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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ABC Family Delivers "Switched at Birth"

ABC Family's newest original series "Switched at Birth" premiered last night with record numbers. The largest for a series premiere on the network. The show follows the journey of two families that find out their daughters were the victims of an unfortunate hospital accident. Bay is the dark haired, olive skinned, smart ass daughter of John and Kristen Kennish played by D.W. Moffett and Lea Thompson (yes, Marty McFly's mom). She kind of sticks out in a family of red heads. Katie Leclerc is a ginger, hearing impaired daughter of a Puerto Rican single mother (Constance Marie). Daphne attends a deaf school, but that's all about to change when John offers to send her to Bay's uptight prep school.

With few options, Regina and Daphne along with Grams move into the Kennish guest house. What better way to get to know the child someone else raised than by living 50 yards away.

Obviously, being on ABC Family, the demographic is tweens, teens and parents. I'm none of those, but I like it. The premise brings up a lot of questions. How would you react? Think about the mothers. Imagine you found out that your biological daughter has a handicap or that after raising a deaf child, the one you meant to have is perfectly healthy. Would Daphne be deaf if she'd grown up in family with money? Bay seems like she's going to take it all the hardest as Daphne seems like the perfect replacement with a disability for added sympathy. Then again, Daphne's going to mainstream for the first time. But Bay was the one that noticed something was wrong when her blood type didn't match her parents and pushed for genetic testing. Now she's got to live with the guilt of putting all of these events into motion. But does she need to feel guilty? It's Family Channel. I bet there will be more good than bad, otherwise they kind of suck at what they do.

I'm sure anyone can find something to relate to in the multiple family dynamics. For all those parents and even grandparents always saying there's nothing on television but drugs and murder, here's something else. Wholesome family drama. I'm sure there's a bunch of inspirational bonding to come. I'll give this one a few more episodes and see where it goes. Check out the first episode online.


Mondays at 9pm on ABC Family

Stay Tuned...

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sarah said...

The show "Switched at Birth" is really good. I would ask the same question as you did. How do you react to something like everything you believe is wrong? I just couldn't imagine it. My co-worker at DISH told me about this show and now I'm completely hooked to it. I'm happy I have DISH it is cheaper than any other company. BestTVForMe.com