to see how Sam got kicked out of the Seals and picked up the alias Chuck Finley. Good ol' Chuck. There will be several encores this week and I'm sure you can catch the movie OnDemand soon. Can't wait to see new episodes of "Burn Notice" this June on USA.

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