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Monday, May 23, 2011

It's A Year of Exceptional Lead Ins *spoilers*

Everyone always expects the finale to be the big, exciting show changer. This year, it was the lead in, the 2nd to last episode for many shows. Here are four shows in my schedule that had somewhat disappointing finales and whose lead ins felt like one.


The Hole in the Heart - You know it's a great episode when you're reaching for the tissues one moment and then on the edge of your seat during an action packed scene the next. As promised, a regular member of team was slain on last week's episode of "Bones". Mr. Nigel-Murray, you will be greatly missed. That was probably his best episode in all his appearances at the Jeffersonian. His dino dance made me giggle, but it was all about the drama. Even though Vincent wasn't a full-time lab employee, he was a member of the family and his death had a major impact. Our team realizes once again how easily one of them can become the victim on the table.

Change in the Game - I was a little surprised that there was not mention of the death of Mr. Nigel-Murray in the finale until Hodgins and Angela announce that their completely healthy child's name is Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins. It didn't feel like a finale as much as the last episode did. They solved the murder of a bowler, which made for some funny disguises. The bombshell was Bones telling Booth that she's preggers. WHAT??!!! It was not made clear that when she crawled into Booth's bed a couple eps back that they actually had sex. I assumed that he comforted and held her, even when she told Angela that they "slept" together. She's so literal that figured she meant the slept next to each other in the same bed. Is "Bones" finally jumping the shark? How will they handle this? Can't wait to find out.


Swan Song - I was starting to get bored this season until they introduced the Port to Port serial killer plot. In the lead in to the finale, a beloved although re-occurring character is killed. Mike Franks has made several appearances over the years to guide Gibbs through a tough case and occasionally ask for help. I have to say, there was a tear in my eye when he was stabbed on that rainy night. It was one of the few times we've seen Gibbs shaken to his core. Love you Mark Harmon!

Pyramid - In the finale, we learn that Mike was dying anyway. No wonder he picked a fight. Cobb aka Dawson's Creeker Kerr Smith, threw us a curve ball when he walked right into a room full of NCIS agents after kidnapping Ziva. Anyway, the bad guy dies and everything goes back to the way it should. Of course, I cried when we see that Gibbs made Mike's coffin..geeeez. I hope we can expect more of Matt Craven next season as the new Sec Nav. Pluuuuussss....Tony searching for the mole of NCIS, what is this "24"?


After Hours - House has done some crazy sh**, but cutting out his own tumors may have topped the list. Crank up the drama even more by adding in a stabbed former cop turned con and Taub becoming a Papa. Thirteen convinces Chase to put his career on the line for a friend. Chase also finds out that Thirteen euthanized her brother and they bond over killing people. Lots going on. It felt like a finale, but no.......It's a testament to the writers who took this show from a episodical doctor show to an intense character driven drama. "House" has only gotten better since season 4-ish. The season six premiere is still my favorite episode of the entire series.

Moving On - Shohreh Aghdashloo, one of the most stunning and talented women on screen guest stars in the finale as an artist who's ready to die for her art. Turns out that she's playing a game with House. He checks himself out of the hospital when he should be recovering from his self surgery. Cuddy tries to talk to him, but if you've ever seen half an episode, you know he wouldn't. Minor bomb drop - Taub is going to be a papa. Oh yeah, I already said that, no wait, with his ex-wife. Yes, that's 2 baby Ruebens. The episode is a flashback. When we catch up to the day, House drives his Buick into Cuddy's dining room after seeing her with another man. And they were only having coffee. The finale closes on House on a tropical beach somewhere. Jungle medicine for season 8? We'll see.

"Supernatural" - The main attraction

The Man Who Would Be King - It begins with a beautiful monologue by Castiel that nearly brought tears to my eyes as he sits on a bench in a snow covered meadow. Misha's voice is so soothing and apologetic. It makes me glad for this voice over. Crowley is "alive" and Cass has been working with him all along. We feel hurt and disappointed as he recollects how it came to be...pulling Sam from the pits of hell minus his soul, setting obedient angels free and avoiding another apocalypse. Dean's unwavering loyalty to Castiel is heart wrenching. He never saw the betrayal coming. Crowley's reveal of the renovated hell being a never ending line is almost poetic. Cass needs the souls in Purgatory to fight Raphael, unfortunately that goes against everything the Winchesters stand against. When the boys find out, it causes a rift too large for them to overcome. This episode written and directed by Ben Edlund is....BEAUTIFUL - BRILLIANT - AMAZING. This will down as one of the most memorable episodes in the "Supernatural" world. Thank you, Ben.

Let It Bleed/The Man Who Knew Too Much - The 2 hour season finale was unfortunately the most underwhelming "Supernatural" finale yet. Not say it was a bad episode, just a bad finale. It was the least dramatic as the overarching storyline was the least cohesive out of all the seasons. At first I thought that was surprising considering Eric Kripke penned the finale, but he didn't have a ton of input during the season from what I understand. I'm still not sure how I feel about Sam having to put all the pieces of Humpty Dumpty back together. And Cass as the new God???!!! The tide has changed. There's no way we can go back now. Team Free Will is broken. I don't think Castiel will ever be the same. So sad. Can't wait to see what they've got in store for us next year.

Any other shows you've seen this season with extraordinary lead ins and less than stellar finales?

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